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V.D.Rajappan was a famous Malayalam film actor and 'Kathaprasangam' artist who earned much praise for his skill in writing superb parodies to popular film songs and effectively using them for his 'Kathaprasangam' stories.Kathaprasangam was very popular in  earlier days  which was an essential programme during festival season in Kerala.When eminent Kathaprasangam artists like 'Kedamangalam Sadanandan,V.Sambasivan,Kollam Babu,Kadakkodu Viswambharan etc reigned that field narrating world classics, V.D.Rajappan did not want to compete with them but humbly narrated stories of animals and creatures thereby earning wide attention and applause.
V.D.Rajappan was born in Kottayam on 3rd January 1944 and while as a high school student itself he created parody songs and used to recite them in a nearby tea-shop. The listeners who were the residents of his neighborhood  appreciated him for this unique  ability.Later he created a story and by mingling parody songs in it,  he presented his first Kathaprasangam on stage at Thirunakkara Mahadevar temple during the festival in the early 70's.He got much appreciation from the delighted audience and he got confidence to continue with that career. His initial stories were about animals and birds which indirectly meant that of  humans which the audience could differentiate easily.The parody songs created by him are all very appropriate with apt words and aroused much laughter.Even his opening song of the Kathaprasangam "Kalleduthu Keecharuthe nattare, ellu valichurooruthe nattare...ayyo" created roaring laughter among the audience  and he could always maintain that cheerfulness till to the end of his stage shows.During the first decade of his 'Kathaprasangam' career  he narrated stories like 'Chikayunna Sundari(story of a hen which fell in love with a fox),Pothu Puthri (Story of a beautiful Rat),Priye Ninte Kura (Story of a lovely dog),Kumari Eruma ( story of a buffalo),Mac Mac (story of a Frog),Ennennum Korangettante (Story of a Monkey) and so on.Later he entered with comedy  stories like 'Akkidi Pakkaran,Avalude partsukal,Laharimukku,Mavelikkathu Veliyayi,Amittu,Kidney' and many more.
Some lyricists like Padmasree Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair were having the skill of writing fantastic parody songs which were famous among their friends circle and received much appreciation.Thikkurissi even wrote a parody song for the film 'Ollathu Mathi' in 1967 which is "Sankupilla Kannirumbol Sakunthale ninne orma varum...Cherthala mukkile bus-stop kanumbol Sakunthale ninne orma varum".But V.D.Rajappan is the first person to earn much accolades than anybody else for his wonderful parody songs which all contained nice comedy  that amused the listeners greatly . He performed in foreign countries like U.S.A,Germany,Japan etc also.One of his parody song is as this:-
"Poomukha vathilkkal puchichu nilkunna poothana anente bharya
Nalla Manushyane Nanam keduthunna thadaka anente bharya
Ethra ozhichalum enna kanathoru patta vilakkanen bharya
enniyal theeratha kuttangalulloru Konkanniyanente bharya
Kazhayil kalliyum karmathil pisukkiyum roopathil Yakshiyum bharya"
Many of such versus earned popularity as their original version itself.
V.D.Rajappan entered films as a comedy actor in the early 80's and acted up to 2005 in around 100 Malayalam films.
V.D.Rajappan was settled at Ettumanoor of Kottayam district..He passed away on 24th March 2016.His wife is Sulochana Rajappan and they have two sons.
Some of his famous films are:-
Kuyiline Thedi
Poochakkoru Mookkuthi
Panchavady Paalam
Ivide Ingane
Makan Ente Makan
Mutharam Kunnu P.O.
Pacha Velicham
Meleparambil Aan Veedu
Man of the Match
Aparanmar Nagarathil
Alibabayum Arara Kallanmarum

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