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Film Producer and Director P.Subramanyam was the owner of the second film studio of Kerala, 'Merryland Studios' in Thiruvananthapuram.The first studio was established at Alapuzha by Kunchacko as 'Udaya Studios'  and it was functioning well after an initial setback and P.Subramanyam courageously entered into this venture in 1951.He was a successful film producer,Director,owner of Film Studio and and a chain of cinema halls in Thiruvananthapuram.He was a social activist also who was once the Mayor of Thriruvanathapuram Corporation.
Gemini Ganesan ,Padmini in Kumarasambhavam
P.Subramanyam was born in Nagercoil in the year 1910 and at the age of 21 he got job at Government water department in  Trivandrum.After two years he  left the job and entered full time  into  business.In 1930 he started   film theater 'New Theaters' in Trivandrum and subsequently he started, Karthikeya,Sree Padmanabha, and Sree Kumar Theaters also in Trivandrum.
Miss Kumari in Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi
Later Merryland  Film Studio was established and film productions were done under the banner 'Neela Productions'.
P.Subramanyam was a person who was loved and respected by all.He became  the Mayor of Trivandrum Corporation during the period 1942-43.
He produced 69 films and directed 59 films and most of them were successful films.The films directed by P.Subramanyam were all  either family theme films or  religious theme films.
The films produced by Merryland Studios under the banner 'Neela Productions' were having good quality in all aspects; subject wise and technical wise and presented without much violence or sex and so  several of  those films turned to be  hits, super-hits and blockbusters.
In 1957 'Padatha Painkili' was produced and directed by P.Subramanyam which was adapted from the same titled popular Malayalam novel which was written by Muttathu Varkey.The novelist himself wrote the screenplay and dalogues and this film won President's silver medal as Best Feature film in Malayalam.

In 1958 film 'Randidangazhi' which was  based on a novel in the same title written by famous Malayalam Novelist "Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai, won National Certificate of Merit.

'Bhakta Kuchela' which was the story of Lord Krishna and his friend 'Kuchela' was a blockbuster success film.CSR Anjaneyalu acted as Kuchela and Kanta Rao as Krishna.Miss Kumari acted as 'Susheela'(wife of Kuchela) Thikkurissi as Kamsa, T.K.Balachandran as Narada.
Jose Prakash as 'Snapaka Yohannan'
Sreerama Pattabhishekam(62) was also Hindu mythological film based on the story of Srirama.Prem Nazir acted as 'Sri Rama'.

'Snapaka Yohannan'(63) was a film based on Bible and it was a blockbuster successful film which contained nice songs which are popular even today.
Jose Prakash acted  in the title role as 'Snapaka Yohannan'.G.K.Pillai acted as Pilate,L.Vijayalakshmi as Salome,Miss Kumari as Mariam in this movie.

'Kumara Sambhavam'(68) which was based on the story of God Murukan(Subramanya) was well received by the audience and was a roaring success.The film contained nice songs and dance sequences.This film got Kerala State  Award as the Best film of the year.

'Sree Guruvayoorappan'(72) based on the Glory tales regarding  Temple of Guruvayoor was also a blockbuster successful film in which Gemini Ganesan,Sharada,Thikkurissi,Unni Mary,Vijayasree,Kaviyoor Ponnama etc acted.

Scene from Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi

Miss Kumari and Prem Nazir in 'Mantravaadi'

Scene from Devi Kanyakumari

In the film 'Kadu'(73) which was a super-hit film Madhu,Vijayasree,Vincent,Sumitra etc acted.
'Devi Kanyakumari' was a super-hit film based on the Temple at Kanya Kumari.Gemini Ganesan,Vinodini,T.K.Balachandran,

P.K.Abraham etc acted in it.
'Swami Ayyappan'(75) was a blockbuster successful film made in Malayalam and Tamil in which Thikkurissi,Gemini Ganesan,Raghavan,Sudheer,Baby Sumathy etc acted.The songs of this film are  still very much loved and  much  popular.
'Hridayam Oru Kshetram'(77) was also a super-hit film in which Madhu,Sree Vidya,Raghavan,Baby Sumathy,K.P.A.C.Lalitha etc acted.

 Director/ Producer P.Subramanyam passedaway on October 4, 1978.

Selected Filmography
Padatha Painkili
Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi
Christmas Rathri
Bhakta Kuchela
Snapaka Yohannan
Sreerama Pattabhishekam
Kalayum Kaminiyum
Atom Bomb
Hotel Highrange
Urangatha Sundari
Kumara Sambhavam
Sree Guruvayoorappan
Malai Nattu Mangai
Devi Kanyakumari
Swami Ayyappan
Hridayam Oru Kshetram
Amba Ambika Ambalika
Vidarunna Mottukal
Sree Murugan
Rowdy Rajamma
Hridayathinte Nirangal


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