Sunday, January 17, 2016

Radhika Thilak

Radhika Thilak was a popular Malayalam Playback singer who sang more than seventy film songs for about fifty five films.She debuted as a playback singer in 1989 by singing the song "Pachilathoni thuzhanju" for the film 'Pachilathoni'.She sang for the films 'Sanghaganam' and 'Sararanthal' also in the same year.
The song "Maya Manchalail" from the film 'Ottayal Pattalam' became very famous and she rose to fame as a playback singer.During this period she was active as a stage singer and also appeared on T.V. and sang several songs for All India Radio as well.
Radhika Thilak sang numerous Devotional songs and Album songs.Her solo devotional songs and duets along with singers like P.Jayachandran,M.G.Sreekumar and Madhu Balakrishnan are very popular.
She was also a T.V. anchor and appeared for many channels.
She never tried to grab more film songs but was happy with the devotional songs,album songs and the stage programmes.
Film songs such as  " Deva sangeetham" (Guru-1997)
"Aruna Kirana" (Guru)
"Manjakkiliyude " (kanmadam-1998) are still very much liked.
She was fighting with  cancer for two years and succumbed to death at the age of 45  on September 20, 2015.She is survived by her husband Suresh Krishna and daughter Devika.
Some of her films

Meenalkshi Kalyanam
Rakthasakshikal Sindabad
Ottayal Pattalam
My dear Karady
Bharya Veerril Parama Sukham
Rishi Vamsam
Ayirathil Oruvan

Monday, January 11, 2016

N.P.Chellappan Nair

N.P.Chellappan Nair was a famous dramatist,short story writer,actor,and administrator.He was born in 1903 to parents Parameswaran Pillai and Kalyani Amma at Mannar in Chengannur Taluk.His college studies was at Trivandrum and he was a law graduate.
N.P.Chellappan Nair started to write plays and skits during his college days itself and directed as well as acted in some of them.He scripted the film 'Prahlada' in 1941 which was directed by K.Subramanyam.He scripted the film 'Sasidharan' while he was working as the Postal Superintendent of Travancore.He scripted the film 'Chechi' while he was working as a Magistrate.He worked as Block Development Officer and was Special Officer in Charge for the proposed Alleppey District.Later he was conferred I.A.S. and worked as Revenue Divisional Officer and later as District Collector of Alleppey District.During that period he wrote scripts for the films 'Athma Santhi' and 'Atom Bomb'.
N.P.Chellappan Nair acted in movies such as 'Chandrika,Sasidharan,Chechi,Athmasanthi,Atom Bomb' and so on.He was a scholar who researched and published several papers about the early  history of Kerala.He published more than two hundred short stories and some of them are based on historical events.He wrote 22 plays which were all staged successfully during those days.All of his plays contained contemporary politics and teased anti social elements in the society.People loved to watch his humorous plays which evoked spontaneous laughter.He published several humorous stories such as 'Thavittu Mundikal,Cigarette Kuttikal,Vella Piravukal,N.P.yude Pathras,Thanneer Panthal' and so on.
His short stories collections are such as 'N.P.yude Charithra Kadhakal,Neerkumilakal,Minnal Pinarukal,Vazhi Vilakkukal' and so on.
Some of his famous plays are ' Pranaya Jambavan,Minnal Pranayam,Vana Kumari,Ibileesukalude Nattil,Idiyum Minnalum,Vikada Yogi,Atom Bomb,Nurse,Devadasi,Sasikala,Kalayude Kamukan,Karnan,Dhooma Kethu,Ksheerabala Sahacharadi Kashayathil,Chithrapadanam,Prema Vaichithryam' and so on.
He received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award for his play 'Ibileesukalude Nattil' in 1961.

N.P.Chellappan Nair passed away in the year 1972.