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V.D.Rajappan was a famous Malayalam film actor and 'Kathaprasangam' artist who earned much praise for his skill in writing superb parodies to popular film songs and effectively using them for his 'Kathaprasangam' stories.Kathaprasangam was very popular in  earlier days  which was an essential programme during festival season in Kerala.When eminent Kathaprasangam artists like 'Kedamangalam Sadanandan,V.Sambasivan,Kollam Babu,Kadakkodu Viswambharan etc reigned that field narrating world classics, V.D.Rajappan did not want to compete with them but humbly narrated stories of animals and creatures thereby earning wide attention and applause.
V.D.Rajappan was born in Kottayam on 3rd January 1944 and while as a high school student itself he created parody songs and used to recite them in a nearby tea-shop. The listeners who were the residents of his neighborhood  appreciated him for this unique  ability.Later he created a story and by mingling parody songs in it,  he presented his first Kathaprasangam on stage at Thirunakkara Mahadevar temple during the festival in the early 70's.He got much appreciation from the delighted audience and he got confidence to continue with that career. His initial stories were about animals and birds which indirectly meant that of  humans which the audience could differentiate easily.The parody songs created by him are all very appropriate with apt words and aroused much laughter.Even his opening song of the Kathaprasangam "Kalleduthu Keecharuthe nattare, ellu valichurooruthe nattare...ayyo" created roaring laughter among the audience  and he could always maintain that cheerfulness till to the end of his stage shows.During the first decade of his 'Kathaprasangam' career  he narrated stories like 'Chikayunna Sundari(story of a hen which fell in love with a fox),Pothu Puthri (Story of a beautiful Rat),Priye Ninte Kura (Story of a lovely dog),Kumari Eruma ( story of a buffalo),Mac Mac (story of a Frog),Ennennum Korangettante (Story of a Monkey) and so on.Later he entered with comedy  stories like 'Akkidi Pakkaran,Avalude partsukal,Laharimukku,Mavelikkathu Veliyayi,Amittu,Kidney' and many more.
Some lyricists like Padmasree Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair were having the skill of writing fantastic parody songs which were famous among their friends circle and received much appreciation.Thikkurissi even wrote a parody song for the film 'Ollathu Mathi' in 1967 which is "Sankupilla Kannirumbol Sakunthale ninne orma varum...Cherthala mukkile bus-stop kanumbol Sakunthale ninne orma varum".But V.D.Rajappan is the first person to earn much accolades than anybody else for his wonderful parody songs which all contained nice comedy  that amused the listeners greatly . He performed in foreign countries like U.S.A,Germany,Japan etc also.One of his parody song is as this:-
"Poomukha vathilkkal puchichu nilkunna poothana anente bharya
Nalla Manushyane Nanam keduthunna thadaka anente bharya
Ethra ozhichalum enna kanathoru patta vilakkanen bharya
enniyal theeratha kuttangalulloru Konkanniyanente bharya
Kazhayil kalliyum karmathil pisukkiyum roopathil Yakshiyum bharya"
Many of such versus earned popularity as their original version itself.
V.D.Rajappan entered films as a comedy actor in the early 80's and acted up to 2005 in around 100 Malayalam films.
V.D.Rajappan was settled at Ettumanoor of Kottayam district..He passed away on 24th March 2016.His wife is Sulochana Rajappan and they have two sons.
Some of his famous films are:-
Kuyiline Thedi
Poochakkoru Mookkuthi
Panchavady Paalam
Ivide Ingane
Makan Ente Makan
Mutharam Kunnu P.O.
Pacha Velicham
Meleparambil Aan Veedu
Man of the Match
Aparanmar Nagarathil
Alibabayum Arara Kallanmarum

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Cinematographer Anandakuttan

Cinematographer C.R.Anandakuttan was a renowned, highly skilled and capable movie cameraman who worked mostly in Malayalam film industry but had also done a few Tamil and Telugu films as well.He received Tamil Nadu State Award as Best Cinematographer for the film 'Kannukkul Nilavu' which was directed by Fazil in the year 2000.Vijay and Shalini were the main pair of that film which  became a boxoffice hit.His Telugu film 'Killer' released in 1996 in which Akkineni Nagarjuna and Nagma acted in main roles was also a big hit.
In Malayalam he worked as an independent Cameraman from 1977 to 2012 and handled the movie camera for about 300 films out of which so many were hits and super hits.
Anandakuttan was born at Vazhappally near  Changanassery in the year 1954.While as a school student itself he proved his skill and interest in photography with his own Agfa Click III, a basic  camera by which he took excellent pictures.Later after competing  pre-degree course he studied photography.He started the career as an  Assistant Cameraman to the famous Cinematographer Ramachandra Babu.
In the year 1977 he became independent Cameraman with the Malayalam film 'Manossoru Mayil'.Very soon he earned reputation as an able and excellent Cinematographer.He was well disciplined,punctual and always tried to indulge only in his committed works there by succeeding to  keep himself  away from all gossips.He updated himself with all the new techniques in photography and behaved nicely to all.Thus he became a favorite of eminent directors like 'Fazil,Sathyan Anthikkad,Sibi Malayil,Rajasenan,Balachandra Menon,Kamal,Siddique-Lal,Lal Jose ' and so on.
Four generations of actors from Prem Nazir to Fahad Fazil acted in films in which Anandkuttan was the Cameraman.
Some of his famous films which were all super hits include 'Manivathoorile Ayiram Sivarathrikal,Adharvam,Bharatham,His Higness Abdullah,Meleparambil Aanveedu,Harikrishnans,Aniyathi Pravu,Sadayam,Chronic Bachelor,Mannar Mathai Speaking,No.20 Madras Mail,Akashadoot,Kavadiyattam,Kamaladalam,Karyam Nissaram,Aniyan Bava Chettan Bava,Vismayathumbathu,Kannukkul Nilavu,Kadhalukku Mariyadhai,Nadia Kollapetta Rathri,Living Together' etc.

He was settled

 in Kochi and  was under treatment for an ailment for the last four years. He passed away on 14th February 2016 due to cardiac arrest in a private hospital at the age of 61.He is survived by his wife and three children.


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Rajesh Pillai

The unexpected demise of Malayalam film director  Rajesh Pillai, who rose to the heights of much popularity by the trend setter film 'Traffic' was a shock to all.Even though he directed only a few films, they were all well noted films and he proved his well polished  skill and ability through them.He died in a Hospital at Kochi on the next day of his latest release 'Vettah'.
Rajesh Pillai was born on 10th July 1974 at Viyapuram,Harippad as the son of Parents Raman Pillai and Subhadra.His father is retired Professor and Head of the Department of Political Science in Kerala University.

Rajesh Pillai became an independent director in 2005 with the film 'Hridayathil Sookshikkan' in which Kunchacko Boban,Bhavana,Nithyadas,Bhanupriya etc acted.The film was not a success at the box Office.
His second  film 'Traffic ' which was released in 2011 became a big success and turned to be a trend setter film.Transplanting of human organ was the theme of the film.The film as well as the director  received many awards from several organisations.Rajesh Pillai received award for Best direction from 'South Indian Int'l movie awards,Jai Hind Film Awards,Nana Film Awards' and many more.'Mathrubhumi Film Awards' selected 'Traffic' as the Path breaking movie of the year.Amritha Film Awards conferred 'Trend Setting Film Director Award' to Rajesh Pillai for that film.
In 2015 'Traffic' was remade in Hindi.
In the year 2015 Rajesh Pillai directed the Malayalam film 'Mili' which was a heroine centered movie.Nivin Pauly and Amala Paul acted in main roles of this film which was an average grosser at the box office.
'Vettah' his latest film was released on 26th February 2016 and is a psychological thriller in which Kunchacko Boban and Manju Warrier are the main leads.Manju Warrier portrayed the character as a Police Officer, Sreebala I.P.S. in this film.
On February 27, 2016 Rajesh Pillai died in a hospital at Kochi due to non alcoholic liver disease.

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Kalpana was a versatile South Indian actress who acted predominantly in Malayalam  mostly  in supporting roles and character roles.She was the top female comedy artist of Malayalam film industry and was nick named as 'Manorama of Malayalam'.(Referring to the famous Tamil comedy actress 'Manorama' who also died recently.)
Female artists who could portray comedy characters effectively well are very few and the unparalleled skill of presenting comedy characters with much perfection with most suited expressions,gestures and  apt  voice tone well suited for the situation  was a unique blessing for Kalpana.Thus she earned much love from film goers and was a favorite actress in all South Indian languages.Kalpana's sudden and unexpected demise was a shock to everybody in the film industry and  all her fans.
Kalpana's acting talent was intricate since she was born as the daughter of famous stage actor Chavara V.P.Nair and stage actress Vijayalakshmi.She was the second daughter of the couple and was born on 13th October 1965.Her sisters Kalaranjini and Urvashy are  popular film actresses for the last several decades.
She entered Malayalam film field as a child artist by acting in the Malayalam film 'Vidarunna Mottukal' which was directed by P.Subramanyam of Neela Productions in the year 1977.She again appeared in films like 'Sikharangal' as a child artist in those period.In the year 1982 she acted along with Babu Nampoothiri in lead role of the film 'Yagam' directed by Sivan.This film won National award as the best feature film in Malayalam of that year.Later she appeared in the award winning film 'Pokkuveyil' directed by G.Aravindan in the same year.Balachandran Chullikkad acted in the protagonist role of that film and Kalpana was the female lead.This film won National award as the second Best movie of that year.It was screened at several International film festivals including Cannes.She also  acted opposite Jagathy Sreekumar in the film 'Ithum Oru Jeevitham' in the year 1982.
She acted in a comedy role as a character  'Anarkali' in the film 'Panchavady Palam' directed by K.G.George in 1984 and proved her ability to portray comedy roles also  effectively well.
She got well noticed and became popular in Tamil also  as the heroine of the  Tamil film 'Chinna Veedu' which was a very successful film directed by Bhagyaraj who was also the hero of that film.From that period on wards she got continuous roles in Malayalam films and became a superstar concerning comedy roles.In 1985 Jagathy Sreekumar and Kalpana were the leads of the comedy film 'Ithu Nalla Thamasha'.Her combination roles with Comedy King Jagathy Sreekumar  are all superb and  unforgettable.Kalpana and Jagathy Sreekumar created fantastic comedy sequences in numerous Malayalam films which are all very nice comedy.Her comedy sequences with Innocent in numerous films are also exceptionally nice. Kalpana acted in more than 300 films moistly in languages Malayalam,Tamil, Telugu and Kannada.In Tamil apart from the hit film 'Chinna Veedu' she acted in popular successful films like 'Thirumathi Oru Vegumathi,Sathi Leelava

thi,Looty,Dumm Dumm Dumm,Aalukkoru Aasai,Kakki Sattai' and so on.
Kalpana used to appear as a Judge for many popular TV reality shows for many Malayalam and Tamil Channels.She was an excellent TV program presenter also.
She married film director Anil Kumar in the year 1998 but they got divorced in 2012.
Kalpana received National Award as Best Supporting Actress in 2012 for her performance in the Malayalam  film 'Thanichalla Njan'. 
In January 2016 Kalpana went to Hyderabad to act in a Telugu film in which Nagarjuna acted as  the hero.She demised on 25th January at Hyderabad  due to heart attack.She was 51.
Selected Filmography
Vidarunna Mottukal
Pokku Veyil
Ithum Oru Jeevitham
Chinna Veedu
Ithu Nalla Thamasha
Peruvannapurathe Viseshangal
Kauthuka Varthakal
Innathe Program
Cheppady Vidya
Uppukandam Brothers
Sakshal Sreeman Chathunni
Pidakkozhi Koovunna Noottandu
CID Unnikrishnan B.A. B.Ed
Three men Army
Avittam Thirunal Arogya Sreeman
Achan Kombathu Amma Varambathu
Aramana Veedum Anjooraekkarum
Excuse Me Ethu Collegila
Afjunan Pillayum Anchu Makkalum
Anuraga Kottaram
Kalyana Unnikal
Grama Panchayathu
Soorya Puthran
Charlie Chaplin
Akasha Ganga
Mizhi Randilum
Priyam Priyakaram
Bus Conductor
Twenty 20
Seetha Kalyanam
Kerala Cafe
Yuga Purushan
Indian Rupee
Pachuvum Kovalanum
Ezham Sooryan
Bangalore Days
Ennum Eppozhum

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Kalabhavan Mani

Kalabhavan Mani  was a popular South Indian film actor who acted predominantly in Malayalam and has also appeared  in several Tamil films and a few Telugu films as well.He has acted in more than 200 Malayalam films in characters with a comedy touch,supportive roles, and in Villain roles where as in Tamil and Telugu he mostly portrayed villain roles.
Kalabhavan Mani was born at Chalakudy in Kerala as Mani Raman and became popular as 'Kalabhavan Mani' being  as a member of the renowned mimicry troupe of 'Kalabhavan, Kochi' in the early 90's. His abilities were noted by film directors and he got entry to Malayalam films in the year 1993 with the film 'Aksharam'.He  continued to act in small roles and got well famous as a film actor in 1996 with the release of the super hit film 'Sallapam' in which he acted along with Dileep and Manju Warrier.He depicted the role of a toddy tapper by name 'Rajappan'  and that character was with a comedy touch.He received several other offers from there on and became established as part of the Malayalam film industry.Next year, in 1997 he acted in 28 films which was a significant  achievement for a new comer.
His unique acting style,laughing style, dialogue presentation, and mannerisms were all liked by the audience.Soon his versatile acting talents were revealed and he was  cast for serious roles also.Meanwhile in 1998 he got entry to Tamil films  by the film 'Marumalarchi' directed by Bharathi.Mammootty and Devayani were the main actors of that film.He used to act in Tamil films from that year on wards  and he received Filmfare award as Best Villain in 2002 for the role of the character 'Velu' in the film 'Gemini'.He drew appreciation for portraying  Villain roles of a few Telugu films also.
Mani got Special Jury National Award for the protagonist role as a blind singer which he played wonderfully  in the super hit film 'Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum' directed by Vinayan in the year 1999.He got much praise from critics and audience for the excellent depiction of the blind singer 'Ramu'.He got special Jury Award from Kerala Government Film Awards,Asianet Film  Awards etc for this role.
In the same year 1999 he was the main character of the Malayalam film 'My dear Karady' directed by 'Sandhya Mohan'.He  appeared dressed up as a bear in major parts of this comedy film.
In the  year 2001 he got much appreciation for the role of forest guard in the film 'The Guard' which was made by Sabitha Jayaraj and directed by Hakim.It was a unique concept   since it was a single actor film.He only acted in that film as the forest guard in a dense forest.
He was also  part of the expensive Tamil film 'Enthiran'(2010) of Superstar Rajani Kanth.In the year 2015 he acted in the Tamil film 'Kangaroo' directed by Samy.In 2015 he acted as a Police Constable 'Perumal' and acted along with Kamal Hassan and Gouthami in the Tamil film 'Papanasam'.
Kalabhavan Mani was a good singer also and had been a playback singer in several Malayalam films such as 'Sammanam,Kottaram Veetile Appoottan,Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu,The Gurard,Kazhcha,Red Salute,Twenty 20' and many more.He sang several devotional songs and album songs.He has contributed much for the revival of Folklore songs of Kerala.His folk songs earned tremendous popularity in Kerala.
He has also appeared as host of certain TV shows.
Kalabhavan Mani is recipient of several other awards also.
He married Dr.Nimmy and they have a daughter Sree Lakshmi.
This excellent actor demised on March 6, 2016.



Selected Filmography
Swarna Kireedam
Gajaraja Manthram
My dear Kuttichathan
The Car
Summer in Bethlehem
Kattathoru Penpoovu
Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu
My dear Karady
Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum
Fort Kochi
Sethurama Iyer CBI
Ben johnson
Red Salute
Twenty 20
Adaminte Makan
Husbands in Goa
Yathra Chothikkathe

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O.N.V.Kurup was a retired College Professor,a gifted Writer and Poet who received the highest literary award 'Jnanpith'.He was a popular Lyricist who wrote numerous songs for Malayalam films,Dramas and Albums.He was an acclaimed elocutionist also.
O.N.V.Kurup(Ottaplackal Nambiadikkal Velu Kurup) popularly known as ONV, was born in Chavara,Kollam to parents O.N.Krishna Kurup and K.Lakshmikutty Amma.He had his schooling at his native place and graduated from S.N.College,Kollam.He studied for his masters degree in Malayalam Literature at University College,Trivandrum.He worked as Lecturer and Professor at various Government Colleges like 'University College Trivandrum,Maharajas College Ernakulam,Women's College,Trivandrum' etc.He worked as visiting Professor at Calicut University also.
His first Poetry book was published in 1946 titled 'Munnottu'.Some of his famous poetry works are 'Dahikunna Panapatram,Marubhoomi,Neelakannukal,Mayilpeeli,Mrigaya,Ujjayini,Swayamvaram' etc.
Some of his Prose works are 'Ezhuthachan Oru Padanam,Kavithayile Prathisandhikal,Kalpanikam,Patheyam' etc.
ONV got much accolades as the writer of about 1000 film songs in about 230 Malayalam films and also  several beautiful  Drama songs.He wrote songs for the Prestigious drama troupe 'Kerala People's Arts Club(K.P.A.C.) which attained large scale mass appeal.He walked along with  the Left Democratic Front and its views attracted him.His drama songs also  contributed for the revolutionary movements in Kerala  to an extent.ONV was the LDF Candidate for the  Lok Sabha elections from Thiruvananthapuram once. 
ONV Kurup also served as the Chairman of 'Kerala Kalamandalam'.He served as  Executive member of 'Kendra Sahitya Academy' and 'Kerala Sahitya Academy'.He visited U.S.A, USSR, Singapore,Berlin' etc as Indian delegate of International Events held at those places.
He received 'Vayalar Award' in 1982, 'Ezhuthachan Award in 2008'.He received Honorary Doctorate from Kerala University in 2007.O.N.V was selected as the first person for the  'Kadammanitta Award' initiated by Kadammanitta Foundation and was  given to him on 2nd April 2015 at Thiruvananthapuram.
He received Padma Shri in 1998 and Padma Vibhushan in 2011 from Government of India.
The highest Literary Award in India 'Jnanpith Award' was conferred  to him in 2010.
He is the fifth person to receive this award from Kerala and the second person to get if for poetry from Kerala the other Poet being G.Sankara Kurup who received it as the first person to get it after this prize was initiated.The others who got Jnanpith Award from Kerala are S.K.Pottakad,Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai and M.T.Vasudevan Nair.
ONV Kurup received National Award as Best Lyricist for the film 'Vaishali' in 1989.He won Kerala State Film Award as Best Lyricist 13 times for films like 'Swapnadanam,Ulkadal,Aksharangal,Nakhakshatangal.Vaishali,Gulmohar' etc.
Almost all eminent music directors like 'G.Devarajan,M.S.Baburaj,Salil Choudhary,Bombay Ravi,V.Dakshina Murthy,M.G.Radhakrishnan,K.Raghavan,M.B.Sreenivasan,Johnson,M.Jayachandran

,Ousepachan,Raveendran,' etc composed music for his songs.He kept close friendship with G.Devarajan which was started from his College days.
As a Lyricist he selected the most beautiful apt words and arranged them brilliantly as in a string of pearls such that when got tuned by  gifted musicians  it emitted  enchanting spectrum.All of his film/drama/album songs possess amazing charming quality and profound grand style of language which flows like a clear, cool stream.The  poems and songs which bloomed  in his garden of poetry possess  a sweet fragrance which appeals everyone.
Film entry for both ONV and G.Devarajan was for the film 'Kalam Marunnu' in 1955 and the song "Aaa Malar Poykayil" was well noted which was sung by K.S.George and KPAC Sulochana.
In i966  all Songs in the film 'Karuna' like  "Samayamayilla Polum" and "Vaar thinkal thonieri Vasantha ravil vanna" became hits composed by G.Devarajan.
Songs of the  film 'Adhyapika' composed by V.Dakshinamurthy like "Palli manikale Pallimanikale" was well appreciated.
All songs of 'Kumara Sambhavam' composed by G.Devarajan became hits like "Priya Sakhi Gange Parayoo" , "Pon Thinkal kala Pottu thotta" , "Ellam Siva mayam" etc.
All songs of 'Sree Guruvayoorappan' composed by V.Dakshinamurthy like "Eeswaran Manushyanaay Avatharichu" became hits.
Salil Choudhary was the music director of the film 'Swapnam' in 1973 which contained beautiful songs like "Mane Mane Vili Kelku".
In 1974 the film 'Neelakanukal' had this beautiful song "Kallolini Vana Kallolini".
The song "Nada Brahmamayi" is from the film 'Agnipushpam' and music is  by M.K.Arjunan.
K.Raghavan composed songs of the film 'Yudhakandam' which has  beautiful songs like  "Shyama Sundara meghame".
The song "Onapoove Omalpoove" was a nostalgia from the film 'Ee Ganam Marakkumo' and it was composed by Salil Choudhary.
All the songs of the film 'Madanolsavam' composed by Salil Dada was well received like "Sandhye Kannerithenthe sandhye snehamayee".
All the songs of the film 'Ulkadal' composed by M.B.Sreenivasan like "Nashtavasanthathin thapthaniswasame" and "Sharadindu Malardeepa" are nice.
The song "Thumbi Vaa Thumbakudathin" from the film 'Olangal' is excellent and the music director is Ilayaraja.
M.B.Sreenivasan composed the beautiful song "Chaitram Chayam Chalichu" from the film 'Chillu'.
The song "Thozhuthu madangum sandhyail etho" from the film 'Aksharangal' composed by Shyam received love from all.
All the songs of the film 'Kathodu Kathoram' composed by Ouseppachan like "Devadoothar Padi" . "Nee En Sarga Soundaryame" amused music lovers.
Ilayaraja composed the nice songs of the film 'Yatra' like "Thannannam thalathil".
The songs like  "Sukhamo Devi" composed by Raveendran from the film 'Sukhamo devi' are excellent.
Songs of the film 'Namukku Parkan Munthiri Thoppukal' composed by Johnson caught good response.
All the songs of the film 'Panchagni' like "Aa Rathri Manju Poyi" composed by Bombay Ravi were well received.
Songs of the film 'Nakhakshathangal' like "Kevalam  Marthya Bhasha Kelkatha" , and "Manjal Prasadavum" received good reception.
All the songs of 'Oru Minnaminunginte Nurungu vettam' composed by Johnson and from the film  'Manivathoorile Ayiram Sivrathrikal' composd by M.B.Sreenivasan are highly relished.

The songs of the film 'Aranyakam' like "Olichirikkan Vallikudilil" are melodious.
All the songs of the film 'Vaishali' well written and well composed received mass appeal like "Indupushpam" and "Dum Dum Dum Dundubhi Nadam".

The song "Isabella" from the film 'Isabella' composed by Johnson  are nice.
The song "Jnattuvelakiliye" from the film 'Midhunam' and the song "Rappadi kezhunnuvo" from the film 'Aakashadoothu' are unforgettable.

The song " Kathil Then Mazhayaay Padum katte" composed by Salil Choudhary from the film 'Thumboli Kadppuram' felt as a shower of honey to the listeners.

A bunch of roses are gifted to the listeners by ONV and Ramesh Narayanan by the song "Oru Naru Pushpamaay" from the film 'Meghamalhar'.
Ilayaraja composed beautifully for the golden lines of ONV for the film 'Kerala Varma Pazhassiraja' like the song "Kunnathe Konnakkum".

A soothing effect and feeling is created by the nice  lines of ONV by equally  good  music by M.Jayachandran for the song "Lalee Lalee" from the film 'Kalimannu'.

53 year old drama song of ONV  " Madhurikkum Ormakale"  is recreated in the film 'karanavar'(2014) and sung by O.N.V.Kurup's grand daughter 'Aparna Rajeev' and 'Najim Arshad'.Aparna Rajeev is an upcoming and  accomplished singer. 
O.N.V.Kurup passed away on 13th February 2016.The memories of this highly revered 'College Professor,Litterateur,Poet,Lyricist,Revolutionist,Social Worker' will remain immortal for ever. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016


Film Producer and Director P.Subramanyam was the owner of the second film studio of Kerala, 'Merryland Studios' in Thiruvananthapuram.The first studio was established at Alapuzha by Kunchacko as 'Udaya Studios'  and it was functioning well after an initial setback and P.Subramanyam courageously entered into this venture in 1951.He was a successful film producer,Director,owner of Film Studio and and a chain of cinema halls in Thiruvananthapuram.He was a social activist also who was once the Mayor of Thriruvanathapuram Corporation.
Gemini Ganesan ,Padmini in Kumarasambhavam
P.Subramanyam was born in Nagercoil in the year 1910 and at the age of 21 he got job at Government water department in  Trivandrum.After two years he  left the job and entered full time  into  business.In 1930 he started   film theater 'New Theaters' in Trivandrum and subsequently he started, Karthikeya,Sree Padmanabha, and Sree Kumar Theaters also in Trivandrum.
Miss Kumari in Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi
Later Merryland  Film Studio was established and film productions were done under the banner 'Neela Productions'.
P.Subramanyam was a person who was loved and respected by all.He became  the Mayor of Trivandrum Corporation during the period 1942-43.
He produced 69 films and directed 59 films and most of them were successful films.The films directed by P.Subramanyam were all  either family theme films or  religious theme films.
The films produced by Merryland Studios under the banner 'Neela Productions' were having good quality in all aspects; subject wise and technical wise and presented without much violence or sex and so  several of  those films turned to be  hits, super-hits and blockbusters.
In 1957 'Padatha Painkili' was produced and directed by P.Subramanyam which was adapted from the same titled popular Malayalam novel which was written by Muttathu Varkey.The novelist himself wrote the screenplay and dalogues and this film won President's silver medal as Best Feature film in Malayalam.

In 1958 film 'Randidangazhi' which was  based on a novel in the same title written by famous Malayalam Novelist "Thakazhy Sivasankara Pillai, won National Certificate of Merit.

'Bhakta Kuchela' which was the story of Lord Krishna and his friend 'Kuchela' was a blockbuster success film.CSR Anjaneyalu acted as Kuchela and Kanta Rao as Krishna.Miss Kumari acted as 'Susheela'(wife of Kuchela) Thikkurissi as Kamsa, T.K.Balachandran as Narada.
Jose Prakash as 'Snapaka Yohannan'
Sreerama Pattabhishekam(62) was also Hindu mythological film based on the story of Srirama.Prem Nazir acted as 'Sri Rama'.

'Snapaka Yohannan'(63) was a film based on Bible and it was a blockbuster successful film which contained nice songs which are popular even today.
Jose Prakash acted  in the title role as 'Snapaka Yohannan'.G.K.Pillai acted as Pilate,L.Vijayalakshmi as Salome,Miss Kumari as Mariam in this movie.

'Kumara Sambhavam'(68) which was based on the story of God Murukan(Subramanya) was well received by the audience and was a roaring success.The film contained nice songs and dance sequences.This film got Kerala State  Award as the Best film of the year.

'Sree Guruvayoorappan'(72) based on the Glory tales regarding  Temple of Guruvayoor was also a blockbuster successful film in which Gemini Ganesan,Sharada,Thikkurissi,Unni Mary,Vijayasree,Kaviyoor Ponnama etc acted.

Scene from Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi

Miss Kumari and Prem Nazir in 'Mantravaadi'

Scene from Devi Kanyakumari

In the film 'Kadu'(73) which was a super-hit film Madhu,Vijayasree,Vincent,Sumitra etc acted.
'Devi Kanyakumari' was a super-hit film based on the Temple at Kanya Kumari.Gemini Ganesan,Vinodini,T.K.Balachandran,

P.K.Abraham etc acted in it.
'Swami Ayyappan'(75) was a blockbuster successful film made in Malayalam and Tamil in which Thikkurissi,Gemini Ganesan,Raghavan,Sudheer,Baby Sumathy etc acted.The songs of this film are  still very much loved and  much  popular.
'Hridayam Oru Kshetram'(77) was also a super-hit film in which Madhu,Sree Vidya,Raghavan,Baby Sumathy,K.P.A.C.Lalitha etc acted.

 Director/ Producer P.Subramanyam passedaway on October 4, 1978.

Selected Filmography
Padatha Painkili
Aana Valarthiya Vanampadi
Christmas Rathri
Bhakta Kuchela
Snapaka Yohannan
Sreerama Pattabhishekam
Kalayum Kaminiyum
Atom Bomb
Hotel Highrange
Urangatha Sundari
Kumara Sambhavam
Sree Guruvayoorappan
Malai Nattu Mangai
Devi Kanyakumari
Swami Ayyappan
Hridayam Oru Kshetram
Amba Ambika Ambalika
Vidarunna Mottukal
Sree Murugan
Rowdy Rajamma
Hridayathinte Nirangal