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V.Sambasivan was one of the  well accomplished and very popular 'Kathaprasangam' artist of Kerala.Kathaprasangam is an art form  of story telling by narrating the sequences in detail including suitable songs which connects the story.They    add some  dialogues  between the characters and  performs acting  also and manifest in a reliable manner attractive to the audience.The Kathaprasangam artist should be a very good actor also and he needs  to act the situations alone by himself for all the characters in the story  which means this is a 'mono -act' art form performed with accompanying musical instruments like Tabla,Harmonium etc.Another singer well versed in Classical Carnatic singing will also be among  the Kathaprasangam group of artists to support the main artist  for singing songs.
Sambasivan was born on July 4, 1929 at Chavara Thekkumbhagam in Kollam.He studied at Sree Narayana College Kollam for degree course and while as a student   he worked for the student wing of Indian Communist Party(AISF) and later he stood along with Communist Party of India(Marxist) as a firm supporter.

He usually selected stories in such a way that there would  be some elements in it which could  help the listeners to eradicate the evils prevailed in the society and to help support the working class in many ways for their better life.He also  selected well known stories from  International Classics  like 'Shakespeare's Othello'
.He selected Novels of Bengali writers like 'Bimal Mitra'  for his narration of Kathaprasangam programs.He modified and developed  the stories in a suitable manner   to be presented on the  stages  including the lyrics of the songs. He was loved for his  unique, unparalleled and  convincing  style of Kathaprasangam  such that the  audience in large numbers used to sit for more than three hours listening to his magical way of story telling spell bound.
Sambasivan had a gifted powerful voice and he could change his tone and voice methodically  such that he spoke in different tones for different characters.The hero would  be presented by him in a particular voice whereas the heroine used to  be speaking in another voice and the villain would  be speaking in yet another voice was his magic of presentation.Sambasivan was highly acclaimed for his voice control and the well expressive, emotive voice.His expressions on face were also equally  well acclaimed and his song rendition and the  dialogues which  contained all the emotions in respective levels were highly impressive.He was able to twist and change the different emotions very fast so that he audience would be thrilled.The emotive face and voice helped him to attain heights in this profession very easily.Sambasivan could easily create and transform  the sequences of the story as an illusion to the minds of the people and they could also 'feel' the emotions of the characters as if real.
He presented his first 'Kathaprasangam' at his native place in a nearby temple when he was a college student and earned the love of the audience.After his College studies he became a teacher but quit the job and concentrated as a 'Kathaprasangam artist'.
His Kathaprasangam stories like 'Othello,Irupatham Noottandu,Ayisha,Aneesia' etc earned large scale success.He presented more than 50 stories in his Kathaprasangam career.
Sambasivan acted as the hero of a Malayalam film 'Pallankuzhy' in 1983 and 'Roopa' was the heroine.He also acted in a documentary about poet 'Kumaranasan'.
Sambasivan's son Vasantha Kumar Sambasivan who is Chemistry Professor at Sree Narayana College,Kollam has followed his father's path and  earned name and fame as a 'Kathaprasangam' artist also
Dr.Vasanthakumar Sambasivan

 for the last several years.
V.Sambasivan passed away on April 23, 1996 at the age of 67.

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KPAC  Sulochana and K.S.George were highly talented singers and both of them earned name and fame as the singers of the prestigious drama troupe Kerala People's Arts Club(K.P.A.C.) even though both of them sang several songs in films also.The solos and duets sung by them are still very popular and for the old generations they provides  a nostalgic feeling of the past while for the new generation they create amazement.
Both the singers have sung only lesser number of songs when compared with other popular singers but the impact these singers created was very high.All the songs of these singers have a mesmerizing effect such that we loved those lyrics, loved the music which was very adequate and most suitable for them  and loved  the voices of the singers which contained all the emotions, feel and expressions with  appropriate proportions.The lyricist made the skeleton, the music composer provided flesh and blood and KPAC Sulochana and K.S.George provided life and soul to those songs and created them to be immortal for ever.
KPAC Sulochana became popular as a singer and actress of KPAC drama troupe.KPAC staged their first drama in 1951 and through their second drama 'Ningalenne Communistakki' the drama troupe became very popular.The play 'Ningalenne Communistakki' was staged more than 10000 times and created a social and political transformation in Kerala.That drama was written by Thoppil Bhasi who was underground for political reasons during that period.The drama helped to eradicate much evils prevailed in the society and to minimize the exploitation of the working class.The songs written by ONV Kurup, composed by Devarajan and sung by K.S.George and KPAC Sulochana became super hits in those period itself.The duets sung by them were also very much liked by the audience and felt the singers as a perfect combination.
Both of them sang songs in plays like 'Sarvekallu,Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi,Mudiyanaya Puthran,Aswamedham' etc and KPAC Sulochana acted in some of them.
KPAC Sulochana later formed her own drama troupe 'Samskara' in 1983 and staged several dramas.She received many  awards and recognition like 'Sangeeta Nataka Academy Fellowship' , She received State award for her contribution to Professional theatre in 1999.She also received Kerala Fine Art's Society award for her contribution to theatre.
KPAC Sulochana acted in the film 'Arappavan' in 1961 along with Sathyan,Ambika,Kedamangalam Sadanandan etc.KPAC Sulochana sang songs in this film and the other singers were P.Leela and P.B.Sreenivas.
Both of these singers sang playback songs in films of 50's and early 60's like Chathurangam,Pazhassiraja,Laila Majnu,Kalam Marunnu,Randidangazhi,Krishna Kuchela etc.
The duet song "Thumbapoo Peyyana Poonilave" sung by Kamukara Purushothaman and KPAC Sulochana is still popular.It was of the film 'Randidangazhi' written by 'Thirunayinar Kurichy Madhavan Nair' and composed by Trichur P.Radhakrishnan.
Twenty five years have passed after the demise of K.S.George but he still makes the listeners happy because of the spellbound magical rendition of the blessed singer.

. One who listens  to his prayer songs  like "Prarthana Kelkaname Karthave En Yachana Nalkaname" the listener  suddenly feels that emotion in a high level  and falls in a state of deep devotion.
Some of the songs of these accomplished singers are:-
"Bali Kudeerangale"
"Thalakku Meethe Soonyakasam"
"Marivillin then malare manju pokayo"
"Chillu medayilirunnenne Kalleriyalle"
"Chakkara Panthalil thenmazha choriyum"
"Vellaram Kunnile"
"Illimulam Kadukalil"
"Ponnarival Ambiliyilu Kanneriyunnole"
"Vallikudinullilirikkum Pullikuyile" etc
Music records of the drama songs were available which boosted the songs's popularity and All India Radio Stations in Kerala  aired them once in a week which helped them enter into the hearts of the millions.

KPACSulochana passed away on 17th April 2005 at Kayamkulam, her hometown.

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Sujit Kumar was a Bollywood actor and producer who worked in character and villain roles of numerous films and produced popular films like 'Aasman se Ooncha,Khel,Champion' etc.He directed a film 'Paan Khaye Saiyan Hamaar' in 1984.He was the first super star of Bhojpuri Cinema who acted in several pictures in this language.He produced Bhojpuri film 'Topaye Sindura Dipata Shankha' in 1984.
He also acted in main roles of a few Bollywood films like 'Sab Ka Ustad'(65),Gunda, and 'Lal Bangla'(66).
In 'Sab Ka Ustad' Helen,Kumkum,Sheikh Mukhtar etc acted along with him,In Gunda Surjit Kumar,Sheikh Mukhtar,Helen and Jayanti were the main actors,  and in the film Lal Bangla, Sujit Kumar,Pritviraj Kapoor and Jayanthi acted in the main roles.
He acted along with Rajesh Khanna in many films.He portrayed roles as Police Inspector,S.P.,D.C.P.,D.S.P, C.B.I Chief,Prosecuting Attorney,Legal Adviser etc in many films and received accolades.
In the film 'Aulad' in which Jeetendra nd Babita Kapoor acted in lead roles he acted as Dr.Mohan.
In the blockbuster film 'Aradhana' directed by Shakti Samanta,  he acted as 'Madan Verma',  the friend of Rajesh Khanna.
In the film 'Ittefaq' directed by Yash Chopra in 1969 Sujit Kumar acted as Inspector Diwan.Rajesh Khanna and Nanda were the lead actors.
In the film 'Amar Prem' directed by Shakti Samanta in 1972, he acted along with Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore in the role as 'Nandu's(Vinod Mehra) father.
In the super hit film of Rajesh Khanna 'Hathi Mere Sathi' directed by M.A.Thirumugham, he acted as 'Gangu'.
Sujit Kumar played the role as 'Zamindar' in the Rajendra Kumar-Mumtaz film 'Tangewala'.
In the Rajesh Khanna-Tanuja film 'Mere Jeewan Saathi' he acted as 'Captain Vinod'.
In the film 'Dream Girl' in which Dharmendra and Hema Malini acted in lead roles, he acted as 'Sardar of the gypsies'.
In the film 'Trishna' he acted as husband of Vidya(Bindu) who was a Retd.Army Major.Shashi Kapoor, Rekha etc were the main actors.
In the film 'The Burning Train (1980) along with Dharmendra,Jeetendra and Vinod Khanna, Sujit Kumar played the roles as a Catholic Priest and a Police Inspector.
He was Police Inspector in films 'Takkar' as well as in  another film 'Patita' in 1980.
In the film Boxer, along with the leads Mithun Chakraborty and Tanuja, he acted as Inspector Khatau.
Sujit Kumar portrayed  Police Inspector roles  in the films  'Qaidi' of 1984 and
'Kali Basti' of 1985.
In the film "Kala Dhanda Goray Log' he depicted Inspector Shiv Singh.
In the film 'Aakhri Bazi' he acted along with Shatrughan Sinha,Moushumi Chatterjee,Govinda etc as 'Police Commissioner'.
He acted in many Bhojpuri films like 'Sampurna Teerth Yatra,Aaeel Basant Bahar,Nag Panchami,Ganga Hamar Hai' etc.
Sujit Kumar produced films like
Anubhav-86 (Shekhar Suman,Padmini Kolhapure,Padma Khanna)
Aasman Se Ooncha (Govinda,Sonam)
Khel- 92 (Anil Kapoor,Madhuri Dixit)
Daraar-96(Arbaaz Khan,Juhi Chawla,Rishi Kapoor)
Champion-2000 (Sunny Deol,Manisha Koirala)
Aetbaar-2004 (Amitabh Bachchan,John Abraham,Bipasha Basu).

Sujit Kumar died on 5th February 2010.

Selected Filmography
Honey Moon
China Town
Mere Sapne

Sabka Ustad
Maa Aur Mamta
Aan Milo Sajna
Naya Rasta
Hathi Mere Sathi
Yeh Gulistan Hamara
Mere Jeevan Sathi
Vishnu Puran
Janwar Aur Insan
Raja Rani
Wahi Raat Wahi Awaz
Suraj Aur Chanda
Ladki Jawan Ho Gayi
The Burning Train
Insaf Ka Tarasu
Hum Tere Ashiq Hain
Dost Garibon Ka
Dak Bangla
Dosti Ki Saugandh
Waqt Ki Raftar

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K.Balachander was a film director who wrote and directed large number of Tamil,Telugu,Kannada  and also a few Hindi films.He was an exponent in diversified fields and earned accolades as a Producer,director,playwright,writer and actor.His unique way of successfully  presenting unusual themes  received much appreciation.He was brilliant in portraying films in a fantastic reliable manner,  yet he   included entertainment components also.His unique way of film making and making use of unconventional themes was always liked by the masses.He was well known as 'Iyakkanar Sigaram' (one who conquered the peaks).
He produced films under the banner 'Kavithalaya Productions' from 1981.For most of his films which he directed, he wrote the story and screenplay also and many of his films received several National and State Awards as well as Filmfare Awards.
He was recipient of awards like 'Padma Shri,Dada Saheb Phalke Award,Kalaimamani award,ANR National Award etc'.He received 13 Filmfare awards also.
He brought several new faces into cinema and he was mentor to so many film celebrities like 'Kamal Hassan,Rajanikanth,Jayasudha,Jayapradha,Prakash Raj,Ramesh Aravind,Nagesh,Gemini Ganesan,Sowkar Janaki,Major Sundararajan,Sivakumar,Jai Ganesh,Vanisri,Jayanthi,Sujatha,Kanjana,Saritha' etc etc.
He was born on 9th July 1930 in 'Mannilam' of  Tamil Nadu state as 'Kailasam Balachander'.He studied at Annamalai University and graduated in Zoology.He was interested in films and dramas from childhood.While as a student at college he used to write and act in plays.When  he was working at AG's Office at Chennai, he joined 'United Amateur Artistes' which was an amateur drama company.He later formed his own drama troupe and staged many plays written by him which were well received by the audience.'Major Chandrakanth' which he filmed later was one such successful plays.
He wrote screenplays and dialogues for some films before becoming a director.

'Server Sundaram' was a film directed by Krishnan Panju which adapted one of his plays.It received certificate of merit as the 3rd Best Tamil film and also Filmfare award.
His debut as a director was in 1965 by directing 'Neerkumizhi' which was adapted from  a play written by him.His play 'Major Chandrakanth' was made into a successful Hindi film as 'Oonche Log' which won National film award.He directed Major Chandrakanth and 'Ethir Neechal' in Tamil later on.His successful film 'Bama Vijayam' in Tamil was remade in Telugu which was also directed by him.
Ethir Neechal received Tamil Nadu State sward for Best Dialogue writer.
He directed noted films 'Poova Thalaiya' and 'Iru Kodugal' in 1969.Iru Kodugal received National film award for Best feature film in Tamil.
'Arangetram' which he directed in 1973 received much appreciation and Kamal Hassan acted in an adult role for the first time in this film.
'Aval Oru Thodar Kathai' was a super hit film of 1974 in which 'Sujatha,Vijaya Kumar,Kamal Hassan,Sripriya' etc acted.
In 1975 'Apoorva Ragangal' received National award as Best feature film in Tamil.
'Maro Charitra' was a Telugu film which received Filmfare award for him as Best Telugu director.
In 1980 he received Tamil Nadu state film award for Best film Director for the film 'Varumayin Niram Sivappu' in which Kamal Hassan and Sridevi acted as the lead pair.
This film was remade in Hindi as 'Zara si Zindagi' and directed by K.Balachander himself in which Kamal Hassan and Anita Raj were the leads.
'Thanneer Thanneer' received National film award as Best feature film in Tamil and National film award for Best screenplay.It received Filmfare award for Best Tamil Director.Saritha,Shanmugham,Radha Ravi,Charlie etc acted in this film.
'Ek Duje Ke Liye' was a blockbuster  successful  film written and directed by K.Balachander in 1981 which received Filmfare award for Best screenplay.It was the remake of Telugu film 'Maro Charitra' directed by him earlier.Kamal Hassan and Rati Agnihotri were the leading pair of this film.
'Sindhu Bhairavi' was another super hit film which he directed in 1985.Sivakumar,Suhasini,Sulakshana,Delhi Ganesh etc acted in this film which received National award for Best actress,Best music direction,and Best female playback singer.
'Rudraveena' a Telugu film of 1988 received Nargis Dutt award for Best feature film on National integration.Chiranjeevi,Shobhana,Gemini Ganesan,Ramesh Aravind etc acted in it.
His  film 'Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal' received Filmfare award for Best Tamil director.
In 1990 'Oru Veedu Iru Vasal' received National film award for Best film on other social issues.
'Parthale Paravasam' was his 100th film and was released  in 2001.It was produced,written and directed by K.Balachander in which Madhavan and Simran were the lead pair.
K.Balachander acted in cameo roles of films  like 'Kalki,Poi,Ninaithathu Yaaro,
Uthama Villan, and acted in lead role of  'Rattaisuzhi' a Tamil film in which he acted along with another great director Bharati Raja.
K.Balachander died on 23 December 2014 in Chennai.


Selected Filmography
As writer and director
Major Chandrakanth
Bama Vijayam
Ethir Neechal
Poova Thalaiva
Iru Kodugal
Kaviya Thalaivi
Nootrukku Nooru
Bomma Borusa
Lanna Nalama
Velli Vizha
Sollathan Ninakkiren
Aval Oru Thodarkathai
Nan Avanillai
Apoorva Ragangal
Manmadha Leelai
Nozhal Nijamagiradhu
Maro Charitra
Thappu Thalangal
Ninaithale Inikkum
Nool Veli
Idi Katha Kadu
Varumayin Miram Sivappu
Enga Ooru Kannagi
Thillu Mullu
Thanneer Thanneer
Ek Duje keliye
Agni Sakshi
Ek Nai Paheli
Achamillai Achamillai
Kalyana Agathikal
Punnagai Mannan
Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal
Oru Veedu Iru Vasal
Jathi Malli
Parthale Paravasam