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Pankaj Mullick

Pankaj Mullick was a great musician and a pioneer of Indian film music.He was one among the path maker of Indian film music who also was responsible to shape Indian film music as it is today.He was a well renowned music composer,actor and singer.He was an exponent of Rabindra Sangeet.
He was born on May 10, 1905 in Calcutta as 'Pankaj Kumar Mullick'.He learned classical music from 'Guru' Durgadas Bandopadhyaya.He started his career in 1927  with Indian Broadcasting Corporation along with composer R.C.Boral and contributed as a music director for fifty years.He contributed to Bengali,Hindi,Urdu and Tamil language films for 38 years in various capacities like actor,singer and music composer.Artists like K.L.Saigal,K.C.Dey,S.D.Burman,Hemanta Mukherjee,Geeta Dutt,,Kanan Devi,Asha Bhonsle etc sang many songs composed by him.He acted in several films along with actors like K.L.Saigal,P.C.Barua,Pahari Sanyal,Jamuna,Kanan Devi,Rattan Bai etc.
Along with R.C.Boral, film director Nitin Bose and his renowned sound engineer brother Mukul Bose, he introduced playback singing to Indian Cinema.
Pankaj Mullick is also credited as an early exponent of Rabindra Sangeet.After his college studies he came into contact with Dinendranath Tagore, who was great nephew of Rabindranath Tagore.This led to his lasting interest in Rabindra Sangeet.Other than Rabindra Sangeet he also tuned and  sang large number of non filmy songs out of which many of them became huge hits.
He immortalized many Hindi songs which are enjoyed throughout India even today.
His debut as a film music composer was in 1933 for the film 'Yahudi Ki Ladki' which was produced by New Theatres and was directed by Premankur Atorthy.
He tuned the first hit Ghalib ghazal 'Nuktachi hai gham-e-dil' in that film which became instant hit.
He was also an actor of outstanding calibre who handled important roles or hero's role in films such as 'Dhartimata,Kapal Kundala,Nartaki,Andhi,Mukti,Adhikar,Abhigyan and Doctor'.
He sang songs in films such as 'Nartaki,Doctor,Kapal Kundala,Abigyan,Adhikar,Meri Bahen,Mahaprasthaner Pathey,Onkarer Joy Jatra,Mukti,Dhartimata and Desher Mati'.
Even though  he was a good singer he gave many best songs which he composed to K.L.Saigal."Soja Rajkumari Soja' 
"Main man ki Baat Bataaoon'
'Man kya jaanu kya jaadu hai'
Karun kya aas niras bhai'
'Ab main Kya karoon kit janoon' etc are examples.
Pankaj Mullick composed music for the hit film 'Dhartimata' in which K.L.Saigal was the hero and was  directed by Nitin Bose in 1938.It was made in Bengali as 'Dasher Mati' in the same year.
K.L.Saigal and Leela Desai were the lead pair of 'Dushman' which was directed by Nitin Bose in 1939 and music was composed by Pankaj Mullick.
'Zindagi' was a film in which K.L.Saigal,Jamuna,Pahari Sanyal etc acted which was directed by P.C.Barua.Music was by Pankaj Maullick.It was released in 1940.
Nartaki was made in Bengali and remade in Hindi in the year  1940.Pankaj Mullick was the music composer and acted in it along with Jagdish Sethi,Leela Desai etc as the important character 'Kavi'(poet).In Nartaki he sang a melody song 'Madhu bhari rut jawani hai' and another song which entertains and inspires even today is 'Yeh kaun aaj aya savere savere yeh dil chauk uttha savere savere'.
In the year 1940 Pankaj Mullick acted as the hero of the film 'Doctor'.Ahindra Choudhary,Jyothi Prakash etc acted along with him.Phani Majumdar and Subodh Mitra were the directors and the film was made in Hindi and Bengali.
In this film he sang five songs which were brimming with youthful energy and holds romantic hues like 'Chale pavan kiChaal jag main chale pawan ki chaal' and 'Ai baahar  aaj ayi bahaar'.
In 'Kapal Kundala' he sang an evergreen song 'Piya milan ko jaana' which is a charming melodious song.
In some films like 'Manzil' he worked along with R.C.Boral.
He composed music for the hit film 'Zalzala' in 1952 in which Kishore Sahu,Dev Anand,Geeta Bali etc acted.
In 1954 he composed music for 'Chitrangada' in which Utpal Dutt,Mala Sinha,Jiban Ganguly etc acted.
Pankaj Mullick was awarded 'Padma Shri' from government of India in 1970 followed by 'Dada Saheb Phalke Award' the highest cinema award by government of India in 1972 for his lifetime contributions to Indian Cinema.
Pankaj Mullick passed away on February 19, 1978 at the age of 72.
Yahudi Ki Ladki

Badi Bahen
Kapal Kundala
Badi Didi
Meri Bahen

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Paravoor Bharathan

Paravoor Bharathan was a  prominent veteran Malayalam actor who portrayed numerous character roles,comedy roles,villain roles in large number of films for about a long span of six decades.He worked in Malayalam cinema from 1951 to 2009 gaining the love of the audience who all enjoyed thoroughly his comedy type roles and villain roles with a comedy touch.

Paravoor Bharathan was born at Vavakkad, Moothakunnam, in North Paravoor, Kerala in 1928.He had to discontinue his school studies when his father died unexpectedly.To support himself and his family he joined a drama troupe owned by Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar and Augastine Bhagavathar.Later he joined the drama troupe of Jose Prakash.The roles which he played in some of the plays earned tremendous popularity and accolades which helped him to get a role in the film 'Rakthabandham' in 1951.
He got established and earned popularity  as a film actor by acting in the movies 'Kerala Kesari,Marumakal,Karutha Kai etc.There after Paravoor Bharathan was a part of all hit films made in Malayalam by big banners and directed by eminent directors.He manifested an important  role as the friend of the hero character  'Palani',handled by Sathyan in the first Gold Medal winner film of  Malayalam 'Chemmeen'.He traveled to London with the director Sathyan Anthikkad and the team of the film 'Mandanmar Londonil' where it was shot in the locations there.He portrayed a humorous role in that film  which aroused much laughter in cinema halls.
His comedy characters in films like 'Ee Nadu,Odukkam Thudakkam,Mazhavil Kavady,In Harihar Nagar,Dr.Pashupathy,Pattanapravesam,Aakasakottayile Sulthan' etc are all unforgettable.

He handled diversified characters such as 'Police man,sales
man,shop keeper,waiter,gang leader,political local leader,driver and so on in the vast number of films he acted in his acting career..He acted as the father,maternal Uncle etc to heroes and heroines in several films.
Paravoor Bharathan was well known for his cleanliness.He used to bring a medicated cleaning liquid to wash his hands and feet after the shooting schedule every day.Some of his co-stars told him that using that liquid every day would harm the skin and he stopped that habit.But he always appeared tidy and clean.After his death his friends recalls that he was a perfect personality whose mind was also very clean.
Paravoor Bharathan passed away on August 19, 2015.

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Selected Filmography
Raktha Bandham
Kerala Kesari

Karutha Kai
Bharyamar Sookshikkuka
Danger Biscuit
Rest House
Marunattil Oru Malayali
Oru Penninte Kadha
College Girl
Hello Darling
Olavum Theeravum
Vishnu Vijayam
Urvashy Bharathy
Guruvayoor Kesavan
Thacholi Ambu
Kuyiline Thedi
Mazhavil Kavady
Aakasakottayile Sulthan
Meleparambil Aanveedu
Manathe Kottaram
CID Moosa
Chettan Bava Aniyan Bava
In Harihar Nagar


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Thoppil Bhasi

Thoppil Bhasi was a famous playwright,screenwriter,film director,social activist,legislative assembly member,politician, writer  etc from  Kerala State.He was born at 'Vallikunnam' in Kerala on 8 April 1924.His real name was Bhaskara Pillai and was born to parents Thoppil Parameswaran Pillai and Nanikutty Amma.
He joined Trivandrum Ayurveda College after passing 'Sasthri Course'.While studying at that college he was student leader who conducted strikes for student causes which the students of modern times are enjoying at present.
He passed the Ayurveda Course 'Vaidya Kalanidhi' securing top rank.Thoppil Bhasi but turned out to be a politician, writer and film director instead of becoming an 'Ayurvedic  Doctor'

He worked for Indian National Congress initially but associated with the Communist movements of Kerala in the 50's and had to  work in exile also  for the party.
He was one of the main founder of K.P.A.C Drama Troupe Kayamkulam.
He wrote 'Ningalenne Communistakki' drama which was staged as the second drama of K.P.A.C.It was inaugurated on December 6, 1952 at Chavara.The socio political play influenced the society highly and helped the communist movements to popularize in a large  scale.The drama was banned in 1953 but lifted the ban after two months.That drama was staged for more than 6000 times in Kerala and all over India.Thoppil Basi had to live long years in exile and suffered imprisonment also for his political activities.Later he served as legislative member twice.
Thoppil Basi wrote more than 106 screenplays for Malayalam films which might be the largest.He wrote several dramas which were all staged by K.P.A.C.
Many of his dramas were made films later on.'Ningalenne  Communistakki' was 
filmed by Udaya Studios in 1972.Its screenplay and direction was performed by Thoppil Bhasi himself.Sathyan,PremNazir,Ummer,Jayabharathy etc acted in it.
He directed thirteen Malayalam films which were all super hit."Ningalenne

Communistakki,Sarasayya,Oru Sundariyude Kadha,Enipadikal,Madhavikutty,Chakravakam,Ponni,Mucheettukalikkarante Makal'Missi,Sarvekallu,Yudhakandam,Mochanam,Ente Neelakasam" were the films directed by him.
Sarasayya was a popular drama written by him and staged by K.P.A.C. When it was filmed in 1971 Thoppil Bhasi wrote screenplay and performed direction.Sathyan,Madhu,Sheela,Adoor Bhasi,Alummoodan etc acted it.It won Kerala State film award as Best film.
'Mucheettu Kalikkarante Makal' was a film based on Vaikom Muhammad Basheer's novel in the same name.Screenplay and direction was performed by Thoppil Bhasi.'Enipadikal and Madhavikutty' were also based on famous novels and 'Sarvekallu' was film version of his own drama.
Thoppil Bhasi received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award and Kendra Sahithya Academy Award.He was also recipient of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award,Soviet Land Nehru Award,Professor N.Krishna Pillai Award etc.
He married Ammini Amma and  have five children.
Thoppil Bhasi lived a simple life.His contributions to the society in various aspects will be ever remembered.
Thoppil Bhasi passed away on 8th December 1992.