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Seerkazhi Govindarajan

Dr.Seerkazhi S.Govindarajan was a very famous Maestro of Carnatic Music.He earned fame  as an actor,Playback singer also.He was
exceptionally good in singing devotional songs and his such songs in Tamil,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam were very much popular.He could convey
the expression and feeling of devotion through his velvet voice for the devotional songs.In Carnatic concerts also since most of the songs are devotional compositions, he was able to spread the devotion utmost to the
music lovers.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan was born at Seerkazhy (Sirkali)  in Tamilnadu State on 19 Jan 1933 to parents Siva Chidambaram and Avayambal.His talents in music was
intrinsic and he had his first public performance at the age of eight at the Tirupurasundari Temple on the occasion of Gnana Paal festival.

He joined Devi Natakasabha as a child artiste and then at Modern Theaters,Salem but left acting field and joined Tamil Isai College,Madras because of his flair for music.He graduated from there earning 'Isaimani' degree.
For higher studies in music he then joined at Central College of Carnatic Music,at Madras.He passed from there and received the degree 'Sangeetha Vidwan'.During the course he was staying at the house of his music Professor
'Thiruppampuram Swaminatha Pillai' and was getting 'Gurukula' type tutelage 
also.Thus he could grab  deep knowledge and intricacies of Carnatic music.
During the period 1951-52 he participated in several musical competitions and won medals and certificates.He got certificates from Madras Music Academy and Ranjini Sabha also.
Thus Seerkazhy Govindarajan became a known Carnatic vocalist and he conducted music concerts in all major cities of India like Delhi,Bombay,Calcutta,Madras,Bangalore,Ahmedabad,Trivandrum,Tirupathi,Hyderabad etc and also in every nook and  corner of the country.
Seerkazhy Govindarajan had concerts in foreign countries such as U.K.,U.S.A.,Canada,France,Germany,Switzerland,Malaysia,Singapore,Srilanka,
Mauritius,Nepal etc and earned appreciation and applause.
Meanwhile his recording of concerts and  devotional songs got much popularity and became top sellers so that he became the first singer  to receive Golden Disc from the recording companies.
He sung  thousands of playback songs for films.
He sung in films like Adutha Veettu Penn,Oli Vilakku,Karnan,Kumudam,Agathiyar,Veerapandya Kattabomman,
Raja Raja Cholan,Varuvan Vadivelan,Deivam,Policekaran Magaal,
Kadhal Payanam,Mahabali(Malayalam),Vannakkili,Anbulla Maan Vizhaiye,
Kandan Karunai,Naan Anayittal,Kongunattu Thangam,En Annan,
Raja Rajan(Telugu &Tamil),Justice Viswanathan etc.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan acted in the title role as 'Agathyar' which was a blockbuster film and box office success.
In the 70's a devotional music record in Malayalam earned huge popularity in Kerala 
which contained four Guruvayoorappan songs.The songs were 1)Saranam Sree
Guruvayoorappa Nin Azhakiya Paadam thozhunnen Kai Kooppi(2)Narayana
Namo Narayana Narayana Enna naam Ennum Parayanam Cheythal labhikkum
kshemam Narayana namo Narayana (3) Bhagavane Venugopala sarva bhangamellam akatti mangalam nalkane (4)Guruvayoorappa thuna neeye
ennu Karuthi njan ennum kai Thozhunnen.
These songs are still loved by music lovers.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan received so many awards,certificates,titles and honorary doctorate also.He was given Kendra Sangeetha Nataka Academy
Award and  he was given Padma Shri from Government of India in 1983.
He will be ever remembered for his devout, powerful voice,clear diction,

expressive rendering  by  stressing emotions and feelings fully.His ringing voice was unique in quality.He was a
humanitarian and had done several concerts for charity purposes.He donated large amount for temple works and for poor children's welfare.His son
Seerkazhi Siva Chidambaram is a famous Carnatic Musician.
Seerkazhi Govindarajan passed away on 24 March 1988.

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