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Kaviyoor C.K.Revamma

Kaviyoor Dr.C.K. Revamma was a great Carnatic Vocalist who proved her talents and
excellence as a playback singer,teacher and administrator.
She was born at Kaviyoor of Tiruvalla Taluk  on 14 April 1930 and started to learn music  from the tender age of eight.She had her first public performance at the age of 16.
She was very good at music studies and received first Rank for Music B.A. and
Music M.A. Degree Courses.She  passed 'Ganabhooshanam course' from Trivandrum Music College also.
She became lecturer at Govt. Women's College Trivandrum and later  became the  Professor and Head of that Department.
She conducted  research in music and received  Ph.D (Doctorate Degree) in Music from Kerala University.She was the first person to get Doctorate Degree for music from Kerala University.
She was able to undergo post doctoral studies in musicology in the United States of America with a scholarship.She served as visiting Professor at several Universities in the United States.After coming back to India from the United States she became the Principal of Thrissur Govt. College.She retired as
Deputy Director of Collegiate Education.
She  could serve as the member of the Board of Studies of Kerala University,Calicut University and M.G.University also.
This extraordinary unparalleled  Music Scholar was able to do  only lesser
number of Carnatic Music Public performances because she was a dedicated
teacher who could not spare much time.But when ever she had her musical
performances  publicly and had her music  program  on  All India Radio music lovers were thrilled to listen to it and enjoy those   scintillating performances.
Kaviyoor Revamma was one of the first Playback Singers of Malayalam Films.
She sang for more than 20 films during the span of 1950- 1962.
During those period the number of film releases were less.
Revamma had her debut in Malayalam playback singing through the film
'Sasidharan' of 1950.She sang the song 'Anandame' which was penned by 'Thumpaman Padmanabhan Kutty, and also the hit duet song 'Neeyen Chandrane' with Vaikom Mani.'Parameswari''' was another solo song of Revamma in that film.
Then she sung a song 'Varika Varika' which the lyrics was of 'Abhayadev' for the film 'Chechi'.Another song in that film was 'Aasha thakarkkayo'.Yet another song 'Kalitha Kalamaya'   in that film was also  sung by Revamma.
In the super duper hit of those times 'Jeevitha Nauka' (1951) she sang famous songs 'Thornnidumo Kanner', "Gathiyethumilla" , " Pasiyal Uyir Vaadi" etc
and duet songs with Mehboob and V.Dakshina Moorthy.The lyrics of this film were of Abhayadev and Music by Dakshina Moorthy.
In the film 'Raktha Bandham' , "Yachakan, 'Kerala Kesari' etc also she sang songs.

P.Bhaskaran wrote songs for film 'Navalokam' which was composed by Dakshinamoorthy and Revamma's songs 'Malayala Malarvadiye' and 'Aananda Ganam Padi' were  popular.
The song 'Deivame Karuna Sagarame' which she sung with ' Kozhikode Abdul Khader'  was very much popular and was of  the film 'Achan'.Another  famous song
'Jeevitha naadam' sung by Revamma was also from  that film.
In 1952 she sang a duet 'Chinthayil Neerunna' along with    film Actor  turned 'Jose Prakash ' for the film 'Visappinte Vili'. Jose Prakash entered the film field as a Playback singer for the film 'Sariyo Thetto' which was written and directed by  Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair. He selected acting as his career  and neglected playback singing when  became famous as an actor.Ambika(old) had her debut in that film in a small role.
She sang a song 'Karayathennomana Kunje' and a duet 'Kulirekidunna Katte' with A.M.Raja for that film.She had several hits with A.M.Raja during those period.P.Leela,Jikky Krishnaveni and Revamma were known as the  'Singing Trio' of Malayalam Films during the 50's.
In the debut film 'Marumakal'(1952) of Prem Nazir also Revamma was a playback singer.The song 'Jagadeeswara' was of Marumakal written by Abhayadev and composed by P.S.Divakar.Song 'Oh Mayathe Ee Madukara Vasantham' was  another song of  this film which  was also  sung by Revamma along   with Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar.
Songs 'Amma thaan paaril aalambame'  and 'Theliyoo nee pon Vilakke' were  from film 'Amma'."Pichakapoo Choodanum" was a song from the  film 'Velakkaran(53).
'Sukhame Sukhame' song was  of the  film 'Pon Kathir', 'Adi Thozhunnu'  song was a popular song  from the   film 'Avan Varunnu'

'Painkiliye Vaa'   was of the  film 'Kaalam Marunnu'  and these songs   were all very popular  popular in those days.
She sang songs in films " Lokaneethi, Kidappadam, Harichandra,Mariakutty,Mudiyanaya Puthran etc.In the year 1962 she  sang
the song 'Murali Mohana Krishna' for the film 'Puthiya Aakasam Puthiya Bhoomi' along with P.Leela.
Kaviyoor Revamma herself discontinued playback singing to concentrate fully on her teaching profession and music research.
She passed away at Kollam on 13th  May 2007.

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