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Thirunayinarkurichy Madhavan Nair

Thirunayinarkurichy Madhavan Nair was an acclaimed lyricist of Malayalam Cinema during  1950's and to the mid of 1960's.He was popular by his pen name 'Thirunayinarkurichy' which was the name of his native place.
Thirumayinarkurichy Madhavan Nair was born in the Malayalam year 1091 in the month of Meenam at the place 'Thirunayinarkurichy of Kanyakumari District.After his schooling he learnt 'Malayalam Vidwan' course and hence became an expert of that language.He was also well versed in other languages such as English,Hindi,Sanskrit and Tamil.He was employed at All India Radio as a staff artist.He was also a popular Malayalam writer in both prose and poetry  who published more than 100 books in categories such as Novels,Short stories and Poems.
His entry into the Malayalam film field as a lyricist was with the film 'Athmasakhi' produced by P.Subramanyam of Neela Productions in the year 1952.It was the first film produced by P.Subramanyam and was directed by G.R.Rao.Sathyan,B.S.Saroja,M.N.Nambiar,Veeran,Pankajavally,T.S.Muthaiya,Kumari Thankam etc acted in it.There were 13 songs in the film all of which were written by Thirunayinarkurichy.The songs were tuned by Br.Lakshmanan.

Thirunayinarkurichy became an established lyricist with the success of the film 'Athmasakhi' and he continued to write songs for many other films of that decade and for almost all films produced by P.Subramanyam during that period.Brother Lakshmanan composed music for most of his songs.During the 60's music composers like M.S.Baburaj and M.B.Sreenivasan also tuned his songs.
He wrote around 242 songs for about 26 Malayalam films during his short career span as a lyricist.The evergreen immortal song 'Athma Vidyalayame Avaniyil athma vidyalayame' from the film 'Harishchandra'(1955) was penned by him.
He used to act in small roles of many films of that period also.
'Jailpully' was a successful film of 1957 and the song "Sangeethame jeevitham oru madhura sangeethame jeevitham" earned much appreciation.
'Bhaktha Kuchela' was a super hit film produced and directed by P.Subramanyam in the year 1961 in which C.S.R.Anjenayalu,Kanta Rao,Kottarakkara,Miss.Kumari,Ambika Sukumaran,Thikkurissi,Aranmula Ponnamma,Baby Vinodini,Jose Prakash etc acted.This film contained 24 songs out of which 22 were written by Thirunayinarkurichy Madhavan Nair.The songs "Eeshwara Chintha Ithonne manujanu saswathame ulakil"
"Nale Nale ennayittum Bhagawane kananithra naalum purapedatha njan"
"Kanna Thamarakkanna ennunni Kanmani kunje va va va" etc are still enjoyed by music lovers.
'Sreerama Pattabhishekam' of 1962 was a super hit film produced by P.Subramanyam which was directed by G.K.Ramu The songs in this film were very popular at that period.
Snapaka Yohannan was yet another  super hit film produced and directed by P.Subramanyam in the year 1963.Jose Prakash,Prem Nazir,Miss.Kumari,Thikkurissi,Kottarakkara,L.Vijayalakshmi,Adoor Pankajam,Kanchana etc acted in it.
The songs "Aakasathin Mahimave ashrayam nee thanne Yahove Deivame Nee enikkennum ennum ner vazhi kattename" and another song "Oshana Oshana 
Daveedin Puthrannosana" are still very much loved.
In the film 'Karutha Kai' of 1964 which was directed by M.Krishnan Nair  M.S.Baburaj composed the songs written by Thirunayinarkurichy.The song 'Panchavarna Thantha pole Konchi vanna penne' sung by Yesudas and Kamukara is still popular.Another song 'Kallane vazhiyil Muttum Kandaludane thattum' was also a hit.
In the film 'Althara' produced and directed by P.Subramanyam in 1964, M.B.Srenivasan was the music composer.Prem Nazir,Sheela,Adoor Bhasi,S.P.Pillai,Kottarakkara,Kanchana etc acted in it.The film contained lovable songs.
Thirunayinarkurichy Madhavan Nair wrote songs for films such as 'Athmasakhi,
Velakkaran,Ponkathir,Balyakalasakhi,Avakasi,Kalm Marunnu,CID,Aniyathi,Harishchandra,Manthavathi,Jailpully,Achanum Makanum,Padathqa Painkili,Randigazhy,Mariakutty,Aanavalarthiya Vanampadi,Poothali,Bhakthakuchela,Sreerama Pattabhishekam,Kattumaina,Kalayum Kaminiyum,Snapaka Yohannan,Karutha Kai,Atom Bomb and Althara.
Singers such as 'Kamukara Purushothaman,Yesudas,P.Leela,S.Janaki,P.Susheela,Jikki,C.S.Radha Devi,L.R.Eeshwari,Santha P.Nair,A.P.Komala.Kaviyoor Revamma,Soolamangalam Rajalakshmi etc sung the songs penned by Thirunayinarkurichy Madhavan Nair in that period.
Thirunayinarkurichy Madhavan Nair died of a massive heart attack in April 1965. 

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