Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Music Director Raghu Kumar

Music Director Raghu Kumar was not familiar to all Keralites but many of his songs are lingering in the hearts and lips of music lovers old and young alike.
He never longed for popularity but confined to his works silently.He was an eminent Tabla Player in India who worked for music stage programs of K.J.Jesudas,P.Jayachandran and other well known singers.He was well  versed on Key Board,Sitar etc also.At the age of 16 he became a graded artist of All India Radio and later graduated to 'A' grade artist and as a music composer.
                                   He was born on June 13, 1953 at renowned 'Pootheri' family of Kozhikkod.All the members of his  family were music lovers and Raghu Kumar started learning 'Tabla' at an young age of six from a 'Guru' by name 'Dasan Mash'.His elder sister's Guru G.S.Sree Krishnan taught him basics of Carnatic Music.He learned 'Tabla' lessons in detail,Carnatic music,Sitar etc from other professional experts later on.

He played Tabla for P.Jayachandran's 'Ganamela' program which was held at R.E.C in Kozhikod  when he was only 16 years old and it was his first public appearance as a Tabla Player.

He reached Chennai and became assistant to Music Composer R.K Shekhar.
He worked as percussionist with Music Director V.Dakshinamoorthy for a long period.He worked for G.Devarajan for the films like 'Ayodhya'.He also worked with Gunasingh,Janardhanan,K.J.Joy,Sivamony etc.
Raghu Kumar with his friends produced films like 'Sanghupushpam,Lisa,Anupallavi,Dheera,Sakti' etc.Actress Bhavani acted in his films like 'Lisa,Anupallavi' etc and Raghu Kumar later married her.The couple have two daughters.
Raghu Kumar was settled in Chennai but he used to visit his native place occasionally.
As a film music composer his debut film was 'Eeswara Jagadeeswara' in 1979 which was never released.His first released film was in 1981  titled  'Visham'.
He composed music for Priyadarshan films like 'Aryan,Boeing Boeing,Thalavattam'Aram Aram Kinnaram' etc'.
Raghu Kumar composed music for around 110 film songs in about 30 films and composed 83 songs for Albums also.
'Collector' which was directed by Anil C.Menon in 2011 was Raghu Kumar's  last film as a music Director.
His songs like 'Pon Murali Oothum Kattin' (film 'Aryan'),
'Kaikudanna Niraye Thirumadhuram tharum'(film 'Maya Mayuram'),
 Kalabham Charthum(Thalavattam),
Nee En Kinavo(Hello My Dear wrong Number),
Thozhu Kai(Boeing Boeing)
Madhumasa Chandran(Kanakkinavu),
Poonkatte Poyi Chollamo(Shyama) are some of the melodious songs which are liked by all music lovers.
Raghu Kumar died on February 20, 2014 due to Kidney related diseases.
May his soul rest in peace.
Eeswara Jagadeeswara
Boeing Boeing
Onnanam Kunnil Orady Kunnil
Onnum Mindatha Bharya
Pon Thooval
Kana Kinavu
Kottum Kuravayum
Amina Tailors
Ayiram Kannumayi
Veendum Lisa
Nadhi muthal Nadhi vare
Hello My Dear Wrong Number
Aram Aram Kinnaram
Ithra Mathram
Pavam Poornima
Manassile Manpeda

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