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Ayiroor Sadasivan

P.N.Menon was a critically acclaimed Malayalam Film director whose films were all well noted.In 1973 he directed the Malayalam film 'Chayam' and it was produced by S.K.Nair, the owner and editor of 'Malayalanadu Fortnightly Magazine'.Sheela,Sudheer,Raghavan,Roja Ramani,Sankaradi,Adoor Pankajam etc acted in it.The film was a big success.It contained six songs out of which five were written by Vayalar and the other was written by Kannadasan.The music composer for all the songs were by G.Devarajan.
Two male solos were sung by the newcomer singer 'Ayiroor Sadasivan' and he sang the song 'Amme Amme Aviduthe Munpil njanaru Deivamaru' and another song 'Sreevalsam Maril..' in this film.The song 'Amme Amme...' became an instant hit and the singer became highly popular in Kerala.

Ayiroor Sadasivan was born in Ayiroor of Alapuzha District and as a singer he became famous as a singer for drama troupes and was associated with music Composer M.K.Arjunan.
After singing the songs in the film 'Chayam'  he sang the song "Symphony Symphony...." along with L.R.Easwary for the film 'Panchavady' written by Sreekumaran Thampi and music composed by M.K.Arjunan.
The songs "Udaya Sowbhagya Tharakayo" and "Kochurama Karingalee" from the film 'Anjathavasam' were sung along with Yesudas for the film 'Anjathavasam' in 73 itself.
His popularity as a playback singer was boosted by the solo song "Monchathi penne nin chundu" which he sang for  the film 'Maram' and it was written by Yusafali Kecheri, music was by Devarajan.
Then he sang in films 'Dharma Yudham and Kaliyugam' in 73.
In the year  1974 he sang in films 'Chandrakantham,Sapamoksham,Sethubandhanam,Rajahamsam,Alakal,Ankathatt' out of which many were duets along with Madhuri,Janaki,L.R.Easwari etc.He sang songs along with other main singers like 'Yesudas,P.Jayachandran and Brahmanandan' in many films.
The song "Angathattukal uyarnna nadu" which he sang along with P.Leela,and Madhuri was a big hit.Ayiroor Sadasivan along with P.Leela and T.R.Omana sang two songs of the film 'Mattoru Seetha. in 1975.
Ayiroor Sadasivan sang the song "Eeswaranmarkellam" for  the film 'Love Marriage' and the song "Sangathi Arinjo' in the film 'Mucheettukalikkarante Makal' along with P.Jayachandran.
Along with Brahmanandan he sang the songs "Gopakumara' in 'Rahasyarathri',
"Jaya Jaya Gokula" in 'Palazhy Madhanam'.
Along with Sreekanth he sang the song "Bhagawan Bhagawan" in the film 'Kottaram Vilkkanundu'.

Madhuri with Ayiroor Sadasivan and chorus sung the song "Janmadinam Janmadinam' in the same film.
He was the music director of the film 'Vipanchika' in 84 and sang the solo song "Ithile pokum Kattinu Polum" in it.Another song "Kalambottakattile Chilambutta Penne" in that film sung by K.S.Chitra became a hit song.
"Swamiye Saranm Ayyappa" was a hit song of Ayiroor Sadasivan in 1985.
He was a music director at Akashavani and also an audition committee member.
He used to participate actively in music programs. While coming back to his home  after taking part in a music program at Angamaly,  his car went out of control and fell in a paddy field near Onnam bridge at  Manackachira on Alapuzha-Changanacherry road as per the newspaper reports.This mishap happened on 9th April 2015 at 7.45 am and Ayiroor Sadasivan died in that accident.The car was driven by his son Sreekumar, who escaped with  minor injuries.


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