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K.P.A.C Premachandran

KPAC Premahandran was a well known Professional Stage Actor of Kerala who also acted in about 30 Malayalam films and in several TV serials.
He was recipient of Best Actor for drama from Kerala Government three times.He became very famous by acting in many popular dramas of K.P.A.C Troupe including 'Aswamedham,Mudiyanaya puthran,Bhagawan Kalu Marunnu' etc.
Premachandran was born in 1951 at ponnani in Malppuram District,Kerala to Parents Mullamangalathu Parameswan Nampoothirippadu ( Premji) and Arya Antharjanam.His father was a Stage and Film actor, writer and social reformer and was popular as 'Premji'.His father received National award as Best actor for the Malayalam film 'Piravi' directed by Shaji N.Karun in 1989.
Thus the acting talents of Premachandran was intrinsic and he started acting on stage by acting in the drama 'Yagasala' for the school anniversary function in 1965.
His entry to Professional drama field was by acting in the play 'Thejovadham' and by acting in the plays of G.Sankarapillai he grabbed skill and confidence to portray any type of roles.
He soon joined KPAC drama troupe and by acting in different stage plays there he received accolades and appreciation from various corners.He worked with professional troupes like 'Kerala Theatres,Kozhikodu Stage India,Vadakara Varada,Angamali Manishada,Angamali Prathibha, Thrissur Yamuna' etc.
His debut film was 'Dweepu' in 1977 which was directed by Ramu Karyattu.Jose,Shobha,Alleppey Ashraf,KPAC Premachndran,Prathima,Kuttyedathi Vilasini etc acted in it.
In the year 1979 he acted in the film 'Ente Neelakasam' along with the main actors Sukumaran and Shobha.
He gave much importance to Stage plays and did not concentrate on cinema but acted occasionally only but could  act in about thirty Malayalam films in noted supporting roles and character roles.
In 1994 he acted in the film 'Pradakshinam' along with Manoj K.Jayan,Sunitha,Mathu,Narendra Prasad,KPAC Lalitha  etc.
In the same year he acted in the hit film 'Parinayam' directed by Hariharan.
He was also part of famous films like 'Ponthanmada,Ente Veedu Appoontem' etc.Ponthanmada was directed by T.V.Chandran for which Mammootty received National award ans Best Actor.Mammootty,Sreejaya,Janardhanan,Zeenath etc acted in it.
In the film 'Pattabhishekam' Jayaram,Mohini,Jagathy,Harisree Asokan,Kottayam Nazeer etc acted.

He received Kerala Government award for Best Actor for the plays 'Soothradharan,Sahasrayogam,and Othello'.
 Premachandran also earned the love of family audience by acting in several TV serials.
KPAC Premachandran Passed away on 25th March 2003 at Thrissur.
Selected Filmography
Ente Neelakasam
Ore Thooval Pakshikal
Ente Veedu Appoontem

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P.Leela was a highly talented Classical Musician  and Playback singer who was very popular all over  India.She conducted numerous Carnatic Classical music concerts especially in  Kerala and Tamil Nadu.She also held musical shows    at many other places  In India and abroad and earned appreciation and accolades from  music lovers.She possessed deep knowledge in Classical music and was trained by eminent Gurus of that period.
She earned name and prestige as a playback singer also and sang more than 5000 songs in her career including Film songs,Album Songs,Devotional Songs,Drama songs  etc mainly  in all South Indian Languages Malayalam,Tamil,Telugu and Kannada.She sang film songs and devotional songs also  in  other  in languages such as   Marathi,Gujarati,Hindi,Simhala and Bengali.
She was born in Kerala at Palakkad Chitoor of 'Porayathu Family' to parents E.K.Kunjan Menon and Meenakshikutty Amma on May 19, 1934.
Her father was very fond of Carnatic Classical music and wanted all of his children to be exponents in this field and so  trained them in that sector but the youngest daughter 'Leela' was more proficient in learning music from her  childhood.So her father resigned his job at Ernakulam and went to Chernnai where both of them stayed at the residence of  his friend and Carnatic music exponent 'Vadakkancherry Ramabhagavathar' for rigorous training.
P.Leela and A.P.Udayabhanu
P.Leela was only 10 years old when she became a disciple of Ramabhagavathar at Chennai.
Before that she had preliminary musical training from other Gurus also.Thribhuvana Mani Bhagavathar was her first music teacher.She later got training from legendary experts like Chembai Vaidyanathga Bhagavathar and V.Dakshinamurthy also.
M.S.Baburaj with P.Leela
While her musical training was going on at Vadakkancherry Rama Bhagavathar's residence at Chennai, she had the privilege to hear musical concerts of several Carnatic music exponents which helped her to shape up her style and rendition later as a performer.
Her first music concert was in the year 1946  at 'Andhra Mahila Sabha' at Chennai which was a big success which paved way to join Columbia recording Company as an artist.The association with Columbia company ultimately helped her to become a playback singer.
She sang a film song for the first time in 1948 for the Tamil film 'Kankanam' with the lyrics "Sree Varalakshmi".
P.Leela and P.Susheela
In the same year playback singing was introduced in Malayalam film also and she got chance to sing in the Malayalam film 'Nirmala' which was produced by P.J.Cheriyan and directed by P.V.krishna Iyer.The music Composer was P.S.Diwakar and the lyrics was by 'Mahakavi G.Sankara Kurup'.The song 'Paduka Poonkuyile Kavu thorum' became an instant hit and she got the title as 'Malayalathinte Poonkuyil'.
In the year 1949 she got chance to sing in three Telugu films 'Manadesam,Kulu Guram and Gunasundarikatha'.
Manadesam was the debut film of Megastar N.T.Rama Rao who acted in this film as a Police Inspector.
In the early period of playback singing P.Leela was the only Classical trained Malayali female singer to sing Malayalam songs with proper pronunciation and skill .In those periods all the other female singers were from other states.
When P.Leela became popular in other south Indian languages she learnt those languages for perfect rendition.
P.Leela may be the female singer who have sung largest number of devotional songs in all south Indian languages.
Bhakthi Ganarchana,Bhakthi Isai Amudham,Sri Krishna Sannidhi,Bhakthi Gana Malika etc are some of her devotinal albums.
In Malayalam she sang  devotional heritage songs like 'Narayaneeyam,Harinamakeerthanam,Njanappana' etc for which she received much appreciation and 'Janmashtami Award' for it.
She received Kerala Government film award as best female singer in 1969 for the song 'Ujjayinile Gayika'.
She was recipient of several awards and titles like 'Ganamani,Ganakokilam,Sangeetha Saraswathi,Kalaratnam,Kalaimamani,Bhakthigana Thilakam,Ganavarshini,Ganasudha,Sangeetha Narayani' etc.
She received Kamukara Award in 1999.Tamil Nadu Government gave her the prestigious 'Kalaimamani Award' in the year 1994.
She was also recipient of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award,Kerala Sangetha Nataka Akademy Fellowship,Kerala Film Fans Award etc.
Her married life was a failure which extended for a short priod only.She was living with her sister's family in  Chennai.

She left this world on October 31, 2005.
She was awarded  'Padma Bhushan' posthumously by the Government of India in the year 2006.
Some of her popular Malayalam songs:-
Song                                                           Film
Ambalakulangare                             -  Odayil Ninnu
Kanni Nilavathu                               -  Thacholi Othenan
Priyamanasa Nee Va Va                     -  Chilamboli
Ashtamudi Kayalile                          -  Manavatti
Swarnachamaram                             -  Yakshi
Thamasa Nadiyude                           -  Danger Biscuit
Ujjaiyinile Gayika                             -  Kadalppalam
Sankrama Vishupakshi                       -  Chukku
Sundara Swapname                           -  Guruvayoor Kesavan
Aadyathe Kanmani Aanayirikkanam     -   Bhagyajathakam
Swapnangal Swapnangale                   -  Kavyamela
Kannane Kanden                               -  Chilamboli
Devi Sridevi                                      -  Kavyamela
Velutha Penne                                  -  Nayaru Pidicha Pulival
Omanathinkal Kidavo                         -  Sthree
Kannum Pothi Urangoo                       -  Snehaseema
Thali kuruthaola                                 -  Mayiladum Kunnu
Njanariyathe                                     -  Jail Pully
Gayakaa                                           -  Navalokm
Malarmakal thannude                         -  Sarpakkadu
Poovinu Manamilla                             -  Chilamboli
Anthi Mayangiyallo                             -  School Master
Velli Nilavathu                                   -  Jail Pully
Ankathattukal                                    -  Ankathattu
Kani Kanum Neram                             -  Omanakuttan
Aarundenikkoru                                  -  Kadamattathachan

Selected Filmography
 Tamil Films
Maya Bazar
Pathala Bhairavi
Anbu Engae
Andaman Kaidhi
Chakravarthi Thirumagal
Puthumai Pithn
Annaiyim Aanai
Bala Rman
Prema Pasam
Karpura Mullai
Engirundho Vandhal
Lava Kusha
Nallavan Vazhvan
Kumara Raja
Telugu Films
Patala Bhairavi
Tenali Ramakrishna
Uthama Puthiran
Pellinatti Pramanalu
Shanti Nivasam
Lava Kusha
Bratuka Theruvu
Jaya Simha
Gunasundari katha
Sampoorna Ramayanam
Gundamma Katha
Sri Venkiteswara Mahatmyam
Panduranga Mahatmyam
Bhale Ramudu
Suvarna Sundari
Lrishna Leela
Mangalya Balam
Mahamantri Timmarasu
Jayam Manade
Bhaktha Markandeya
Pelli Chesi Choodu

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Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan

Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan was a well known Malayalam Film actor who  acted in Supporting/Character roles and in small roles of  large number of Malayalam films in a career spanning for about two decades.
He became a known actor by acting in the super hit film 'Kallichellamma' in 1969 based on the famous novel written by G.Vivekanandan in the same tiltle which was directed by P.Bhaskaran.  Prem Nazir,and Sheela were the main pair of this film which received awards.
He depicted several well noted characters thereafter in hits and super hits of skillful directors like 'Sasikumar,AB Raj,Sreekumaran Thampi,I.V.Sasi,Joshi,P.Bhaskaran' and so on.
He acted along famous actors like 'Prem Nazir,Sathyan,Jayan,Sukumaran,M.G.Soman,Madhu.Thilakan,Balan K.Nair,Thikkurissi,Kamala Hassan,Mammootty,Raghavan,Sheela,Sarada,Jayabharathy,Sreevidya,Meena,Aranmula Ponnamma,Kaviyoor Ponnamma,Sankaradi,Adoor Bhasi,Bahadur,K.P.Ummer' etc etc.
In the film 'Lottery Ticket' directed by AB Raj in 1970, which was a musical entertainer, Prem Nazir,Sheela,KP Ummer,Jose Prakash,Adoor Bhasi,Sreelatha etc acted.
In the film 'Sindooracheppu' which told the story of an elephant named 'Gopi' and it's mahout, was directed by actor Madhu in 1971.Madhu and Jayabharathy played the main characters.
'Abhijathyam' was a family drama of 1971 which was a super hit film directed by A.Vincent and produced by R.S.Prabhu in which Sarada and Madhu portrayed central characters.
Thikkurissi,Raghavan,Sukumari,Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan,Philomina,Kaviyoor Ponnamma etc were the other actors.
'Maravil Thiruvu Sookshikkuka' was a crime thriller about certain  culprits that used to cause accidents at the elevated place.Prem Nazir,Vijayasree,Ushakumari,Sreelatha,Vincent,Adoor Bhasi etc acted.
'Thiruvabharam' was a comedy film of 1973 directed by Sasi Kumar in which Prem Nazir,Madhu,KP Ummer,Thikkurissi,Vijayasree,Paravur Bharathan etc acted.The theme was about a film director that arrives in a serene beautiful location for conducting the  shooting of his film and the happenings over there.
'Kottaram Vilkkanundu' told the story of the decline of a Princely state and the fate of two lovers also.Prem Nazir,Adoor Bhasi,Jayabharathy,Sankaradi,Kunchan,Sukumari etc were the actors including Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan.
'Jagadguru Aadi Shankaran' narrates  the stories about the sage 'Aadi Shankaracharya' and the film was directed by P.Bhaskaran in which Murali Mohan acted in main role.Kaviyoor Ponnamma,Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan,Mallika Sukumaran,Raja Kokila,Sreemulanagaram Vijayan etc acted in in it.
'Eetta' was directed by I.V.Sasi in 1979  which was about the workers who cut cane from the forest area.'Varuthunni' the leader of the group of workers was played by Madhu and Gopalan the wholesale dealer of canes was depicted by MG Soman.Kamal Hassan acted as the adopted son of Varuthunni.
Sheela acted as Annamma and Seema as Sridevi in this blockbuster film.
In the film 'Venalil Oru Mazha'( 79) produced by Subramanyam Kumar and directed by Sreekumaran Thampi, Madhu,Jayan,Sreevidya,Roja Ramani,Sukumari,Aranmula Ponnamma etc acted.
'Agnisaram' was a film in which Jayan,Jayabharathy,Sukumaran,Alummoodan,Kaviyoor Ponnamma etc acted.
'Ee Nadu' was a blockbuster film directed by I.V.Sasi which was written by T.Damodaran.Mammootty,Balan K.Nair,Lalu Alex,Ratheesh,T.G.Ravi,Raveendran,Krishnachandran,Surekha,Vanitha,Shubha,Sankardi,Achankunju etc acted in it.Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan acted as the character 'Majeed', the elder brother of Mammootty.
'Saram' was a hit film directed by Joshy in which Sukumaran and Ambika acted in main roles in the year 1982.
'Bharya Oru Manthri' was directed by Raju Mahendru in the year 1986.Sukumaran,Menaka,Balan K Nair,Anuradha,Jagathy,Thodupuzha Radhakrishnan etc acted in it.
Selected Filmography

Lottery Ticket
Snehadeepame Mizhithurakku
Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka
Kottaram Vilkkanundu
Kenalum Collectorum
Mohavum Mukthiyum
Jagadguru Aadisankaran
Tholkkan Enikku Manassilla
Kanal Kattakal
Jayikkanay Janichavan
Iniyum Kanam
Puthiya Velicham
Kallu Karthyayani
Venalil Oru Mazha
Nagamadathu Thampuratty
Enikkum Oru Divasam
Ee Nadu
Oru Mukham Pala Mukham
Makale Mappu Tharoo
Annoru Ravil
harya Oru Manthri

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Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy

Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy was a well noted playwright and script writer and was  very active in Malayalam film field for two decades associating with many hit films like 'Yodha,Ayalathe Adheham,C.I.D. Unnikrishnan,Avittam Thirunal Arogya Sreeman' etc.
Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy was born in 1955 as the son of Arjunan Pillai at Aarattuvazhy of Alappuzha District.He studied for degree course at S.D.College,Alappuzha and after the course shifted to Thiruvananthapuram where he was involved in advertisement business and was having the advertisement agency 'Primary Colours'.He used to write stage plays and Radio skits for All India Radio during that period.
His debut film script was 'Nettippatteam' in the year 1990 directed by Kaladharan but the film was not a success.
He then wrote script for the film 'Ayalathe Adheham'  which was directed by Rajasenan in which Jayaram,Gouthami,Siddique,Vaishnavi,Meena,Thilakan etc acted.The film became a big success and Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy got admiration from all.
'Yodha' was a blockbuster hit film in which Mohan Lal,Madhubala,Jagathy,Urvashy,Master Sidhartha,M.S.Thripunithura etc acted and the unique story,Nepal locations,songs,dialogues,direction etc were all excellent including nice acting.Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy was well appreciated for the script for this film which became a cult classic movie.
'Vardhakya Puranam'(1994) was a hit film directed by Rajasenan in which Manoj K.Jayan,Kanaka,Jagathy,Meena,Usha,Madhupal,Sudheesh,Abi etc acted.
'Pidakkozhi Koovunna Noottandu' was a comedy thriller directed by Viji Thampi in 1994.The story concept  was by Urvashy and the script was written by Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy.
'Kaliveedu' was a hit film in which Jayaram,Manju Warrier,Sunitha,Vani Viswanath,Jagadeesh etc acted.
C.I.D.Unnikrishnan B.A.B.Ed was a super hit film directed by Rajasenan  which was scripted by Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy.Jayaram,Chippy,Kalpana,Rohini,Maniyan Pillai Raju,Jagathy,Narendra Prasad,Oduvil Unnikrishnan,Janardhanan,KPAC Lalitha etc acted in it.
Cheppadividya was a hilarious film in which Sudheesh,Siddique,Prem Kumar,Mathu,Srividya etc acted and was directed by G.S.Vijayan.
Sasidharan Aarattuvazhy was also associated with many TV Serials.
In his career he  wrote 12 stage plays and 20 film scripts.
He was having kidney disorders for which treatment had been done for about four years.He died on January 22, 2001.
Selected Filmography
Ayalathe Adheham
Avittam Thirunal Arogya Sreeman
Pidakkozhi Koovunna Noottandu
Vardhakya Puranam
Kudumba Kodathy
CID Unnikrishnan BA BEd
Kilukil Pamparam
Alibabayum Aarara Kallanmarum