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Thachambalathu Damodaran (T.Damodaran) was popularly known as Damodaran Master and was born in the year 1935 at Kozhikode in Kerala.He was a Physical education teacher in a school at Kozhikode.He was interested in theatre and wrote dramas and acted in some of them during the 60's and had  friendship with Kuthiravattom Pappu,Thikkodiyan,Kunjadi etc who all hailed from Kozhikode.His dramas and dialogues were well noted for the social  themes and the satire  he used  effectively in them.Film director Hariharan got impressed about  this quality in him and invited Damodaran Master  to write screenplay for films.He entered films in  the early 1970's  by writing the scripts of  Malayalam films.
In 1975 he was noted for the script of the film 'Love Letter' which was directed by Hariharan in which Prem Nazir and Jayabharathi were the leads.
In 1980 T.Damodaran became well known to all Keralites as the writer of the blockbuster film 'Angadi' directed by I.V.Sasi.Jayan and Seema acted in prime roles of this film.The dialogues of this film was very much liked by the audience.
Meen was a big hit  directed by I.V.Sasi in which Jayan,Jose,Seema,Sree Vidya,Madhu etc acted.This film was remade in Tamil as 'Kadal Meengal'.

During the 80's T.Damodaran wrote the  script of several  films which turned to be huge hits and many of them were directed by I.V.Sasi.It seems both of them were very much comfortable each other and could realize  their  requisites well so that when ever they combined the product used to be excellent films which thrilled the audience.
T.Damodaran used his pen very effectively to criticize certain  unfaithful political leaders and anti social people belonging to all categories, highly positioned  or layman, rich or poor and his dialogues were very powerful and highly effective.When actors like Jayan,Mammootty,Mohan Lal,Balan K.Nair,Sukumaran,Suresh Gopi,M.G.Soman etc acted skilfully and spoke those dialogues with adequate stress, feel and emotions the audience cheered and  clapped in enthusiasm filled with excitement.
Thusharam was an I.V.Sasi film shot in the beautiful location of Nainital in 1981.Ratheesh,Seema,Balan K.Nair,Lalu Alex,Rani Padmini etc acted.
Ee Nadu was a blockbuster film of 1982 which dealt with  social and political issues.I.V.Sasi directed this film in which Mammootty,Sathar,Balan K.Nair,Lalu Alex,Surekha,T.G.Ravi etc acted.
Innallenkil Nale also handled political and social problems which was  a big hit directed by I.V.Sasi in 1983.Mammootty,Seema,Unnimary,Lalu Alex etc acted.
Nanayam was directed by I.V.Sasi in 83 in which Mammootty and Mohan Lal acts as two step brothers that  finds it difficult to manage their business due to several problems.Seema and Poornima Jayaram were female leads.
Iniyenkilum was a political satire directed by I.V.Sasi in which Ratheesh,Balan K.Nair,Mammootty,Mohan Lal,Lalu Alex,Rani Padmini,Seema,T.G.Ravi,Raveendran
 etc acted.
Kattathe Kilikoodu was directed by Bharathan and in that critically well acclaimed film Bharat Gopi,Mohan Lal,Sreevidya,Revathy etc acted.It was remade in Tamil as 'Oonjaladum Uravugal'.
'Unaru' was the first Malayalam film directed by Mani Ratnam and the first film of Mohan Lal associated with Mani Ratnam.Mohan Lal,Sabita,Ratheesh,Unnimary,Lalu Alex etc acted in this film.
Avanazhi was a big hit of 86 directed by I.V.Sasi which dealt social and political issues.Mammootty handled the main role.Sequels of this film were Inspector Balram in 1991 and Balram vs Tharadas in 2006 which were also directed by I.V.Sasi.
The historic film about Malabar Mutiny of 1921  filmed as '1921' was an expensive film in that period but the movie  was a blockbuster success.The film with a big star cast won Kerala State Film award as 'The Best film for the Popular appeal and Aesthetic value' in 1988.
The life of prisoners in the Cellular jail of Port Blair was handled in the film 'Kalapani' which was directed by Priyadarshan in 1996.Mohan Lal,Prabhu Ganesan,Tabu,Amrishpuri,Tinnu Anand,Nedumudi Venu etc acted in it.
The last film  of T.Damodaran was 'Yes Your Honor' directed by V.M.Vinu.
T.Damodaran Master acted in some films like 'Kilichundan Mampazham,Paleri Manikyam Oru pathirakolapathakathinte katha' etc.
His spouse is Pushpa and Children are Deedi,Simna and Reshmy.
He passed away on 28 March 2012 at kozhikode.
Selected Filmography
Love Marriage
John Jaffer Janardhanan
Ee Nadu
Innallenkil Nale
America America
Kattathe Kilikoodu
Ithiripoove Chuvanna Poove
Adimakal Udamakal
Ihrayum Kalam
Aanaval Mothiram
Inspector Balram
The City
Kattile Thadi Tevarude Aana
Balram vs Tharadas
Yes Your Honor




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