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Kamukara Purushothaman

Kamukara Purushothaman was a playback singer mainly in Malayalam films.He was active during 50,s and 60,s during which he sang large number of songs for man films out of which several of them have turned to be immortal.
kamukara Purushothaman was born on 4th December 1930 at Thiruvattar, in Kanyakumari District(Now in Tamil Nadu).He was trained in classical music from childhood itself because of his intrinsic talents in music.His younger sister also was given musical training along with him.His parents were  well versed in classical music.
He had his first public performance of classical concert(Arangettam) at 'Aadi Kesava Temple,Thiruvattar'.
He got selection as an artist of Travancore Radio station and they transmitted several of his music concerts which boosted his name and fame as an upcoming talented singer.
His entry into film field was at the age of 23 by singing for a Malayalam film.Very soon he became an established playback singer and started to receive offers from other languages also.He was not a full time playback singer but a high school teacher and could not accept all the offers to sing songs.But during 50's and 60's he was one of the top playback singers.He sung light music songs also in large numbers.
Kamukara Purushothaman entered the hearts of millions of music lovers by his gifted unique sweet voice and because of his ability to provide the emotions and expressions in adequate levels which the song demand.When we examine some of his songs and the song sequences where those were utilized in the respective films, we could understand and judge the capabilities of his emotive voice.
The tone varies extremely when he sings 'Mattoru Seethaye Kattilekkayakkunnu' than the song 'Aathma Vidyalayame Avaniyil Aathma Vidyalayame..' and the listener has to agree with the philosophy when he hear the song 'Eeswara Chintha ithonne manujanu saswathame ulakil.. since the singer makes it enter into the hearts of the music lovers.
It is true and evident that the music and lyrics also value much to make a song lovable and immortal.The emotive voice,tone,expressions, all in correct proportions and the classic lyrics and wonderful music  made his songs stand apart.
Kamukara's excellent rendition, wonderful  lyrics by Thirunayinar Kurichi Madhavan Nair,Abhayadev etc and divine music by Brother Lakshmanan,B.A.Chidambaranath,M.S.Baburaj,K.Raghavan,Dakshinamurthy  etc are examples in this regard that  created unparalleled 
songs in those period.
When we hear the  song 'Panineer malarinorithal Kozhinjalum...kanthi kuranjidumo...'   from the movie 'Jnana Sundari'we will be ascertained  that the 'Kanthi'(beauty) of that song has not subsided after several decades.
When we hear the song' Ekaanthayude apaara theeram.. ekanthathayude apaara theeram.....' and see the sequence of this song  in the film 'Bhargavi Nilayam' we will feel the greatness of the singer that  gave much effects for that song by fully understanding the situation.
The song 'Thumbapoo Peyyana Poo nilave' from the film 'Randingazhi' provides the soothing effect of a folk song.K.P.A.C.Sulochana sang along with him for  this duet song making it unforgettable.
The divine mood is fully created for the song 'Osana..osana..Daveedin puthrannosana...from the film 'Snapaka Yohannan.
When one hears the song 'Nale Nale ennayittum Bhagavane kanmanithra ...'
from the film Bhaktha Kuchela, the repenting feeling of Kuchela for not meeting Sri Krishna for a long period is expressed magically by the singer. The composer provided  most suited tune and the writer wrote beautiful lines and  deserves much appreciation.

He sang songs under composers like 'B.A.Chidambaranath,Brother Lakshmanan,Dakshinamoorthy,K.Raghavan,M.S.Baburaj,L.P.R.Varma,M.B.Sreenivasan,Shyam,Darsan Raman,Jerry Amaldev,Mohan Sithara,Raveendran,A.T.Ummer' and so on.
Famous Lyricists of his songs were 'Thirunayinarkurichi Madhavan Nair,Abhayadev,O.N.V.Kurup,P.Bhaskaran,Vayalar Rama Varma,Sree Kumaran Thampi,Bichu Thirumala,Kavalam Narayana Panicker,Yusafali Kecheri' and so on.
He was also a member of the music group 'Old is Gold' which was formed by another great singer 'A.P.Udaya Bhanu' and entertained the masses by live stage programs later.
Kamukara Purushothan passed away on May 26, 1995.
Selected Filmography
As a Singer
Patthu Thoovala
Bhakta Kuchela
Kattu Maina
Kattu Thulasi
Snapaka Yohannan
Njana Sundari
Balya Sakhi
Padatha Paimkili
Bhargavi Nilayam
Kayakulam Kochunni
Karutha Kai
Ladies Doctor
Christmas Rathri
Kannur Deluxe
Kumara Sambhavam
Lady Doctor
Manicheppu Thurannappol

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