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Chittor V.Nagaiah

Chittor V.Nagaiah was an outstanding talented person who was indulged in different aspects of Cinema and Drama fields.This multifaceted personality received accolades as an actor of both stage and screen,he earned appreciation and awards as a good film director,he was a writer and script writer,he earned name and fame as a playback singer and Composer ,he produced films also.He worked mainly in Telugu films and acted in more than 200 Telugu films and in more than 150 films in other South Indian languages such as  Tamil,Kannada and Malayalam.He acted in a few Hindi films as well.

V.Nagaiah was born on 28th March 1904 in Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh in a Telugu Speaking Brahmin family to parents Ramalinga Sharma and Venkita Lakshmamba.The family later moved to Tirupathi.
Nagaiah studied with a scholarship from Tirupathi Devasthanam and obtained a degree from Chittoor.Before joining films he worked as a clerk in government service and a journalist with  'Andhara Patrika'.He actively involved  in Indian Freedom movement and participated in 'Dandi Sathyagraha'. 
 He had to face several sorrows and mishaps in his personal life.His wife died while giving birth to a  baby girl.His second wife also died due to miscarriage and his daughter died because of some illness.He became very sad and depressed  and to regain mental peace stayed for a certain period at the Ashram of Ramana Maharshi.
Because of his  association with a cultural organisation 'Rama Vilas Sabha' he became a stage actor and writer  and acted in many dramas which received good opinion from the public.He acted even in female roles which also received accolades.Plays like 'Sarangadhara,Savitri,Viswamitra Chitranilayam,Bruhannala,Ramadasu' etc  were very popular plays.

While he was associated with another cultural organisation 'Chennapuri Andhra Mahasabha' he became a friend of B.N.Reddy.When B.N.Reddy formed a production house 'Rohini Pictures' and produced a film 'Grihalakshmi' in Telugu in the year 1938 Nagaiah acted in it  in a significant role as the brother of the heroine.Kannmba acted as the heroine of this film.
By the release of that film Nagaiah became an established film actor and  he received  several other offers  as well as from other languages like Tamil also.He used to try his level best to portray characters in a natural manner.
He was the first South Indian film star who received 'Padma Shree' award from Government of India.
In 1940 he acted as Emperor Ashoka in the film 'Ashok Kumar' which highlighted the story of the Emperor's son Kunal.The main character was depicted by M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar.
In 1945 he acted in the Tamil super hit film 'Meera' which was also  dubbed and released in Hindi.It was based on the story of Lord Krishna's devotee 'Meera' who lived around 1550 A.D. and who married King of Mewar and still pertained her devout to Krishna.The main roles were handled by the great Carnatic Musician M.S.Subbulakshmi and Chittor V.Nagaiah.
The film 'Thyagayya' was written,produced,directed and acted in the main role as 'Saint Poet Thyagaraja' by Chittor V.Nagaiah himself in the year 1946.
Tamil film 'En Veedu' was directed by him in 1953 and acted in the main role.B.Jayamma acted as the heroine.It was dubbed to Telugu.It was also produced by Nagaiah and the music was composed by him.
In the year 1953 he directed another film 'Naa Illu' in Telugu.In the same year he acted in a Hindi film 'Ladki' along with Vyajanthimala  and Kishore Kumar.In 1955 he acted along with A.Nageswara Rao and Anjali Devi in the hit film 'Anarkali' which was dubbed to Tamil.
In 1957 he acted along with N.T.Rama Rao and Anjali Devi in the film

Panduranga Mahatmyam'.

In 1961 he portrayed Dasaratha Maharaja in the mythological film 'Sri Seetha Ramayanam'.
In 1962 he acted in the film 'Dakshayagnam' as 'Dadhichi' and acted along with N.T.R, Devika,Rajasree,S.V.Ranga Rao etc.
In the year 1964 he acted in the film 'Bobbili Yudham' along with N.T.Rama Rao,Jamuna,L.Vijayalakshmi,C.S.R.Anjaneyalu etc.
In 1967 he acted in the super hit Tamil film 'Iru Malargal' along with Sivaji Ganesan,Padmini,K.R.Vijaya,Nagesh,Manorama etc which was directed by A.C.Trilokchander.
In 1968 he acted along with Sivaji Ganesan,Padmini,T.S.Balaiah etc in the blockbuster film 'Thillana Mohanambal'.
In 1971 he portrayed the role of Sage Vasishta in the super hit film 'Sampoorna Ramayanam' along with Shobhan Banu,Chandrakala,Jamuna,Gummadi etc.
Chittor V.Nagaiah was the recipient of some other awards also apart from 'Padma Shree award'.
He died on 30th December 1973 at the age of 69.
Selected Filmography
Ashok Kumar
Bhakta Ptana
Ezhai Padum Padu
Thai Ullam
En Veedu
Bhakta Markandeya
Naga Panchami
Tenali Ramakrishna
Nala Damanthi
Sathi Savitri
Sampoorna Ramayanam
Seetharama Kalyanal
Lava Kusha
Sri Krishnarjuna Yudham
Iru Malargal
Papam Pasivadu
Pattikatu Ponaiah

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