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Yusafali Kecheri was a highly acclaimed Poet,Lyricist,Director,Producer and Script writer.He was an Advocate by profession who practiced at the Kerala High Court.
He was born at Kecheri of Thrissur District on May 16, 1934 to parents A.K.Ahmed and Najmakutty.His grandfather 'Ezhakulam Ahmed' was a renowned 'Mapilapattu writer' and thus the interest of Poems,music and songs was intrinsic quality in him and he started writing poems while as a school  student itself.By distinguishing his ability to write poems, at the age of ten U.P. School teacher initiated Sanskrit lessons to him and gave advice to learn further that language  to enhance his poetic skill.He later learnt Sanskrit under the Sanskrit scholar Dr.K.P.Narayana Pisharody.He loved to study that language and had the habit of reading epics like Ramayana ,Mahabharatha etc in original poetic form itself which gave him much word power, and a deep knowledge about Hindu mythology also.When became a profound Lyricist this knowledge  helped him to write  many Hindu devotional songs excellently  for films which received wide appreciation.
He used to write and publish poems in magazines  while studying at College from the year 1952 but he never ignored his studies and continued the studies brilliantly  and became an Advocate.
His first poetry book 'Sainaba' was published in the year 1965.
His entry as a Lyricist was in 1962 by writing a song for the film 'Moodupadam' directed by Ramu Kariat and thereafter he wrote songs for large number of films till his death.He wrote more than 400 songs for films.He wrote Sanskrit songs also for Malayalam films like 'Dhwani' and 'Mazha'.
He worked for nine films with the great musician M.S.Baburaj and songs like 'Suruma Ezhuthiya Mizhikale' are still very popular and sure to be immortal.
His association with G.Devarajan was for in about 45 films and many of them became hits.
Yusafali Kecheri who used classic  style and embellished words  in many of his poems but  on several occasions used simple words for many of his  film songs for everyone to enjoy.But all of his film songs has a charming exuberant quality.Such songs like 'Pavada prayathil ninne njan kandappol' , Omalale Kandu njan' , 'Pathinalam ravudichathu' etc  became super hits.
Songs in large number of  films like 'Sargam,Parinayam,Dhwani' etc possessed unmatched poetic imagination and are extremely beautiful creations.
He received Kerala State awards for songs in the  films like 'Gazal,Parinayam and Sneham'.Muslim songs for films  were written by him in fantastic manner.

He received  National award as the Best Lyricist for his Sanskrit song in the Malayalam film 'Mazha' which is "Geyam Harinamadheyam".He wrote the Sanskrit song "Janaki Jaane Rama" for the movie 'Dhwani' and it was composed by Naushad.This song earned applause and appreciation and is still very popular.
K.Raghavan,M.K.Arjunan,Ilayaraja,S.P.Venkitesh,A.T.Ummer,Jerry Amaldev,Bombay Ravi,Shyam,M.S.Viswanathan,Mohan Sithara' etc composed songs written by Yusafali Kecheri.
He wrote the story,Script,Lyrics and produced the film 'Sindooracheppu' in 1969.
He directed the films 'Maram,Vanadevatha and Neelathamara' and wrote lyrics for them also.

His famous poetry books published are 'Nadabrahman,Ayiram Navulla Mounam,Kecheripuzha,Anchu Kanyakakal,Thalolikkan,Sooryagarphan' etc.

He received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award in 1985,Odakkuzhal Award in 1987,Changampuzha Award in 1995,Krishna Veedhi Puraskaram in 1998 etc.He is also recipient of Award like Kunchacko Award,Prem Nazir Award,Kavana Kauthukam Award,Asan Prize etc.
As a Lyricist his skill  can be compared to 'Swara raga Ganga Pravaham' which was beautifully flowing uninterrupted  like the mighty River Ganga for more than four decades and presented us numerous unmemorable songs.
Yusafali left this world on March 21, 2015.

Some of his popular film songs are:-
"Anuraga ganam pole" and "Ezhuthiyatharanu Sujatha ninte" composed by M.S.Baburaj in the film Udyogastha(1967)

"Surumayezhuthiya Mizhikale" composed by M.S.Baburaj in the film Khadeeja.

"Pavadaprayathil" by M.S.Baburaj in the film 'Karthika'
"Kannonnu Thurakku deepangale" film 'Priya' music director 'M.S.Baburaj(1970)
"Ponnil Kulicha Rathri" and "Omalale Kandu njan" from the film 'Sindooracheppu'(71) composed by G.Devarajan.

"Rajanigandhi" from the film 'Panchami' composed by M.S.Viswanathan.
"Swargam Thanirangi Vannatho" and "Manmathante Kodiyadayalam" from the film 'Vanadevatha' and music director G.Devarajan.
"Daivam Manushyanaay " from the film 'Neethipeedham' music director

"Vennayo Vennilavuranjatho" from the film 'Itha Ivide Vare' composed by G.Devarajan(77).
"Thullikorukudam pemari" and "Murukki Chuvannatho" from the film 'Eetta' composed by G.Devarajan.
"Kalithozhuthil" from the film 'Sayujyam' composed by K.J.Joy

"Chanjalakshi" from the film 'Palattu Kunjikannan' composed by G.Devarajan(80).

"Ullasapoothirikal kannilanjavale" from the film 'Meen' by G.Devarajan(80).
"Rasoole Nin Kanivale" from the film 'Sanchari' composed by K.J.Yesudas(81).

"Manje Vaa Madhuvidhu vela" from the film 'Thusharam' music direction Shyam.
"Manathe Hoorie Pole" from the film 'Ee Naddu' composed by Shyam(62)
"Mane Madhura Karimbe" from the film 'Pinnilvu'  music directed by Ilayaraja.

"Vaisakhasandhye" from the film 'Nadodikattu' music directed by Shyam(87).
"Janaki Jaane Rama" from the film 'Dhwani' music by Naushad(88)
"Pravahame" , "Krishna Kripa Sagaram" , "Andolanam" and other songs of the film 'Sargam' composed by Bombay Ravi.

"Isal thenkanam"  and Innente Khalbile" and other songs  from the film 'Gazal' composed by Bombay Ravi(93).
"Chandanakatte" from the film 'Bheeshmacharya' composed by S.P.Venkitesh.

All the songs of the film 'Parinayam' like "Vaisakha Pournamiyo" , "Parvanendu" and "Anchu Swarangalum".

"Ithra Madhurikkumo" from the film 'Five Star Hospital' composed by Bombay Ravi(97).
"Perariyathoru Nombarathe" from the film 'Sneham' composed by Raveendran.
"Aalilakanna" from the film 'Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum' composed by Mohan Sithara.

"Kanneer Mazhayathu" from the film 'Joker' composed by Mohan Sithara.
"Geyam Harinamadheyam" from the film 'Mazha' composed by Raveendran.

arivala kayyalenne" from the film 'Sadanandante Samayam' composed by Mohan Sithara.

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