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KPAC  Sulochana and K.S.George were highly talented singers and both of them earned name and fame as the singers of the prestigious drama troupe Kerala People's Arts Club(K.P.A.C.) even though both of them sang several songs in films also.The solos and duets sung by them are still very popular and for the old generations they provides  a nostalgic feeling of the past while for the new generation they create amazement.
Both the singers have sung only lesser number of songs when compared with other popular singers but the impact these singers created was very high.All the songs of these singers have a mesmerizing effect such that we loved those lyrics, loved the music which was very adequate and most suitable for them  and loved  the voices of the singers which contained all the emotions, feel and expressions with  appropriate proportions.The lyricist made the skeleton, the music composer provided flesh and blood and KPAC Sulochana and K.S.George provided life and soul to those songs and created them to be immortal for ever.
KPAC Sulochana became popular as a singer and actress of KPAC drama troupe.KPAC staged their first drama in 1951 and through their second drama 'Ningalenne Communistakki' the drama troupe became very popular.The play 'Ningalenne Communistakki' was staged more than 10000 times and created a social and political transformation in Kerala.That drama was written by Thoppil Bhasi who was underground for political reasons during that period.The drama helped to eradicate much evils prevailed in the society and to minimize the exploitation of the working class.The songs written by ONV Kurup, composed by Devarajan and sung by K.S.George and KPAC Sulochana became super hits in those period itself.The duets sung by them were also very much liked by the audience and felt the singers as a perfect combination.
Both of them sang songs in plays like 'Sarvekallu,Puthiya Akasam Puthiya Bhoomi,Mudiyanaya Puthran,Aswamedham' etc and KPAC Sulochana acted in some of them.
KPAC Sulochana later formed her own drama troupe 'Samskara' in 1983 and staged several dramas.She received many  awards and recognition like 'Sangeeta Nataka Academy Fellowship' , She received State award for her contribution to Professional theatre in 1999.She also received Kerala Fine Art's Society award for her contribution to theatre.
KPAC Sulochana acted in the film 'Arappavan' in 1961 along with Sathyan,Ambika,Kedamangalam Sadanandan etc.KPAC Sulochana sang songs in this film and the other singers were P.Leela and P.B.Sreenivas.
Both of these singers sang playback songs in films of 50's and early 60's like Chathurangam,Pazhassiraja,Laila Majnu,Kalam Marunnu,Randidangazhi,Krishna Kuchela etc.
The duet song "Thumbapoo Peyyana Poonilave" sung by Kamukara Purushothaman and KPAC Sulochana is still popular.It was of the film 'Randidangazhi' written by 'Thirunayinar Kurichy Madhavan Nair' and composed by Trichur P.Radhakrishnan.
Twenty five years have passed after the demise of K.S.George but he still makes the listeners happy because of the spellbound magical rendition of the blessed singer.

. One who listens  to his prayer songs  like "Prarthana Kelkaname Karthave En Yachana Nalkaname" the listener  suddenly feels that emotion in a high level  and falls in a state of deep devotion.
Some of the songs of these accomplished singers are:-
"Bali Kudeerangale"
"Thalakku Meethe Soonyakasam"
"Marivillin then malare manju pokayo"
"Chillu medayilirunnenne Kalleriyalle"
"Chakkara Panthalil thenmazha choriyum"
"Vellaram Kunnile"
"Illimulam Kadukalil"
"Ponnarival Ambiliyilu Kanneriyunnole"
"Vallikudinullilirikkum Pullikuyile" etc
Music records of the drama songs were available which boosted the songs's popularity and All India Radio Stations in Kerala  aired them once in a week which helped them enter into the hearts of the millions.

KPACSulochana passed away on 17th April 2005 at Kayamkulam, her hometown.

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