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Kidar Nath Sharma  was a well acclaimed Film Director.Lyricist,Screen writer, Editor,Producer and also was the Director-in-Chief of the Children's Film Society of India.
Kidar Sharma introduced Raj Kapoor,Madhubala,Bharat Bhushan,Mala Sinha,Geeta Bali and Tanuja into films.He was director and or writer of large number of Children's films made for Children's Film society of India.
Kidar Sharma was born in Narowal,Punjab in 1910.He was interested in films from childhood and tried to get in to  this field after completion of Schooling, in Mumbai but that attempt was in vain and again continued his education.He passed M.A. in English Literature and he was a student at Khalsa College,Amritsar.While as a student he was interested and indulged in photography,painting etc also  and he used to write plays as well.He founded Dramatic Society at his college and directed plays.After completion of post graduation he tried to get employment in film field and went to Calcutta to try his luck at New Theatres.He made friendship with Pritviraj Kapoor and K.L.Saigal and his ambition to meet famous director Debaki Bose was fulfilled by their help.Debaki Bose utilized him initially as Screen Painter,Poster designer, Movie still photographer etc and later helped him to become a film director.He worked as set painter for the film 'Inquilab'(35) and was Assistant Manager for the film 'Dhoop Chhaon' and acted in it.He acted in the film 'Pujarin' and in the film 'Karodpati'(36) for which he wrote lyrics.He acted in the film 'Vidyapati'(37) and in the film 'Badi Didi'(39).He was the  writer of film 'Ananth Ashram'(37),Badi Didi, and Zindagi(40).
He wrote dialogues and lyrics for the film 'Devdas' which became a super duper hit all over India and this helped him to become an Independent director.He directed films 'Tumhar Jeet' and 'Aulad' in 1940.'Chitralekha' was a super hit film he directed in 1941.Monica Desai,Mehtab,Bharat Bhushan,Nandrekar,A.S.Gyani etc acted in it.
He made Raj Kapoor and Madhubala the main pair of a super hit film 'Neel Kamal'.Begum Para,Nazira,Kumar Sahu etc also acted in it.
Chandra Mohan,Madhubala,Khurshid Begum,Yakub etc were the main actors of "Mumtaz Mahal' a hit film of 1944.
Bharat Bhushan and Geeta Bali were the main pair of 'Sohag Raat'(48) in which Begum Para also acted.Nargis and Dilip Kumar were the main pair of 'Jogan'(50) in which Rajendra Kumar,Pratima Devi,Tabassum,Purnima etc acted.
"Bawre Nain' was a super hit film produced and directed by Kidar Sharma in 1950 in which Raj Kapoor,Geeta Bali,Vijayalakshmi,Nazira,Jaswant etc acted.
Ashok  Kumar,Meena Kumari,Pradeep Kumar,Bela Rose,Minoo Mumtaz,Zeb Rehman,Mehmood etc acted in the film 'Chitralekha' in the year 1964.
He was asked to become the Director -in-Chief of the Children's film Society of India by the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru himself.The children's film 'Jaideep' directed by him received International acclaim.It received Best Children's Film Award at Int'l Film Festival at Venice in 1957.
He was writer and director of Children's films like 'Jaideep (56),Ganga Ki Lahren(57),Bachchon se Bate(57),Gulab Ka Phool(58),26 January(59),Ekta(59)Chetak(60),Meera Ka Chitra(60),Mahateertha(61)Khuda Hafiz' etc.He was writer of several other Children's Films also.He received National Award for Best Children's Film for 'Jaideep' in 1956.
He traveled to England and Hollywood as part of the Indian Delegation in 1945 and could meet 'Charlie Chaplin, Walt Disney' etc.
He received  Award from Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1982 for his contributions to Indian Cinema.
Kidar Nath Sharma  Passed away on 29th April 1999 in Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
As a Director

Tumair Jeet
Mumtaz Mahal
Dhanna Bhagat
Chand Chakori
Neel Kamal
Sohag Raat
Bawre Nain
Neki aur Badi
Duniya Ek Sarai
Chora Chori
Rangeen Raatein
Hamari Yaad Ayegi

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