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O.P.Ralhan was a well acclaimed Bollywood Film Director, Actor,Producer and Writer who would  be ever remembered for his hit  movies like 'Talash' and 'Phool Aur Patthar'.

O.P.Ralhan was born in 1925 and he became a noted actor in Bollywood films in the 50's.
In the year 1958 he directed the movie 'Mujrim' in which Shammi Kapoor,Ragini and Shubha Khote acted in main roles.The film was a success.
He acted in films like 'Pyar Ka Sagar' in 1961, Hamrahi in 63, 'Cha Cha Cha' in 64 and in many more films of his own and others.
In the year 1963 distributors financed him to produce the film 'Gehra Daag'  which was also directed by him.The cast was Rajendra Kumar,Mala Sinha,Madan Puri,Lalitha Pawar etc and the film was a success.
He directed the film 'Phool Aur Patthar' in 1966 in which Meena Kumari,Dharmendra,Shashikala,Sunder,Jeevan,Laitha Pawar etc acted.The film was also produced by him and the story and screenplay were written by him.
Meena Kumari as an ailing daughter -in-law, Shanti Devi who was   abandoned in a house by the cruel family members and Dharmendra as Shakti Singh(Shaaka) who nursed her back to health earned love and accolades of the viewers.Dharmendra was rose to stardom by this film.
An unforgettable film directed and produced  by O.P.Ralhan was  'Talash' in 1969.Rajendra Kumar,Sharmila Tagore,Balraj Sahni,O.P.Ralhan,Helen etc acted in this film.
Rajendra Kumar played the role of Raj Kumar(Raju) who was employed in a firm as a Typist who got promoted to Superintendent.He gradually becomes Manager and also becomes the partner of that firm.He was in love with a girl named Gauri but his partner wanted him to marry Madhu.Raju became desperate as he don't want to lose his partnership and can not forget Gauri.
This film contained nice songs composed by S.D.Burman.
In the film "Hulchul'(71) the plot of the film was, Peter(O.P.Ralhan) overhears a conversation of two people  about the plot to kill wife of a 'Mahesh Jetley' and the consequences.Zeenat Aman was introduced to films by this movie.Kabir Bedi was also introduced by the film 'Hulchul'.Chandrasekhar,Chand Usmani,Prem Chopra,Amrish Puri,Sonia Sahni,Helen etc acted in this film.
'Paapi' was a film directed by O.P.Ralhan in 1977 in which Sanjeev Kumar,Sunil Dutt,Prem Chopra,Zeenat Aman,Reena Roy,Padma Khanna,O.P.Ralhan  etc acted.
Zeenat Aman plays a young woman who was raised on the wrong side of the law.Sunil Dutt plays her estranged brother.
O.P.Ralhan was the producer of 'Bandhe Haath(73)' in which he gave main  role for Amitabh Bachachan when he was not a popular star.
In the film 'Pyaas' directed by O.P.Ralhan, Madan Puri,Zeenat Aman,Anju Mahendru,Kamaljit Singh,O.P.Ralhan etc acted.
He wrote Screenplay and story for Phool Aur Patthar,Hulchul,Paapi and

Screen play for Mujrim,Talash etc.
O.P.Ralhan's sister was married to actor Rajendra Kumar.
O.P.Ralhan died on Jan 12th 1997.
As an Actor
Pyar Ka sagar
Cha Cha Cha
Phool Aur Patthar
As a Producer

Gehra Daag
Bandhe Haath
Phool Aur Patthar

As a Director
Gehra Daag
Phool Aur Patthar

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Sitara Devi was an outstanding danseuse who amazed millions of art lovers by her brilliant skill in Kathak style of classical dance.She was popularly known as 'Kathak Queen' because of her proficiency in this style of dance.She became an exponent of Kathak dance but was well versed in other classical dance varieties like Bharatanatyam and also many folk dance varieties in India.She even learnt Russian ballet and Western dance as well.Sitara Devi also acted and danced in many films.
She was born as 'Dhanalakshmi' on 8th November 1920 in Calcutta.She belonged to a Brahmin family of Varanasi and later  they settled in Calcutta.
Her father Sukhdev Maharaj was a classical dancer who loved Kathak style of dancing a lot.At that period Kathak style of dancing was not viewed as an elite form of dance and were not trained by students of respecetd  families.He decided to elevate the status of 'Kathak' and with this intention he trained his own  daughters this dance form thoroughly with all details.When his daughters performed this dance forms in public some other students from respected families also came forward to learn Kathak from her father 'Guru Sukhdev Maharaj'.Gradually those who viewed Kathak with contempt changed their minds and this dance variety also earned reputation.Sitara Devi's elder sister Tara was also a well famed Kathak dancer.Tara is the mother of famous Kathak dancer 'Gopi Krishna'.Later Sitara devi earned further training in Kathak dance from 'Guru Shambu and Guru Lachchu Maharaj'.
When Sitara was eleven years old her family shifted to Mumbai.When Sitara Devi gave a Kathak performance before a select audience of dignitaries including Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu, she received much accolades.Rabindranath Tagore described her as 'Natya Samragini' which means 'the Empress of Dance.(Kathak Queen).The impressed Rabindranath Tagore gave her gifts and blessings to become a great dancer.
When she was twelve years old 'Niranjan Sharma' a film maker and director gave he chance to dance in a film.
Afterwards she acted and danced in several films like 'Usha Haran(40),Holi,Pagal,Pooja,Nagina(51),Roti(42)Phool(44),Vatan(54),Anjali(57),Mother India' etc.She was the lead player of Watan in 1938 and she acted as lead actress in many other films.She sung songs also in many films.
She had performed at many concerts and festivals in India and abroad including the Royal Albert Hall, London in 1967, and Carnegie Hall,New York in 1976.She was recipient of several prestigious Awards including 'Padma Shri in 1973, Sangeet Natak Akademi Award in 1959,Kalidas  Samman in 1995 and Nritya Nipuna Award.
Sitara Devi Kathak dance to celebrities like 'Madhubala,Rekha,Mala Sinha,Kajol' etc.
Sitara devi who inspired millions of art lovers with the acting skill which she presented in many films and also  through  the vibrant form of Kathak as well as  other Classic dance forms passed away on 25th November 2014.
Selected Filmography
Jawani Ki Hawa
Achhut Kanya

Janma Bhoomi
Jeevan Naiya
Miya Bibi
Jeevan Prabhat
Prem Kahani
Naya Sansar
Nakli Heera
Usha Haran
Kunwara Pati
Prem Bandhan
Jeewan Swapna

Pati Patni
Aaj Ka Hindustan
Badi Maa

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Man Mohan Krishna was a popular character actor in Bollywood Films for about four decades and has acted as Father,Uncle,Landlord,Professor,Pujari(Priest),Music Instructor etc etc.
He was born on Feb 26, 1922 in Lahore.Man Mohan Krishna worked in more than 250 films including 12 Punjabi films.
In 1951 he acted in the film 'Afsar' directed by Chetan Anand and worked along with Dev Anand and Suraiya.
Man Mohan Krishna acted  as an important character 'Shankar Anand' in the super hit film of Bharat Bhushan and Meena Kumari pair 'Baiju Bawra'.The theme of the film was about a young singer, at the time of Emperor Akbar sets out to avenge his father, killed near the house of a member of the court.
In the super hit film 'Anarkali'(53) in which Bina Rai and Pradeep Kumar presented excellent acting skills Man Mohan Krishna portrayed the character "parvez'.In the same year for the film "Khandan' he presented a notable role along with Anwar,Murad,Lalita Pawar etc.
In the Indo-Soviet production and India's  first Cinemascope (Wide Screen) film
"Pardesi'(57) he  acted along with Pritviraj Kapoor,David Abraham,P.Jairaj,Padmini etc 
'Naya Daur' was another film of 1957 in which he depicted a memorable character.
"Dhool Ka Phool'(60) was a nice film in which Man Mohan Krishna had an important character.He acted in the song scene 'Tu Hindu Banega Na Musalman banega insaan ki aulad hai insaan banega'.
He got accolades for his role in 'Bees Saal Baad'(62) and also received Filmfare Best Supporting Actor Award.Biswajeet,Waheeda Rehman pair acted in main roles and Man Mohan Krishna portrayed Ramlal/Radheshyam local doctor and father of Radha(Waheeda Rehman).
In the film 'Shehar Aur Sapna'(63) he acted as a poet and worked along with David Abraham,Anwar Hussain,Nana Palsikar etc.
In the film 'Chetna' he acted as Dr.Mehra and acted with Anil Dhawan,Rehna Sultan etc.

In the film 'Dhoop Chhaon' he acted as a blind poojari.
In the super hit film 'Trishul' in which Amitabh Bachchan,Sanjeev Kumar,Shashi Kapoor,Hema Malini, Wahida Rehman,Rakhee etc acted, he acted as Seth Din Dayal.
In the super hit film 'Muqaddar ka Sikandar' which contained nice songs, he acted as a 'Piano Instructor'.
In the  film 'Aulad' in which Jeetendra,Jayapradha,Sridevi etc acted in main roles, Man Mohan Krishna acted as Vinod Mehra's dad.
In the Rajesh Khanna super hit film 'Dharm aur Qanoon' he acted as Jayapradha's dad.
In the super hit film 'Deewar' in which Amitabh Bachchan,Parveen Babi,Neetu Singh,Shashi Kapoor,Nirupa Roy etc acted, Man Mohan Krishna was well appreciated as DCP Narang.
For Yash Raj Productions he directed  the film 'Noorie' in 1980 which was shot in beautiful locations and it  became a super hit.Farooq Shaikh and Poonam Dhillon were the main pair in the film.Man Mohan Krishna was nominated for Filmfare Best Director Award for this film.
Man Mohan Krishna died on Nov 3, 1990 in Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
Baiju Bawra
Aaj Ki Baat
Naya Daur
Raj Tilak
Goonj Uthi Shehnai
Pyar ki Pyas
Dharm Putra
Bees Saal Baad
Shehar aur Sapna
Gehra Daag
Johar in Kashmir
Hasana Maan Jayegi
Pagala Kahin Ka
Man Ki Aankhe
Suhana Safar
Babul Ki Galiyaan
Apna Desh
Anokhi Ada
Daag: A poem of Love
Door Nahin Manzil
Meera Shyam
Yeh Sach Hai
Tumhari Kasam
Muqaddar Ka Sikandar
Kala Patthar
Niyaz aur Namaz
Aaj Ka Mahatma
Do Gulab
Zindagi Jeene Keliye
Teesra Kinara
Aisa Pyar Kahan