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Pankaj Mullick

Pankaj Mullick was a great musician and a pioneer of Indian film music.He was one among the path maker of Indian film music who also was responsible to shape Indian film music as it is today.He was a well renowned music composer,actor and singer.He was an exponent of Rabindra Sangeet.
He was born on May 10, 1905 in Calcutta as 'Pankaj Kumar Mullick'.He learned classical music from 'Guru' Durgadas Bandopadhyaya.He started his career in 1927  with Indian Broadcasting Corporation along with composer R.C.Boral and contributed as a music director for fifty years.He contributed to Bengali,Hindi,Urdu and Tamil language films for 38 years in various capacities like actor,singer and music composer.Artists like K.L.Saigal,K.C.Dey,S.D.Burman,Hemanta Mukherjee,Geeta Dutt,,Kanan Devi,Asha Bhonsle etc sang many songs composed by him.He acted in several films along with actors like K.L.Saigal,P.C.Barua,Pahari Sanyal,Jamuna,Kanan Devi,Rattan Bai etc.
Along with R.C.Boral, film director Nitin Bose and his renowned sound engineer brother Mukul Bose, he introduced playback singing to Indian Cinema.
Pankaj Mullick is also credited as an early exponent of Rabindra Sangeet.After his college studies he came into contact with Dinendranath Tagore, who was great nephew of Rabindranath Tagore.This led to his lasting interest in Rabindra Sangeet.Other than Rabindra Sangeet he also tuned and  sang large number of non filmy songs out of which many of them became huge hits.
He immortalized many Hindi songs which are enjoyed throughout India even today.
His debut as a film music composer was in 1933 for the film 'Yahudi Ki Ladki' which was produced by New Theatres and was directed by Premankur Atorthy.
He tuned the first hit Ghalib ghazal 'Nuktachi hai gham-e-dil' in that film which became instant hit.
He was also an actor of outstanding calibre who handled important roles or hero's role in films such as 'Dhartimata,Kapal Kundala,Nartaki,Andhi,Mukti,Adhikar,Abhigyan and Doctor'.
He sang songs in films such as 'Nartaki,Doctor,Kapal Kundala,Abigyan,Adhikar,Meri Bahen,Mahaprasthaner Pathey,Onkarer Joy Jatra,Mukti,Dhartimata and Desher Mati'.
Even though  he was a good singer he gave many best songs which he composed to K.L.Saigal."Soja Rajkumari Soja' 
"Main man ki Baat Bataaoon'
'Man kya jaanu kya jaadu hai'
Karun kya aas niras bhai'
'Ab main Kya karoon kit janoon' etc are examples.
Pankaj Mullick composed music for the hit film 'Dhartimata' in which K.L.Saigal was the hero and was  directed by Nitin Bose in 1938.It was made in Bengali as 'Dasher Mati' in the same year.
K.L.Saigal and Leela Desai were the lead pair of 'Dushman' which was directed by Nitin Bose in 1939 and music was composed by Pankaj Mullick.
'Zindagi' was a film in which K.L.Saigal,Jamuna,Pahari Sanyal etc acted which was directed by P.C.Barua.Music was by Pankaj Maullick.It was released in 1940.
Nartaki was made in Bengali and remade in Hindi in the year  1940.Pankaj Mullick was the music composer and acted in it along with Jagdish Sethi,Leela Desai etc as the important character 'Kavi'(poet).In Nartaki he sang a melody song 'Madhu bhari rut jawani hai' and another song which entertains and inspires even today is 'Yeh kaun aaj aya savere savere yeh dil chauk uttha savere savere'.
In the year 1940 Pankaj Mullick acted as the hero of the film 'Doctor'.Ahindra Choudhary,Jyothi Prakash etc acted along with him.Phani Majumdar and Subodh Mitra were the directors and the film was made in Hindi and Bengali.
In this film he sang five songs which were brimming with youthful energy and holds romantic hues like 'Chale pavan kiChaal jag main chale pawan ki chaal' and 'Ai baahar  aaj ayi bahaar'.
In 'Kapal Kundala' he sang an evergreen song 'Piya milan ko jaana' which is a charming melodious song.
In some films like 'Manzil' he worked along with R.C.Boral.
He composed music for the hit film 'Zalzala' in 1952 in which Kishore Sahu,Dev Anand,Geeta Bali etc acted.
In 1954 he composed music for 'Chitrangada' in which Utpal Dutt,Mala Sinha,Jiban Ganguly etc acted.
Pankaj Mullick was awarded 'Padma Shri' from government of India in 1970 followed by 'Dada Saheb Phalke Award' the highest cinema award by government of India in 1972 for his lifetime contributions to Indian Cinema.
Pankaj Mullick passed away on February 19, 1978 at the age of 72.
Yahudi Ki Ladki

Badi Bahen
Kapal Kundala
Badi Didi
Meri Bahen

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Paravoor Bharathan

Paravoor Bharathan was a  prominent veteran Malayalam actor who portrayed numerous character roles,comedy roles,villain roles in large number of films for about a long span of six decades.He worked in Malayalam cinema from 1951 to 2009 gaining the love of the audience who all enjoyed thoroughly his comedy type roles and villain roles with a comedy touch.

Paravoor Bharathan was born at Vavakkad, Moothakunnam, in North Paravoor, Kerala in 1928.He had to discontinue his school studies when his father died unexpectedly.To support himself and his family he joined a drama troupe owned by Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar and Augastine Bhagavathar.Later he joined the drama troupe of Jose Prakash.The roles which he played in some of the plays earned tremendous popularity and accolades which helped him to get a role in the film 'Rakthabandham' in 1951.
He got established and earned popularity  as a film actor by acting in the movies 'Kerala Kesari,Marumakal,Karutha Kai etc.There after Paravoor Bharathan was a part of all hit films made in Malayalam by big banners and directed by eminent directors.He manifested an important  role as the friend of the hero character  'Palani',handled by Sathyan in the first Gold Medal winner film of  Malayalam 'Chemmeen'.He traveled to London with the director Sathyan Anthikkad and the team of the film 'Mandanmar Londonil' where it was shot in the locations there.He portrayed a humorous role in that film  which aroused much laughter in cinema halls.
His comedy characters in films like 'Ee Nadu,Odukkam Thudakkam,Mazhavil Kavady,In Harihar Nagar,Dr.Pashupathy,Pattanapravesam,Aakasakottayile Sulthan' etc are all unforgettable.

He handled diversified characters such as 'Police man,sales
man,shop keeper,waiter,gang leader,political local leader,driver and so on in the vast number of films he acted in his acting career..He acted as the father,maternal Uncle etc to heroes and heroines in several films.
Paravoor Bharathan was well known for his cleanliness.He used to bring a medicated cleaning liquid to wash his hands and feet after the shooting schedule every day.Some of his co-stars told him that using that liquid every day would harm the skin and he stopped that habit.But he always appeared tidy and clean.After his death his friends recalls that he was a perfect personality whose mind was also very clean.
Paravoor Bharathan passed away on August 19, 2015.

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Selected Filmography
Raktha Bandham
Kerala Kesari

Karutha Kai
Bharyamar Sookshikkuka
Danger Biscuit
Rest House
Marunattil Oru Malayali
Oru Penninte Kadha
College Girl
Hello Darling
Olavum Theeravum
Vishnu Vijayam
Urvashy Bharathy
Guruvayoor Kesavan
Thacholi Ambu
Kuyiline Thedi
Mazhavil Kavady
Aakasakottayile Sulthan
Meleparambil Aanveedu
Manathe Kottaram
CID Moosa
Chettan Bava Aniyan Bava
In Harihar Nagar


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Thoppil Bhasi

Thoppil Bhasi was a famous playwright,screenwriter,film director,social activist,legislative assembly member,politician, writer  etc from  Kerala State.He was born at 'Vallikunnam' in Kerala on 8 April 1924.His real name was Bhaskara Pillai and was born to parents Thoppil Parameswaran Pillai and Nanikutty Amma.
He joined Trivandrum Ayurveda College after passing 'Sasthri Course'.While studying at that college he was student leader who conducted strikes for student causes which the students of modern times are enjoying at present.
He passed the Ayurveda Course 'Vaidya Kalanidhi' securing top rank.Thoppil Bhasi but turned out to be a politician, writer and film director instead of becoming an 'Ayurvedic  Doctor'

He worked for Indian National Congress initially but associated with the Communist movements of Kerala in the 50's and had to  work in exile also  for the party.
He was one of the main founder of K.P.A.C Drama Troupe Kayamkulam.
He wrote 'Ningalenne Communistakki' drama which was staged as the second drama of K.P.A.C.It was inaugurated on December 6, 1952 at Chavara.The socio political play influenced the society highly and helped the communist movements to popularize in a large  scale.The drama was banned in 1953 but lifted the ban after two months.That drama was staged for more than 6000 times in Kerala and all over India.Thoppil Basi had to live long years in exile and suffered imprisonment also for his political activities.Later he served as legislative member twice.
Thoppil Basi wrote more than 106 screenplays for Malayalam films which might be the largest.He wrote several dramas which were all staged by K.P.A.C.
Many of his dramas were made films later on.'Ningalenne  Communistakki' was 
filmed by Udaya Studios in 1972.Its screenplay and direction was performed by Thoppil Bhasi himself.Sathyan,PremNazir,Ummer,Jayabharathy etc acted in it.
He directed thirteen Malayalam films which were all super hit."Ningalenne

Communistakki,Sarasayya,Oru Sundariyude Kadha,Enipadikal,Madhavikutty,Chakravakam,Ponni,Mucheettukalikkarante Makal'Missi,Sarvekallu,Yudhakandam,Mochanam,Ente Neelakasam" were the films directed by him.
Sarasayya was a popular drama written by him and staged by K.P.A.C. When it was filmed in 1971 Thoppil Bhasi wrote screenplay and performed direction.Sathyan,Madhu,Sheela,Adoor Bhasi,Alummoodan etc acted it.It won Kerala State film award as Best film.
'Mucheettu Kalikkarante Makal' was a film based on Vaikom Muhammad Basheer's novel in the same name.Screenplay and direction was performed by Thoppil Bhasi.'Enipadikal and Madhavikutty' were also based on famous novels and 'Sarvekallu' was film version of his own drama.
Thoppil Bhasi received Kerala Sahithya Academy Award and Kendra Sahithya Academy Award.He was also recipient of Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award,Soviet Land Nehru Award,Professor N.Krishna Pillai Award etc.
He married Ammini Amma and  have five children.
Thoppil Bhasi lived a simple life.His contributions to the society in various aspects will be ever remembered.
Thoppil Bhasi passed away on 8th December 1992.

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G.Aravindan was a genius person with diversified talents in various aspects like Cartoons,Painting,Screenplay and Film Direction,Carnatic and Hindusthani Music,  Music Composing   etc.
G.Aravindan was  born on 21 January 1935 at Kottayam to famous Advocate/Writer M.N.Govindan Nair.He took his degree in Botany from C.M.S. College Kottayam and got employment in Rubber Board.While working in Rubber Board he lived  in several places of Kerala  including Calicut,Kottayam and Trivandrum where all he was involved in the cultural activities and earned friendships and contacts with  eminent personalities.
'Ramu' main cartoon character of G.Aravindan
He was an expert in oil painting and water colour paintings.He was very talented in cartoons and from the early 60's he started a cartoon page in 'Mathrubhoomi Weekly' which was published as 'Cheriya Manushyarum Valia Lokavum' consecutively for more than 15 years.His cartoon series received much acclaim and appreciation widely and he gained name and fame.Through his cartoons he effectively conveyed his cogitations,inveterate beliefs and viewpoints to the society.
From the childhood itself he was trained in Carnatic music.Later while staying at Calicut he learned Hindustani Music  from Saratchandra Rai.
Aravindan had  reading as his  main hobby and he was interested in films also.He used to attend the International film festivals from 1952 itself  when it was initially started in India.He had acquaintance with Drama Experts like C.N.Sreekantan Nair,Kavalam Narayana Panicker etc and Film Directors like Adoor Gopalakrishnan, John Abraham etc also.When 'Chitralekha Film Society' was started in Trivandrum under the leadership and guidance of Adoor Gopalakrishnan, he was also an active member in it.
In 1974 G.Aravindan directed a film 'Utharayanam' which was writtten by Thikkodiyan.He also followed the path of experimental or Parallel Cinema which concentrated on realistic and artistic perspectives.The film 'Utharayanam' earned state and Central awards.It was selected for several film festivals Nationally and Internationally.
In 1977 he was bold enough to present  a part of 'Ramayana'  in his own view point and visuals under the title 'Kanchana Sitha'.Sree Rama and Lakshmana were portrayed indifferently  which received much criticism.The character Sita never appears on the screen but shown as the nature or breeze.Those period witnessed nice 'art films' presented by directors like P.A.Bakkar,Adoor Gopalakrishnan,Aravindan,John Abraham etc which dramatically changed the  scenario which prevailed till then.
Afterwards he directed films "Thambu, Kummatty,Esthappan,Pokku Veyil,Chidambaram,Oridathu,Vasthuhara"  and several documentaries also.
Some of his documentaries also received awards.

G.Aravindan was the  music Director for films 'Ore Thooval Pakshikal,Yaro Oral,Esthappan,and Piravi'.He got Kerala State Award as  Best Music Director for film  'Ore Thooval Pakshikal'.

He directed  a drama 'Kali' of C.N. Sreekantan Nair and  one  drama 'Avanavan Kadamba of Kavalam Narayana Panicker.
G.Aravindan got Kerala State Best Director Awards for 'Utharayanam' in 1974,
'Kanchanasitha' in 78, 'Thampu in 79, Pokkuveyil in 81, 'Chidambaram' in 85,
'Oridathu' in 86,Vasthuhara  in 1990.He got National award for 'Kanchana Sita,Thambu, and Oridathu'.Film 'Kummatty' was selected as Best Children's film in 1979.'Chidambaram' was selected as Best Film at National level.
Aravindan was a deep thinker and perfectionist who never deviated from his perspectives.He never grumbled or hankered for more.He did not opt for commercial gains in his films.Being a musician also  he did not include unnecessary song scenes in his films  but preferred to employ  the tranquility of silence rather than sounds.He always stayed firm with his convictions.
Aravindan left this world on March 15, 1991.His contributions to different fields of art and culture  including cinema will be ever remembered.

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V.Dakshina Murthy

V.Dakshina Moorthy, better known as Dakshina Moorthy Swamy   was a renowned Carnatic musician and music director of Malayalam Films.He  composed music for several Tamil Films and also for some Hindi films.He composed music for more than 125 films( for more than 850 songs) during a long span of 50 years.

Dakshina Moorthy Swamy was the son of D.Venkitaraman Iyer and Parvathy Ammal and was born at  Alapuzha on 9 December 1919.His mother was also a musician who knew several 'Keerthanams'(Carnatic compositions) and taught him many Thyagaraja Keerthanams in his childhood  itself by finding out  his intrinsic musical talents.At the age of ten he started to learn Carnatic music under Venkitachalam Potti of Thiruvananthapuram.He had his arangetam (first public programme) at Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Swamy Temple when he was 13 years old.He continued tutelage under Guru Venkitachalam Potti  after completing S.S.L.C course.
Later Swamy stayed for more than 3 years at 'Vaikom' teaching some students.During that period he was a regular visitor at the 'Vakom Dakshinamoorthy Temple' and became a firm devotee of 'Lord Shiva' of that temple.
From 1942 onwards he visited Chennai several times to perform musical programmes for 'Madras AIR station.'In 1948 he got chance to compose a 'Sloka'(Four lined hymn) for the Malayalam film 'Nalla Thanka' which was produced by M.Kunchacko and K.V.Koshy.From that year he settled at Mylapore in Chennai.

The heroes of 'Nalla Thanka' movie was Augatine Joseph and Vaikom Mani.Augastine Joseph, was also a singer who also sang songs for that film.Today's famous playback singer K.J.Yesudas is his son.

Yesudas sang large number of songs composed by Dakshina Moorthy Swamy.Vijay Yesudas -son of K.J.Yesudas sang songs under the music direction of 'Swamy'.Vijay's daughter 'Ameya' sang a song which was composed  by Swamy for the film 'Shyama Ragam'.This is a rare and amazing acquaintance which delights the music lovers.
After 'Nalla Thanka' Swamy composed music for films like 'Jeevitha Nauka,Navalokam,Viyarpinte Vila,Sree Guruvayoorappan,Kadamattathachan' etc and thus became an established music director.
The duo between  lyrics writer Sreekumaran Thampi and Dakshina Moorthy produced large number of super hit songs.
Songs like "Uthara Swayamvaram Kathakali Kanuvan"
"Manohari Nin Manoradhathil"
"Kakkathamburatty Karutha Manavatty"
"Hridaya Sarassile Pranaya Pushpame"
"Asoka Poonila vidarum Gramam" etc are examples.
Some other hit songs of Dakshina Moorthy Swamy are
"Kakka Kuyie Chollu Kai nokkanariyamo"
"Innale Neeyoru Sundara Ganamayen"
"Paattu Padi Urakkam Njan Thamarapoom paithale"
"Kattile Pazhmulam Thandil ninnum"
"Chitra sila palikal kondoru"
"Pulayanar Maniyamma Poomulla Kavilamma"
"Gopi Chandana Kuriyaninju"
"Chandanathil Kadanjeduthoru Sundari Silpam"
"Karkoondal Kettilenthinu Vasana thailam"
"Tharaka Roopini Neeyennum ennude"
"Swapnangal Swapnangale Ningal"
Dakshinamoorthy effectively used Carnatic raagas for his film songs such that they all possesses the 'bhavas' effectively mingled in them.He used the most appropriate tunes best suited for those lines and the songs will remain eternal for ever.
His disciples included N.C.Vasantha Kokilam,Kaviyoor Revamma and Kalyani Menon.
He was 'Guru' to singers like P.Leela,P.Susheela.Brahmanandan and also music director Ilaya Raja.
Dakshina Murthy Swamy received Best Music Director ilm Award from Kerala Government in the year 1971.
He was given J.C.Daniel Award by Kerala Government in the year 1998 for Lifetime Achievement.
He received Swaralaya Yesudas Award in the year 2007.
He was given Honorary Doctorate by  M.G.University in 2010.

Swami was not suffering from any diseases at the time of death but had only normal old age problems.Death occurred around 6.30 P.M. at his residence in Mylapore,Chennai on Friday,2 August 2013 at the age of 94.

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L.P.R.Varma was a very famous Carnatic Music exponent who conducted large number of Carnatic Music concerts all over Kerala and other places.He  proved his substantial skills by composing music for so many professional drama songs and more than fifty film songs also.
L.P.R. Varma was born in 1926 at Lakshmi Puram Palace at 'Puzhavath' in Changanassery Taluk of Kottayam District.He was a member of the 'Thekkumkoor Dynasty'  and in this Royal Family was Kerala Varma Valia Koi Thampuran and A.R.Raja Raja Varma were  born.Kerala Verma Valia Koi Thampuran was a great Malayalam Poet and his book 'Mayoora Sandesam' which he wrote supposing  peacock as a messenger is very popular and considers as an intellectual work.A.R. Raja Raja Varma is known as 'Kerala Panini' and he is still an authority of Malayalam Grammar through his books.He wrote several books which are all turned to be reference books  of Malayalam literature.L.P.R.Verma was born in this Royal clan to parents Vasudevan Nampoothirippad and Mangalabhai Thampuratty.
With Kathakali Exponents Guru Chengannur Raman Pillai ,Chennithala Chellappan Pillai,Harippad Ramakrishnan etc.Standing extreme right is L.P.R.Varma
His real name was 'Pooram Thirunal Rama Varma,and completed schooling from Changanassery Perunna N.S.S.High School.Later he joined at Thiruvanathapuram Swathi Thirunal Music College and passed 'Gana Bhooshanam' course in  Classical Music.His teachers were Mavelikkara Veeramani Ayyar and Madurai Kesava Bhagavathar.
From the age of 20 itself he  earned name as a brilliant Carnatic Classical performer and started concerts in every nook and corner of Kerala.
Meanwhile he started music composition and turned to be the most sought music composer by all professional drama troupes of Kerala.He composed several famous songs for 'Kerala Theaters' and K.P.A.C. Drama troupe.

He sang songs for a few films and dramas as well.His debut film  as a playback singer  was 'Avan Varunnu' produced by Udaya Studios.He sang songs for seven films and Composed music for about 50 songs of Malayalam films.'Sthree Hridayam' was the first film in which he composed music when he was 30 years old.
"Sthree Hridayam,Sthanarthi Saramma,Ollathu Mathi,Kudumbini, Sandhya Vandanam,Mayor Nair,Thottavadi" etc were the films he composed music.
The song 'Akkarapachayile ' and other songs of film 'Sthanarthi Saramma' earned accolodales.
The song 'Anjatha Sakhi athma sakhi anuraga narmada' earned National Award for Best Music Composition and Yesudas got  National Award for the first time  as playback singer in 1969 for this song which was composed by L.P.R.Varma  for the film 'Ollathu Mathi'

'Veedinu Ponnani Vilakku nee tharavadinu nidhi nee kudimbini' which was sung by C.O.Anto in 'Kudumbini' is nostalgia for music lovers still now.
The song 'Parunnu Parannu Parannu chellan pattatha kadukalil'  a drama song which was music composed and sung by L.P.R.Varma  is still loved a lot.
He introduced playback singer P.Jayachandran to Malayalam film field.A song 'Upasana Upasana ithu dhanyamamorupasana' is one of the fantastic songs of Jayachandran from the film 'Thottavadi' of which  music  was composed by L.P.R.Varma.

L.P.R.Varma Foundation program

L.P.R.Varma received Sangeetha Nataka Academy Award for Classical Music in 1978.He got Kerala Government Award for Music Composition in Professional Drama for the year 1985.

L.P.R.Varma demised on July 6, 2003. L.P.R.Varma Foundation was established in his memory.An award named 'Sangeetha Ratnakara Award' was initiated in his name and its first recipient was K.J.Yesudas.

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Manna Dey

Legendary playback singer Manna Dey was loved by generations of music listeners and he mesmerized them all with his wonderful golden voice.He is still well remembered and loved by old and young alike.

Manna Dey was his stage name and  his real name was Prabhat Chandra Dey.He was born to  Purna Chandra Dey and Maha Maya on 1st May 1919 at Kolkata.
His uncle Krishna Chandra Dey was a musician at Mumbai and he worked with him after graduating from Vidyasagar College.He worked as assistant music director with Krishna Chandra Dey and with S.D.Burman.He assisted some other music composers  too and started independently.
Playback singing started in 1942 with the film Tamanna.He sang a duet with Suraiya.The music was by his uncle Krishna Chandra Dey and that song became an instant hit.
He made several hits during 1945-1947 period.
From 47 to 57 music directors like Anil Biswas,Shankar Rai Vyas,S.K.Pai,S.D.Burman,Mohd.Safi, etc regularly utilized him.
Manna Dey established his versatility by singing classical raga  based songs,fusion songs of Indian classical and pop songs,romantic ballads,quawwalis and even fast-paced songs.He became famous after the movie 'Do Bighe Zamin' in 1953 when two of his songs composed by Salil Choudhary became hits.
Manna Dey sang in all Indian languages.His peak playback singing was from 1953 to 1976.
Salil Choudhary worked with Manna Dey from 1953 to 1992 and Manna Dey sang songs for him In Hindi,Bengali and Malayalam films.

During 1953 to 1969 he rendered 708 Hindi songs.As a playback singer he sang over 3500 songs in Hindi,Bengali,Gujarati,Marathi,Malayalam,Kannada and Assamese films.
His last song was 'Hamari hi mutthi mein ' for 1991 film 'Prahar'.
Manna Dey was one among the quartet of four popular great singers, 'Mukesh,Mohd.Rafi and Kishore Kumar'.
Manna Dey married  Sulochana Kumari  who hailed from Kerala in Dec.1953.With her encouragement he sang  his first Malayalam song which was composed by Salil Choudhary for  the film 'Chemmeen'.That film earned National Award  and Gold medal as Best film of that year in India  and the song 'Manasa maine varoo'  earned huge popularity.That song is still loved by Kerala people.
Manna Dey's wife Sulochana Kumari  predeceased him and he is survived by two daughters.

His association with Shankar Jaikishan and Raj Kapoor produced many hits.
Songs like 'aye  mere pyara watan', laaga chunri me daag', 'poocho na kaise', 'zindagi kaisi hai paheli', 'yeh dosti' , 'ek chatur naar', yeh raat bheegi bheegi' are all hits well remembered.
He received National award as Best Male singer in 1969 for  Hindi film 'Huzur'.
In 1971 he received National award as Best Male singer for Bengali film 'Nishi Padma' and Hindi film 'Mera Naam Joker'.
He got 'Padma Shri' in 1971 and  ' Padma Bhushan'  in 2005.
He was given 'Dada Saheb Phalke Award' in 2007.
He got Filmfare Lifetime achievement award in 2011.
Manna Dey left  this world at the age of 94 on 24 Oct. 2013.
Selected Filmography
Shree 420
Chori Chori
Post Box 999
Bombai ka Babu
Barsaat ki raat
Love in Tokyo
Teesri Kasam
Pyar kiya ja
Raat aur Din
Neel Kamal
Aamne Samne
Mera Nam Joker
Budha Mil Gaya
Seeta aur Geeta
Hindustan ki Kasam
Jai Santoshi Maa
Satyam Sivam Sundaram


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Kaviyoor C.K.Revamma

Kaviyoor Dr.C.K. Revamma was a great Carnatic Vocalist who proved her talents and
excellence as a playback singer,teacher and administrator.
She was born at Kaviyoor of Tiruvalla Taluk  on 14 April 1930 and started to learn music  from the tender age of eight.She had her first public performance at the age of 16.
She was very good at music studies and received first Rank for Music B.A. and
Music M.A. Degree Courses.She  passed 'Ganabhooshanam course' from Trivandrum Music College also.
She became lecturer at Govt. Women's College Trivandrum and later  became the  Professor and Head of that Department.
She conducted  research in music and received  Ph.D (Doctorate Degree) in Music from Kerala University.She was the first person to get Doctorate Degree for music from Kerala University.
She was able to undergo post doctoral studies in musicology in the United States of America with a scholarship.She served as visiting Professor at several Universities in the United States.After coming back to India from the United States she became the Principal of Thrissur Govt. College.She retired as
Deputy Director of Collegiate Education.
She  could serve as the member of the Board of Studies of Kerala University,Calicut University and M.G.University also.
This extraordinary unparalleled  Music Scholar was able to do  only lesser
number of Carnatic Music Public performances because she was a dedicated
teacher who could not spare much time.But when ever she had her musical
performances  publicly and had her music  program  on  All India Radio music lovers were thrilled to listen to it and enjoy those   scintillating performances.
Kaviyoor Revamma was one of the first Playback Singers of Malayalam Films.
She sang for more than 20 films during the span of 1950- 1962.
During those period the number of film releases were less.
Revamma had her debut in Malayalam playback singing through the film
'Sasidharan' of 1950.She sang the song 'Anandame' which was penned by 'Thumpaman Padmanabhan Kutty, and also the hit duet song 'Neeyen Chandrane' with Vaikom Mani.'Parameswari''' was another solo song of Revamma in that film.
Then she sung a song 'Varika Varika' which the lyrics was of 'Abhayadev' for the film 'Chechi'.Another song in that film was 'Aasha thakarkkayo'.Yet another song 'Kalitha Kalamaya'   in that film was also  sung by Revamma.
In the super duper hit of those times 'Jeevitha Nauka' (1951) she sang famous songs 'Thornnidumo Kanner', "Gathiyethumilla" , " Pasiyal Uyir Vaadi" etc
and duet songs with Mehboob and V.Dakshina Moorthy.The lyrics of this film were of Abhayadev and Music by Dakshina Moorthy.
In the film 'Raktha Bandham' , "Yachakan, 'Kerala Kesari' etc also she sang songs.

P.Bhaskaran wrote songs for film 'Navalokam' which was composed by Dakshinamoorthy and Revamma's songs 'Malayala Malarvadiye' and 'Aananda Ganam Padi' were  popular.
The song 'Deivame Karuna Sagarame' which she sung with ' Kozhikode Abdul Khader'  was very much popular and was of  the film 'Achan'.Another  famous song
'Jeevitha naadam' sung by Revamma was also from  that film.
In 1952 she sang a duet 'Chinthayil Neerunna' along with    film Actor  turned 'Jose Prakash ' for the film 'Visappinte Vili'. Jose Prakash entered the film field as a Playback singer for the film 'Sariyo Thetto' which was written and directed by  Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair. He selected acting as his career  and neglected playback singing when  became famous as an actor.Ambika(old) had her debut in that film in a small role.
She sang a song 'Karayathennomana Kunje' and a duet 'Kulirekidunna Katte' with A.M.Raja for that film.She had several hits with A.M.Raja during those period.P.Leela,Jikky Krishnaveni and Revamma were known as the  'Singing Trio' of Malayalam Films during the 50's.
In the debut film 'Marumakal'(1952) of Prem Nazir also Revamma was a playback singer.The song 'Jagadeeswara' was of Marumakal written by Abhayadev and composed by P.S.Divakar.Song 'Oh Mayathe Ee Madukara Vasantham' was  another song of  this film which  was also  sung by Revamma along   with Sebastian Kunju Kunju Bhagavathar.
Songs 'Amma thaan paaril aalambame'  and 'Theliyoo nee pon Vilakke' were  from film 'Amma'."Pichakapoo Choodanum" was a song from the  film 'Velakkaran(53).
'Sukhame Sukhame' song was  of the  film 'Pon Kathir', 'Adi Thozhunnu'  song was a popular song  from the   film 'Avan Varunnu'

'Painkiliye Vaa'   was of the  film 'Kaalam Marunnu'  and these songs   were all very popular  popular in those days.
She sang songs in films " Lokaneethi, Kidappadam, Harichandra,Mariakutty,Mudiyanaya Puthran etc.In the year 1962 she  sang
the song 'Murali Mohana Krishna' for the film 'Puthiya Aakasam Puthiya Bhoomi' along with P.Leela.
Kaviyoor Revamma herself discontinued playback singing to concentrate fully on her teaching profession and music research.
She passed away at Kollam on 13th  May 2007.

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K.P.Udayabhanu was a highly talented playback singer in Malayalam who was
born at Tanur in Palakkad District to parents M.S.Verma and Ammu Neythyaramma on 6 June 1936.He spent his childhood days  in Singapore since his father was employed there but returned in 1943  due to his  father's demise when Udayabhanu was only seven years old.
He lived with his Uncle K.P.Appukkutta Menon afterwards.
K.P.Kesava Menon, Indian Freedom Movement Leader and Founder,Chief Editor
of 'Mathrubhumi Daily' was also his Uncle.
Udayabhanu was trained in Carnatic Music,Light Music etc at Thyagaraja Sangeetha Vidyalaya in Kalpathy of Palakkad where he was enrolled as a student.Music Experts like Palaghat Mani Iyer ,Flute Krishna Iyer, M.D.Ramanathan etc were the instructors there.
Kalamandalam Gopi and Udayabhanu

Although trained well in Carnatic Music,  Udayabhanu was inclined to light music and playback singing.After completion of academic education he joined
All India Radio, Calicut Station as an announcer.That job enabled him for  contact with eminent celebrities of cinema field and literary field also.K.Padmanabhan Nair,Santha P. Nair,Thikkodiyan,P.Bhaskaran and K.Raghavan all helped him to enter in to cinema playback singing.He was lucky enough to sing several unforgettable melodies in Malayalam.He sang songs in other south Indian language Films also.
During his career at All India Radio he could compose numerous songs.Light music and light classical music songs composed by him earned good repuatation.He got recognition from Govt. of India in this regard.
Udayabhanu sang the song 'Enthinithra Panchasara' for film 'Nayaru Pidicha
Pulival'  in 1958 for the first time as a playback singer.He sang another song

 with P.Leela 'Velutha Penne' in that film.The music composer was K.Raghavan.
His songs "Anuraga Nadakathil (Ninamaninja Kaalpadukal), Kanana Chayayil(Ramanan),Thamara Thumbi Vaavaa(Puthiya Aakasam Puthiya Bhoomi) etc  are still super hits.He sang more than 60 songs which are all
highly popular among music lovers.
Udayabhanu composed music for two Malayalam films 'Samasya' and "Mayilpeeli'.The song of Samasya 'Kili Chilachu' sung by Yesudas which was penned by O.N.V.Kurup earned appreciation.
Udayabhanu married Vijayalakshmi who was daughter of Sri.Govinda Menon from Thalassery.She died in the year 2007.Their son Rajeev Udayabhanu 
is a reputed travel Agency owner.

In 1984 Udayabhanu formed a music troupe in the name 'Old is Gold' and they conducted 'Ganamela' in all parts of India and  so many foreign countries such as USA, Canada,Singapore,Europe and all Gulf countries.
He was member of Kerala State Sangeet Nataka Academy
He was member of Kerala Kala Mandalam
Member of Board of Studies(Music)Calicut University
 Served as a Member of  Film Censor Board (3 times)
Member-Audition Board Govt of India-All India Radio
He was honored by Kerala Govt. for outstanding contributions to Malayalam
Film Industry in 1981.
Received  Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy Award in 1987
Honored by Govt. of India AIR for outstanding contribution to broadcasting in Kerala-1999.
Kerala State Award for the Best Music Director in 1982.
National Award for  excellence in Music Direction -1995
Kerala Sangeet Nataka Academy Fellowship-2004
Central Sangeet Nataka Academy Award for Creative Music-2002
Padma Shri from Government of India in 2009.
K.P.Udayabhanu passed away on 5th January 2014.