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From mid 30's to mid 80's Leela Chitnis was an active actress in Bollywood who achieved stardom and was one of the few ladies who were well educated to join films in the early period.
She was born in Dharwad,Karnataka on 9 September 1909 as the daughter of an English Professor. Her father had  adhered to Brahma Samaj, a religious movement which rejects caste system.
She was married to a much older person  at an early age of 15 or 16 and her husband, Dr.Gajanan Yaswant Chitnis was associated with a Marathi theatre Company called Natya Manwantar.
She became the mother of four children very soon but had to get divorced when she was still young.She acted in dramas and worked with her own film group to look after her children.Initially she worked in films as an extra artist and accepted insignificant small  roles.She continued her studies and became a graduate which helped her to be hired by Bombay Talkies which  hired graduates only.She worked with Prabhat pictures,Ranjit movietone and Bombay Talkies and  acted in several hit films of 30's and 40's in main female roles.She could establish as a good actress and formed a nice partnership with Ashok Kumar.Ashok Kumar was of the opinion that he also benefited by watching the acting skill and eye expressions of Leela Chitnis which was very much impressive.
Leela Chitnis  was loved by the audience and because of her beauty and popularity, she was selected  as  the first advertisement  model of 'Lux' in India.
Some of her earlier films include 'Chhaya' in which she acted in the title role  as 'Chhaya', the daughter of a judge.The story was about a bank employee who stole money from the bank.
In the film 'Jailor(1938) she acted as the wife of the Jailor whose role was handled by Sohrab Modi.
In the big budget film 'Saint Tulasidas'(1939) which was directed by Jayant Desai who also  produced the film under Jayant movietone, she played the heroine role as 'Ratnavali.'
In the 1940 film 'Azad' made by Bombay Talkies Ashok Kumar and Leela Chitnis were the main pair.
Ashok Kumar and Leela paired  in the 1941 film 'Jhoola' which was made by Bombay Talkies and directed by Gyan Mukherjee.
In the 1942 film 'Kisise Na Kahna' which was directed by Keshavrao Daate she acted opposite Keshavrao Daate.
From the 50's she accepted character roles  and mother roles.In the 1951 film 'Awaara' directed by Raj Kapoor, she acted as the character 'Leela Raghunath'.
In the Dilip Kumar-Madhubala film 'Sangdil' (52) she acted as 'Dhayi Maa'.
She performed as a blind beggar in the Dharmendra-Meena Kumari film 'Phool aur Pathar'.
In the crime thriller 'Jeevan Mrityu' she played the role of Dharmendra's mother.
In many films she  depicted the mother roles as a miserable woman, going through all hardships and struggling to look after her poor family and kids.
During the 80's she emigrated to the U.S. to join her children who were living there.She died on 14 July 2008 in a nursing home at Danbury.
Selected Filmography
Raja Gopichand
Saint Tulasidas
Ghar Ki Rani

Char Aankhen
Ghar Ghar ki Kahani
Naya Ghar
Basant Bahar
Nata Daur
Post Box.999
Dhool Ka Phool
Hum Hindustani
Kanch Ki Gudiya
Nag Devta
Asli Naqli
Pooja Ka Phool
Aap Ki Parchaiyan
Phool aur Pathar
Gunahon Ka Devta
Dulhan Ek Raat Ki
Man Ki Aankhen
Jeevan Mrityu
Bhai Bhai
Satyan Shivam Sundaram
Dil Tujhko Diya

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Naseem Banu was yesteryear gorgeous  Bollywood heroine actress who was born  on 4 July 1916 in a wealthy family.She later became  famous as the mother of Bollywood's beautiful actress 'Saira Banu' and mother-in-law of great actor 'Dilip Kumar'.
From a young stage itself she was interested in movies and wanted to become an actress but her parents opposed it.She had to implement a hunger strike in order to get consent from the family members for her  to accept acting as her career.
She acted in many films from late 30's to 50's and many of them were hits.
In the film 'Pukar' of 1939 she acted as 'Noor Jehan' and Chandramohan played Jahangir's role.She also sang songs in it.
In the film 'Anokhi Ada'(1948) Naseem Banu,Surendra,and Prem Adib were the main actors.
Shyam acted opposite her in the film 'Chandni Raat'(1949).
In the film 'Shabistan' she acted opposite Shyam.It was Shyam's last film.
Khoon ka Khoon,Pukar, Begum,Door Chalen,Sheesh Mahal.Ajeeb Ladki,Farz aur Mohabbat,etc are some of her memorable films.
In the mid 50's she retired from films not to compete with the up coming acting talent  'Saira Banu'- her own daughter.She turned to cloth designing,embroidery works etc as a pastime later.
Naseem Banu died on 18 June 2002.


Mumtaz Shanti was famous Bollywood actress  during 40's and up to mid 50's after which she migrated to Pakistan with her husband, film director Wali Sahib.
Mumtaz Shanti was famous as the heroine of the first ever Diamond Jubilee Super hit film 'Kismet'(1943) and the first ever Golden Jubilee Punjabi film.

In 'Kismet' she acted as a lame girl opposite Ashok Kumar and the film became a roaring sensation that it ran in a single theatre at Calcutta for more than three years, the record which was broken decades later by 'Sholay'.
'Ghar Ki Izzat'(48) was another hit film in which she acted opposite young Dilip Kumar.
She acted in films of her Producer/Director husband Wali Saheb Wali, such as 'Dekhojee,Sohni Kumaran,Heer Ranjha' etc.
In the film 'Bhartruhari, she acted opposite Surendra, in the film 'Lady Doctor Yousuf Nandi was the hero.In the film 'Chand Chakori' directed by Kidar Sharma Surendra acted opposite her.Trilok Kapoor was the hero in the film 'Dharti' and Haroon Anjum was the hero in the film 'Dekhojee'.
Her husband died in 1977 and Mumtaz Shanti died in around 1993/94.

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Veena was a popular actress of  Bollywood from the 40's who made her debut with the film 'Garib' in 1942.
She was popular by her screen name 'Veena' and also  'Veena Kumari' but her real name was 'Tajour Sultana'  and was born on 4 July 1926 in Quetta,Baluchistan.
She acted in another film 'Gawandhi' a Punjabi film in 1942.
Her film 'Najma'(1943) in which she acted as heroine opposite Ashok Kumar earned accolades which was directed by Mehboob Khan.Some of her popular films before partition were Phool(45),Humayun(45) and Rajputani(46).After partition she decided to live  in India and acted mostly in supporting roles till early 80's.
Her films like Halaku,Chalti Ka naam Gaadi,Kagaz Ka Phool,Taj Mahal,Pakeezah etc were all hits.
Razia Sultan was her last film.She died in Mumbai on 14 Nov 2004.
Selected Filmography
Naya Zamana
Kagaz ka Phool
Choti Bahen
Taj Mahal

Sikander E Azam
Choti si Mulaqat
Shatranj ke Khiladi
Agni Pareeksha
Razia Sultan


Nazima was Bollywood actress in supporting roles during the period 60's and 70's.
She was born in Nasik,Maharashtra  and she was more suitable as well as  liked by the audience when she appeared in 'sister' roles.She got much appreciation for her sister role of Manoj Kumar's character in the 1972 film 'Beiman'.
She died in 1976 due to cancer.

Selected Filmography
Tower House
Aaye Din Bahar ke
Mere Bhaiye
Be Iman
Love and God

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Sundar Shyam Chadha, popularly known as Shyam was a Superstar of Bollywood for a short span of years and had an untimely tragic death following the injuries caused on the sets of a film when he was only 30 years old.
Shyam was born in the year 1920 at Sialkot(Now in Pakistan) and he graduated from Punjab University.From the childhood itself he was very fond of acting and was impressed by films and his ambition was to become a film actor.His father wanted him to find a dignified job, but with the help of father's friend he managed to

convince his father and to get his permission to join film field as an actor.
At first he joined as an Assistant director and then got chance to act in a Punjabi film.
Shyam was blessed with robust physique, good personality,tall, and  also  possessed excellent acting skill.Due to these factors he could climb the ladder to success and stardom very soon.During the period 1948 to 1951 he enjoyed stardom by acting in super hits like 'Dillagi,Patanga,Kaneej,Samadhi,Man ka Meet,and Shabistan'.
In 1949 he got much appreciation for his performance in the film 'Dillagi' in which he acted opposite Suraiya.The song 'Tu mera Chand mein teri Chandni' was tremendously loved by the audience.
'Munavar Sultana' was the heroine of  hit films 'Kannej and Majboor'.In the hit film 'Bazaar' Nigar Sultana was the heroine.Naseem Bano acted opposite him in 'Shabistan'.
In 1951, during the shooting of the film 'Shabistan' which was directed by Vibhuti Mitra Ghadbunder, he fell down from the horseback and suffered head injuries.He was admitted to a hospital in Bombay but succumbed to death on April 25, 1951.
Shyam married a beautiful Muslim girl 'Taji Mumtaz Qureshi' and he had two children.She later migrated to Pakistan.His son is a Psychiatrist based in U.K.
Chandni Raat
Char Din
Raat Ki Rani
Meena Bazaar
Suraj Mukhi
Kale Badal

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Mahipal was Bollywood actor who worked mainly in Historical,Mythological and Fantasy films during 1940's,50's, 60's and 70's.
Mahipal Singh, known as Mahipal was born at Jodhpur in Rajasthan in the year 1909.In the 40's he went to Mumbai and settled there.
His debut film was 'Nazrana' in 1942.In the 40's he acted in mythological films like 'Narasimha Avtar,Lakshmi Narayan,Jai Mahalakshmi,Devyani' etc.
He used to appear in main roles of the films during the first three decades of his acting career and later switched to character roles.
His fantasy films like 'Alibaba and 40 thieves,Alladin aur Jadui Chirag ,Alibaba ka Beta,Sheikh Chilli, etc earned him admirers from Gulf region also.
He got accolades for his films like V.Shantaram's Navrang,Sampoorna Ramayan,Jai Santoshi Maa',Zabak,Parasmani etc.He acted opposite top heroines like Nirupa Roy,Mala Sinha,Meena Kumari,Shyama etc.
He acted in main roles of large number of Hindu mythological films.
He died in Mumbai on May 15, 2005 at the age of 86.
Selected Filmography
Shankar Parvati
Narasimha Avtar

Lakshmi Narayan
Jai Mahalakshmi
Husn Ka Chor
Dharma Patni
Alibaba and 40 thieves
Sheikh Chilli
Roop Kumari
Bejrang Bali
Aan Ban
Sher E Baghdad
Shahi Bazaar
Chamak Chandni
Nag Padmini
Maya Bazaar
Sampoorna Ramayan
Shree Ganesh
Roop Lekha
Naag Devta
Dev Kanya
Sunhari Nagin
Maya Mahal
Veer Bhimsen
Sati Savitri
Jantar Mantar
Maharaja Vikram
Chor Darwaza
Shankar Sita Ansuya
Poonam Ka Chand
Amar Jyoti
Veer Ghatotkach
Sree krishnarjun Yudh
Balak Dhruv

Mahapavan Teerth Yaatra
Jai Santoshi Maa
Do Chehere
Gopal Krishna

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The playback singer/actor Talat Mahmood was unanimously hailed as 'The King of Ghazals'.The gifted singer who possessed a silky velvety voice had an extraordinary skill to  sing ghazals and classical songs.
Talat Nahnood was born on Feb 24, 1924 to Manzoor Mahmood in Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.He had a flair for music from childhood days itself.He  got his music lessons from Pandit S.C.R. Bhat  at  Marris College of Music,Lucknow.
He started to sing ghazals on All India Radio, Lucknow from 1939 at the age of 16 onwards.His golden voice was well noted that HMV  released his first music disc in 1941.
He became a playback singer very soon and as a classical singer and ghazal singer his popularity was wide spread throughout India.At that period he worked at Calcutta as a playback singer.Because of his personality and good looks he was offered roles in films.
 The handsome Talat Mahmood acted in three films 'Raj Lexmi,Tum Aur Mein, and Samapti' at Calcutta.In the film 'Raj Lexmi' Chhabi Biswas and Kanan Devi acted along with him and the film was released in 1945.
He acted opposite Kanan Devi in 'Tum Aur Mein' in 1946 which was directed by Apurba Kumar Mitra.
Talat Mahmood came to Mumbai in 1949 where he received a warm welcome.By that time he was popular in Mumbai also as an actor and singer.At Bollywood also he got offer to act in films and he acted in 10 films opposite top heroines of that period.
Talat Mahmood acted in 'Aaram' of 1951 and had an important  role along with Dev Anand and Madhubala in it.
He was the hero of 'Dil- E- Nadaan (53) and Shyama acted as the female lead of this film which was directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar.
He acted opposite Nadira in the film Bombai ki  Babu(54).

In the film 'Waris' he acted opposite Suraiya.Nadira,Jagdish Sethi,Achala Sachdev,Yakub,Roopmala etc were in the cast for this film.
Talat Mahmood and Nadira were the main pair of the 1955film 'Raftar'.
Mala Sinha acted opposite him in the 1957 film 'Ek Gaon Ki Kahani'.
It was directed by Dulal Guha.
Talat Mahmood,Balraj Sahni,and Nutan acted in pivot roles of 1958 film 'Sone ki Chidiya'.Director was Shaheed Latif.
Suraiya was his heroine in the 1958 film 'Malik' which was directed by S.M.Yusuf. Shyama acted opposite Talat Mahmood in the 1958 film 'Lala Rukh'.He acted in another film 'Diwali Ki Raat' also.
Talat Mahmood after acting 13 films decided to quit acting career and concentrate only on singing.He sang several hundreds of songs in films and many of them are hits.
He conducted musical programmes in several foreign countries and music lovers crowded in all those places to have a glance of him and  to hear his lovely songs.
He was given 'Padma Bhushan' by government of India in 1972.
Talat Mahmood died on May 9, 1998 in Mumbai.