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In the history of Kannada Cinema, M.V.Subbaiah Naidu has a premier position and   will be ever remembered as the hero of the first Kannada language  talkie 'Sati Sulochana' which was released in 1934.
M.V.Subbaiah Naidu was born in the year 1896 at Madalapura in the Kingdom of Mysore.He became very popular as a Kannada stage artiste and worked in famous drama troupes of that period.
In 1932, a Marwari businessman, Chamanlal Doongjaji from Bangalore launched 'South India Movie tone'.The company made 'Sati Sulochana' the first talking picture in Kannada language.Yaragudipati Varada Rao directed the film which was shot at 'Chatrapathi  Cinetone,Kolhapur.The film was a blockbuster success which was also the first film to be screened in the erstwhile Mysore Kingdom.
The film was based on the Hindu epic Ramayana and the hero character was 'Indrajit' the son of King Ravana.The lead role of Prince Indrajit was portrayed by M.V.Subbaiah Naidu, while Ravana was depicted by Nagendra Rao.'Sulochana, wife of Indrajit was played by 'Tripuramba'.The film was directed by 'Yaragudipati Varada Rao' who also acted in a character role in the film.R.Nagendra Rao who was another popular theatre artiste acted as Ravana  and Lakshmi Bai as Ravana's wife Mandodari.
'Bhakti' also known as 'Ambarishan Charitham' was a Tamil film based on a Kannada language play and it was released in 1938.Several Kannada actors acted in this Tamil film.Subbaiah Naidu,R.Nagendra Rao and Lakshmi Bai were the lead actors of this film.
'Vasanta Sena' was a Kannada film directed by Ramayyar in 1941.
Subbaiah Naidu and Nagendra Rao were in the main roles of this Kannada language film which was based on a Sanskrit paly.
In the 1943 film 'Satya Harishchandra' directed by A.T.Krishna Swamy and R.Nagendra Rao, Subbaiah Naidu portrayed the role of Rajah Harishchandra.
The film was successful at the box office.
In 1958 the film 'Bhakta Prahlada' was directed by Subbaiah Naidu and N.S.Krishna Swamy.Subbaiah Naidu acted in a major role of this film.
His son 'Lokesh' was a famous Kannada film actor.
M.V.Subbaiah Naidu passed away on 21st July 1962
Selected Filmography
Sati Sulochana
Ambarishan Charitham

Vasanta Sena
Satya Harishchandra
Mahatma Kabir
Bhakta Prahlada 

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