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R.Nagendra Rao, a pioneer of Kannada Cinema was also one of the most influential personalities of South Indian Films.He was a theatre actor,screenwriter,occasional music composer,film director,film actor and producer.
He worked mainly for Kannada films but also acted in Tamil and Telugu movies.
He was born on 23 June 1896 in the Kingdom of Mysore.In the beginning of his acting career as a thetre artiste he played female characters but soon switched over to male roles.With the advent of talkies he went to Mumbai to sought chance in films.Rajah Sandow gave him roles in his Tamil movies and thus acted in  films  'Parijatha Pushpaharanam' in 1932 and again in another film 'Narada' in the same year.
He acted as the lead character in the Tamil film 'Kovalan' in 1933 and and in lead role of Telugu film 'Ramadasu' in 1933.
Then he returned to Bangalore and started a drama troupe in the name 'Sahitya Samrajya Drama Company'.
He compelled a business friend 'Shah Chamanlal Doongaji' to produce a Kannada talkie film and the First Talkie In Kannada Language 'Sati Sulochana' was released  on March 3, 1934.

It was made based on Ramayana and the protagonist in the film was 'Indrajith', the son of Ravana  whom

 was played by 'Subbaih Naidu'.The role of Ravana was depicted by R.Nagendra Rao.Tripuramba  played female lead role.
The film was directed by a Telugu director ''Yaragudipati Varadarao' who also acted as Lakshmana in the film.Lakshmi Bai acted as Mandodari, Rama's role was acted by Murthy Rao.C.V.Seshachalam played the role of Narada.
In 1935 he acted in a Tamil film 'Naveena Sadarame'.
Rao's play 'Bhukailasa' was thrice made into films.In 1938 and 1940 by Sundar Rao Nadkarni and in 1958 by K.Shankar.
In 1941 he wrote screenplay and produced Kannada  film 'Vasantasena' in which he acted in a supporting role. 
He produced and directed the film 'Sathya Harishchandra' in 1943 and acted in it.This film was his first venture as a director.

In 1949 he acted in a Tamil movie 'Apoorva Sahodarargal' which was remade in Telugu in 1950.
In 1956 he acted in the film 'Chandirani' which was made in Tamil,Telugu and Hindi.
He acted in 1956 in the Telugu film 'Bhakta Markandeya'
In 1951 he started his own production Company .In 1957 the film 'Premada Putri' which was produced under this banner received National Award as best feature film in Kannada.He was the director of the film and acted in supporting role also.The film was made in Telugu also.
In the year 1962 he acted in the Kannada film 'Gaali Gopura' which  was made in Telugu also.
In the year 1968 he received Karnataka State Best Actor Award for his excellent  acting skill  in the Kannada film 'Hannele Chiguridaga'.This film was directed by M.R.Vittal.Lead actor of this film was Raj Kumar.
His last film was in Kannada 'Prof.Huchuraya' in 1974.
He had four Children and three of them entered film field.His son R.N.Krishna Prasad as Cinematographer,R.N.Jayagopal as Screenwriter and Lyricist,youngest son R.N.Sudarshan as actor.
R.Nagendra Rao received 'Padma Shri' from Government of India in the year 1976.
R.Nagendra Rao passed away on 9th February 1977.

Selected Filmography
Parijatha Pushpaharanam
Sati Sulochana
Naveena Sadarame
Mahatma Kabir
Apoorva Sahodarargal
Jataka Phala
Naya Aadmi
Renuka Mahatme
Bhakta Markandeya
Bettada Kalla
Premada Putri
Preme Daivam
Anbe Daivam
Ranadheera Kanteerava
Gaali Gopura
Gaali Medalu
Veera Kesari
Ananda Bashpa
Nanna Kartavya
Nakkare Ade Swarga
Shri Purandaradasaru
Janara Jana
Hennele Chiguridaga
Namma Makkalu
Nadina Bhagya
Srikrishna Devaraya
Karulina Kare
Kalavari Kutumbam
Prema Pasha
Professor Huchuraya

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Om Shivpuri was a well acclaimed theatre actor and director who later became a Hindi film actor. He brilliantly portrayed character roles and villain roles   in large number of films for two decades.
He was born in Rajasthan in  the year 1938 and got polished his  intrinsic acting talents from the National School of Drama, New Delhi.At the NSD he had contemporaries  like Roshan Seth,Pankaj Kapoor,Sushma Seth etc.He led National School of Drama Repertory setup in 1964 and acted in their dramas also.He directed 'Tuglaq' a play written by Girish Karnad in 1965 which was first staged at National School of Drama.
His  wife Sudha Shivpuri was also a student of National School of Drama  in the same batch and later they worked together at Jaipur Radio Station and participated together in Radio plays etc.They got married in 1968 and both of them together started a  theatre  group by name 'Dishantar' and Om Sivpuri directed several plays which were all successes.For all the shows of their plays there were heavy rush and tickets were usually sold in black also. 
Om Shivpuri  entered films in 1971 by Mani Kaul's film 'Ashad Ka Ek Din' followed by Gulzar's 'Koshish' in 1972.In the critically acclaimed hit film 'Koshish' which told the story of a  deaf-mute couple and they  were depicted by Sanjeev Kumar and Jaya Bhaduri in an exceptional manner. As a supporting actor Om Shivpuri added much contribution in this film  as a blind man who was  a friend of those  couple.
There after in a career spanning for two decades he depicted strong characters like 'Jamindars,Smuggler,Doctor,Paternal Uncle,Father of hero or heroine,Police Inspector,Police Commissioner,Military Officers' etc etc.
He played  important roles in 31 films of Rajesh Khanna.
Om Shivpuri acted in more than 175 Hindi films in his career in varied roles.
In the film 'Namak Haram' he acted along with Amitabh Bachchan and Rajesh Khanna and the film was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.
In the critically acclaimed film 'Aandhi'(75) directed by Gulzar Om Shivpuri acted as 'Chandrasen'.
He acted in a cameo role as Inspector  in 'Sholay'.

In the hit film 'Balika Badhu' he acted as hero Amal's(Sachin) father.
He acted as College Principal in Kitab(77) and 'Swarg Narak'(78).He  played the role of a priest in 'Karm'(77).
In the film 'Dhyanu Bhagat(78) directed by Dara Singh he depicted Emperor Akbar.
In the film 'Saboot' he acted along with the pair Navin Nischol and Vidya Sinha.
He acted along with Rajesh Khanna and Hema Malini in the super hit film 'Bandish' which was directed by K.Bapaiah.
In the super hit film of Rajesh Khanna and Tina Munim 'Fifty Fifty'(1981) he acted in the role as 'Bihari'.
He was CBI Officer in the Jeetendra-Hema Malini pair film 'Meri Awaz Suno' in 1981.
In the film 'Disco Dancer' of Mithun Chakraborthy in 1982 he acted as Manager P.N.Oberoi.
He was Police Commissioner in 1991 film 'Khilaf' and in 1993 film 'Police Wala'.
His daughter Ritu Shivpuri is a Bollywood actress and son Vineet Shivpuri is assistant film director.His wife Sudha Shivpuri acts in TV serials at present.
Om Shivpuri died on 15th October 1990 at Mumbai due to heart attack.
Selected Filmography
Ashad Ka Ek Din
Namak Haram
Pati Patni Aur Woh
Swarg Narak
Phir Wohi Raat
The Burning Train
Meri Awaz Suno
Fifty Fifty
Teesri Aankh
Painter Babu
Asdha Kanoon
Disco Dancer
The Adventures of Tarzan
Alag Alag
Saveray Wali Gaadi
Sitapur Ki Geeta
Zakhmi Aurat
Mitti Aur Sona
Amiri Garibi
Khooni Raat
Police Wala
Aakhri Sanghursh

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Pradeep Kumar was a popular lead actor of Hindi films during 50's and 60's and later confined to supporting and character roles.He was an exceptionally nice actor and besides  director,producer and writer as well.He hailed from Bengal but acted mostly in Hindi films.
He was born on 4th January 1925 in Bengal and determined to take up acting as the career at the age of 17.He started with the Bengali film 'Alakananda' directed by Debaki Bose and got noticed.He was well noted for his acting talents in the film '42' also.
After acting in a few Bengali films he shifted to Mumbai where he got a well reception at Filmistan Studios. He depicted good acting talents in the film 'Anand Math' and it was well received by the audience.His film 'Anarkali' opposite Bina Rai in 1953 became a super hit.The songs composed by C.Ramachandra added much contribution for the success of that film.The film 'Nagin' opposite Vyjayanthimala was also a super hit in 1954 which assured his stardom.He acted in a number of hits and super hits in the second half of 50's.
Nandlal Jaswant lal was the director of 'Anarkali' and 'Nagin'.'Hamlet' was a well noted film directed by 'Kishore Sahu'.Mala Sinha was his heroine in that film.He acted opposite Geeta Bali in the hit film 'Albeli' in 1955.In the film 'Adil-E-Jahangir Meena Kumari acted opposite to him and the film was directed by G.P.Sippy.
In the super hit movie taken in Hindi and Bengali 'Jagte Raho' Pradeep Kumar,Sumitra Devi,Smriti Biswas,Pahadi Sanyal,Sulochana Chatterjee' etc acted and it was directed by Amit Mitra and Sambhu Mitra.
In the hit film 'Taj' Vyjayanthimala was his heroine and it was directed by Nandalal Jaswant Lal.
In 1956 'Ek Shola' was produced by Pradeep Kumar himself and in that film Mala Sinha was the female lead and was directed by Chander Saigal.
Sohrab Modi directed the film 'Raj Hath' in 56 in which Pradeep Kumar and Madhubala were the lead actors.
In the year 1960 'Ghunghat' turned to be a super hit film in which Bina Rai was his heroine.Ashaparekh,Leela Chitnis,Bharat Bhushan,Rajendra Nath,Helen,Rehman,etc acted along with them.Ramanand Sagar was the director.
In the super hit film 'Taj Mahal' of 1963 Bina Rai was the female lead.Veena,Jeevankala,Ruby Mayer,Madhumati etc acted in it along with them.
It was a historical musical romance film directed by M.Sadiq.
Pramod Chakravorty directed 'Sanjog' in which Anita Guha acted opposite to him.

'Aarti' was a super hit film in which Ashok Kumar,Pradeep Kumar,Meena Kumari,Shashikala,Peace Kanwal,etc acted.Ashok Kumar and Meena Kumari acted as doctors in this film where as Pradeep Kumar depicted an unemployed youth  'Deepak' who saved 'Aarati' from drowning.This film released in 1962 was directed by Phani Majumdar.
'Wahan Ke Log' was a film directed by N.A.Ansari in which Tanuja acted as the female lead and Nilofar,Johny Walker,N.A.Ansari,Shobhana Samarth, etc acted in it.
Pradeep Kumar acted opposite Meena Kumari in 7 films like 'Bahu Begum'Bheegi Raat,Chitralekha' etc and with Mala Sinha he paired in 8 films like 'Naya Zamana,Fashion,Ek Shola,Detective' etc.He worked with Waheeda Rehman and Ashaparekh in some films and with Vyjayanthimala also.With Sharmila Tagore,Babita,Saira Banu etc he did not act together.
After 1969 he shifted to character roles and supporting roles.
He directed three films 'Do Dilon Ki Dastaan,Na Bhoole Hain Na Bhoolenge, and Chitrakoodam'.
He was assistant director of film 'Anokha' in 1975.
He produced rwo films 'Ek Shola' and 'Na Bhoole Hain Na Bhoolenge'.
He was the writer of the film 'Do Dilon Ki Dastaan' in 1966.
Pradeep Kumar passed away on November 3, 2001 at kolkata,India.
Selected Filmography
Krishna Leela
Bishnu Priya
Ananth Math
Subah Ka Tara
Noor E Arab
Adil E Jehangir
Jagte Raho
Ek Shola
Arab Ki Saudagar
Yahudi Ki Ladki
Naye Zamana
Miss India
Hill Station
Gateway of India
Naya Sansar
Duniya Na Mane
Mitti Mein Sona
Meri Surat Teri Ankhen
Ustadon Ke Ustad
Taj Mahal

Sinbad Alibaba and Aladdin
Bheegi Raat
Wahan Ke Log
Noor jehan
Bahu Begum
Shatranj Ke Mohre
Dharam Veer
Amar Shakti
Maa Bhoomi
Lok Parlok
Teesri Aankh
Chalti ka Naam Zindagi
Lal Chumariyaa
Purana Mandir
Ganga Ke paar
Durga Maa
Sher Dil
Aakhri Muqabla
Aakhri Badla
Pyar Ka saudagar

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( Sree Vaikundam Duraiswami Subbu Lakshmi) was  heroine of Tamil Cinema during 30's and 40's who confined to supporting roles and character roles afterwards.She could act in films of great actors like MGR,NTR,Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan etc also.It was S.D.Subbu Lakshmi that introduced world renowned Carnatic musician M.S.Subbu Lakshmi to films and she worked as her mentor in the early days.
M.S.Subbu Lakshmi
                    S.D.Subbu Lakshmi was born in 'Sri Vaikundam' of Tamil Nadu to parents Durai Swami and Janaki Ammal.She possessed intrinsic talents to act and sing and the parents moved to Madurai in her childhood to help promote her interests.There at Madurai she was trained in Carnatic Music and classical dance.To get an entry to professional drama field the parents approached drama troupes with her photographs with different types of make up and she was selected in a prestigious group.She acted in a number of dramas  with eminent heroes of those period like Thyagaraja Bhagavathar,T.R.Mahalingam etc and acted along famous actresses like K.B.Sundarambal.
The drama 'Pavalakkodi' in which she acted was very much liked by a film producer so that he wanted to film it and he handed over the job to director K.Subramaniam.K.Subramanyam directed the film excellently and he retained all the actors of the drama in the film also and S.D.Subbu Lakshmi became a film star with the film 'Pavalakkodi'.There were many other offers pouring in afterwards but she was selective in her roles and acted in films like 'Bhakta Kuchela,Naveena Sarangadhara,Vikadayogi,Mister Ammaji,Anantha Sayanam,Manasamrakshanam,Gulabalavali,Kalyana Parisu,Engiruntho Vanthal' and others.
S.S.Subbulakshmi with Husband and M.S.Subbu Lakshmi
Her entry to films was in the year 1934 and acted as princess Pavalakkodi in the film 'Pavalakkodi'.In 1936 she acted as the heroine 'Usha' in the film 'Usha Kalyanam'.In the film 'Bhakta Kuchela' she acted as Lord Krishna and also as 'Suseela'.
'Thyagabhoomi' was a film intended to create awareness about the Indian freedom struggle and in that film she acted and sings a  patriotic song 'Vande Matharam'.
She acted in several films of Sivaji Ganesan.
In the second film of Sivaji's  acting career 'Panam' Padmini was the heroine and S.D.Subbu Lakshnmi acted along with them and also with other legends like  
'B.R.Panthalu,C.V.V.Panthalu,V.P.S.Mani,T.V.Sethuraman,Kottapuli Jayaraman' etc.
In the film 'Sampoorna Ramayanam' she could act along with NTR.
N.T.Rama Rao,Sivaji,Padmini,V.Nagaiah,Varalakshmi,V.K.Ramaswami,Pushpavally' etc acted in it.
In the film 'Andhaman Kaidhi' of 1952 directed by K.V.Krishnan she acted in a supporting role along with MGR.
Sivaji and Krishna Kumari paired in the film 'Thuli Visham' in which she acted.
The three Travancore sisters 'Lalitha,Padmini and Ragini' acted with Sivaji Ganesan in the 1954 film 'Thooku Thookki' in which S.D.S. also acted.
In the super hit film 'Kalyana Parisu' in which Gemini Ganesan and B.Saroja Devi were the main pair, she also acted in supporting role.C.V.Sreedhar was the director of that film.
Sivaji Ganesan and Jayalalitha were the lead pair of 'Engirindho Vandhal' directed by A.C.Tirulokchander in 1970 in which SDS also appeared in a role.
S.D.Subbu Lakshmi married lawyer turned director K.Subramaniam with the consent of his first wife Meenatchi and successfully looked after both the families till his last breath.Abaswaram Ramji is her son.
Selected Filmography
Naveena Sadharam
Usha Kalyanam
Bhakta Kuchela
Naveena Sarangadhara
Mister Ammaji

Thyaga Bhoomi
Anantha Sayanam
Krishna Sudama
Andhaman Kaithi
Thuli Visham
Thookku Thookki
Rani Lalithangi
Raja Rajan
Yanai Valartha Vanampadi
Kalyana Parisu
Kadavulin Kuzhanthai
Pattanathil Bhootham
Engirindho Vandhal