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Pudukkottai Ulaganathan Pillai Chinnappa , who was  popularly known as P.U.Chinnappa and Chinnappa Bhagavathar was a top film actor and classical singer who worked in Tamil Cinema during 30's and 40's.
He is credited as one of the major influential actor of South Cinema.Because of his excellent acting skill he earned the title "Nadigar Mannar".
He hailed from Puthukkottai in Tamil Nadu(Born on 5 May 1916) and rose to the top level as an excellent actor because of his acting skill,singing skill,and even stunt  skill. 
Some critics and moviegoers of that period considered him better than the superstar Thyagaraja Bhagavathar because of his acting prowess by  precise acting expressions, rendition of songs beautifully, perfection  of  even stunt scenes which Thyagaraja Bhagavathar could not perform.

Chinnappa Bhagavathar entered Tamil films in 1930's and he rose to much popularity  by the film 'Uthamaputhiran' in 1940 in which P.U.Chinnappa performed double role.It was the first Tamil film in which the hero acted in double roles.He established himself as a singing star in Tamil by this film and the patriotic song of that film became very popular.M.V.Rajamma was the heroine and T.S.Balaiah played the role as a villain.Uthama Puthiran was produced by Salem Modern Theatres and directed by T.R.Sundaram.

"Aryamala' was 1941 film produced by Pakshiraja films and directed by T.C.Vadivelu Naicker.It was a major box Office success film and established P.U.Chinnappa as a box Office hero.

'Kannagi' was 1942 film and this successful film was the top grosser of that year.It was based on the Tamil epic 'Silappadhigaaram' in which P.U.Chinnappa portrayed the role of Kovilan,P.Kannamba played Kannagi's tittle role and N.S.Saroja appeared as the beautiful dancer 'Madhavi' who seduced Kovilan.
The film was directed by R.S.Mani.
Manonmani was 1942 film in which P.U.Chinnappa and T.R.Rajakumari acted in lead roles.P.U.Chinnappa,T.R.Rajakumari,Serukalathur Sama,T.S.Balaiah,T.R.Mahalngam,K.K.Perumal,A.Sakunthala etc acted in it.

"Kubera Kuchela' was a box Office successful film of 1943 in which Chinnappa Bhagavathar was in the lead role.Papanasam Sivan,T.R.Rajakumari,N.S.Krishnan.T.A.Madhuram etc acted in it.

In the film 'Jagathalaprathapan' (44) P.U.Chinnappa acted as the hero and portrayed a prince.This film sealed P.U.Chinnappa's position as a top star of Tamil Cinema.
In the 1944 film 'Harichandra' P.U.Chinnappa acted as  'Harichandra Raja' and P.Kannamba acted as the heroine.Director was K.B.Nagabhushanam.M.N.Nambiar,R.Balasubramanyam,M.R.Swaminathan etc acted in it.
1949 film 'Rathna Kumar' was directed by Krishnan Panju in which P.Bhanumathi acted opposite to P.U.Chinnappa.M.G.Ramachandran had a supporting role in this film.
The 1951 film 'Vanasundari' was produced by Krishna Pictures and was directed by T.R.Raghunath.P.U.Chinnappa,T.R.Rajakumari,T.S.Balaiah,S.Varalakshmi,M.G.Chakrapani,R.Balasubramaniam' etc acted in it.
Nadigar Mannar P.U.Chinnappa passed away on 23 September 1951 at the age of 35.
Selected Filmography

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