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Malaysia Vasudevan was an amazing   playback singer and well talented  actor of Tamil Films for about three decades.He was a playback Singer, an occasional music  Composer who gave music for a few films, a talented actor who acted along all eminent actors in Tamil Cinema,Lyricist,Book Writer(Poems) etc.
Prashanthini Vasudevan
Malaysia Vasudevan Nair was born in Malaysia on 15 June 1944 to Malayali parents Chatthu Nair from Ottappalam and Ammalu who was also from Palakkad District of Kerala State.They had migrated to Malaysia to find employment there and worked in rubber estates. He. lived in a Tamil predominated region and studied in Tamil School there.Because of his acquaintance with Tamil people mostly, he became well versed in Tamil language and their culture and traditions.Later when came to India he settled in Chennai and worked mostly in Tamil films.Malaysia Vasudevan's father Chathu Nair had an inclination for music and had good  knowledge about music and as a  blessing   his children also turned to be singers.Vasudevan was initially taught music by his father and later his elder brother gave him lessons in music.
Vasudevan performed on the stage at the age of eight and from childhood itself he had acting talents.He used to act in plays from youthful days.
In Chennai he got chances to sang in films and his major noted song was for the film 'Delhi to Madras'.During that period he became a close friend of Ilayaraja who was working as assistant of G.K.Venkitesh.That friendship lasted till the last breath of Malaysia Vasudevan.
He sung more than 8000 songs in Tamil  and most of them were composed by Ilayaraja.
He worked for Ilayaraja,M.S.Viswanathan,Shankar Ganesh,Deva,A.R.Rahman,Vidyasagar etc.
Under the composition of Ilaya Raja he sang songs of all types and genre and surprised everyone by conveying the essence and feel as per the requisite of the lyricist and music director to the listeners.His wonderful illustrious rendition and his unique voice quality thrilled the listeners.His utmost sincerity and purity of voice was always appreciated.He was contented with what he had and did not try  so much to sing in other languages but he sung thousands of songs in Malayalam and other south Indian languages also.
He sang for music albums also.He composed music for films like 'Pakku Vethilai' and 'Ayiram Kaigal'.
Malaysia Vasudevan received accolades as a nice actor and acted in more than 85 Tamil Films.Some of his noted films are'Mudhal Vasantham,Oomal Vizhigal,Kathanayagan,Oru Kaidhiyin Diary,Thiruda Thiruda,Poove Unakkaga,Badri,Punnagai Desam,Kokki' etc.
Some of the songs which highlights the timbre and purity of his unique voice and the impact of the feel it gave are:-
"Poongatru Tirambuma"
"Aagaya Gangai"
"Oru Thanga Radhathil"
"Ennama Kannu Sowkyama"
"Thenkizhakku Cheemaiyilae"
"Poove Ilaya Poove"
"Malargale Nadha Swarangal"
"Adu Adu Poongodiye"
"Vaa Vaa Vasanthame"
"Poo Pookkum Oosai"
"Thangangale Thambigale"
"Azhakkadalil thedya muthu"
"Allithatha boomi "
"Ananda then sirithum Pooncholayil"
"Malayoram Mayile"
"Ooru Vittu Ooru Vandhu"

Usha Vasudevan is his wife and they have three children.Yugendran Vasudevan Nair,Prashanthini Vasudevan and Pavithra Vasudevan.His son is a film actor,playback singer and composer also and daughter Prashanthini is also a playback singer.
Malaysia Vasudevan Nair Passed away on February 20, 2011.

Selected Filmography

Avar Enakke Sontham
Velli Ratham
Pakku Veethilai
Samanthi poo
Ayiram Kaigal
Oru Kaithiyin Dairy
Mudhai Vasantham
Unnidathil Naan
Per Sollum Pillai
Jalli Kattu
Oor Kavalan
Parisam Pottachu
Theertha Karayinile
Poonthotta Kavalkkaran
Rajnikanth Paying Tribute
Rasave unnai Nambi
Thambi Thanga Kambi
Thendral Sudum
Annakili Sonna Kathai
Dharma Devan
Nee Sirithal Deepawali
Thiruda Thiruda
Donga Donga
Karuppu Vellai
Amaidhi Padai
Jallikattu Kalai
Pandyaninn Rajyathil
Poove Unaikaga
Gopala Gopala
Poo Parikka Varugirom
Kandu Kondein Kandu Kondein
Punnagai Desam
Kaiodu Kai
Nilavil Kalangamillai
Ninaithu N

inaithu Parthen

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