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Feroz Khan was a leading actor of Bollywood Films as well as a successful Producer and director.He was well versed in editing works also.
His unique style of acting, dancing and his cowboy type characters were all loved by the audience. He took the courage to produce films, direct them himself and to act in lead roles.Films like 'Qurbani' which he produced,directed and acted in lead role were roaring success at the box office.

Feroz Khan was born on September 25, 1939 in Bangalore to a Pathan father 'Sadiq Ali Khan' and Iranian mother Fatima.
He started  acting  career by acting  as the second lead of the film 'Didi' in 1960.
His first big hit was Phani Mujimdar's 'Oonche Log' in 1965.It was followed by small budget hit films like 'Samson,Sapera Ek Lutera,Char Dervesh' etc.
In the film 'Samson' Dara Singh acted in title role as Samson.Feroz Khan was the hero of Char Dervesh which was directed by Homi Wadia.In the film 'Ek Sapera Ek Lutera' Feroz Khan and Kum Kum paired.

Arzoo,Upasana,Mela,etc were well noted films he acted during those period.In the film 'Upasana' he acted alongside his brother Sanjay Khan.
'Aadmi aur Insaan' was  a successful film in 1969 in which Dharmendra and Saira Banu were the lead pair.
'Arzoo' was a nice film directed by Ramanand Sagar in which Rajendra Kumar and Sadhana were the leading pair.'Upasana' was 1971 film in which Sanjay Khan,Feroz Khan and Mumtaz acted in main roles.In the film 'Mela' also Sanjay Khan acted along with him.
Films like 'Oonche Log,Aadmi Aur Insaan,Mela,Upasana,Mein Wohi Hoon,Aag' etc  made him an established actor of Bollywood.
In the film 'Geeta  Mera Naam' Sunil Dutt,Sadhna and Feroz Khan acted in main roles.
He acted along with Pradeep Kumar and Nargis in the 1967 film 'Raat Aur Din'.

He acted in the title role as 'CID 909' in the 1967 film C.I.D 909.
Rajesh Khanna,Padmini and Feroz Khan acted in pivotal roles of 'Aurat(67)
directed by S.S.Balan and S.S.Vasan.Rajesh Khanna,Padmini,Feroz Khan,Pran,O.P.Ralhan,Lalitha Pawar etc acted in it.

'Kala Sona'of 1975 which was directed by Ravikant Nagaich and  in which Feroz Khan and Parveen Babi acted in lead roles was a hit film.

In the hit film 'Darinda' (77) directed by Kausal Bharti, Sunil Dutt,Feroz Khan,Bharat Bhushan,Raj Mehra,Parveen Babi,Madan Puri,etc acted.

He turned to be a successful producer and director with the 1971 film 'Apradh'  in which he acted in lead role.
In 1975 his film 'Dharmatma' which was the first Indian film shot in Afghanistan turned to be a big hit in which Feroz Khan and Hema Malini were the lead pair.Throughout 70's and 80's he could maintain his track as a successful producer and director as well as the  lead actor of his films.

'Qurbani' was produced and directed by Feroz Khan in 1980 in which Feroz Khan and Mumtaz acted in lead roles.Mumtaz played the role as a cabaret dancer sheela and Feroz Khan as her admirer.Vinod Khanna had equally important role.The film was a blockbuster successful film which was the biggest success in his career.
Feroz Khan and Reena Roy paired in the 1982 film 'Kachche Heere' directed by Narendra Bedi.
'Janbaaz'(86) was another blockbuster hit film directed by Feroz Khan in 1986.Feroz Khan,Anil Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia were the main actors.

'Dayavan'(88) was produced and directed by him in which Vinod Khanna,Madhuri Dixit,Amala,Amrish Puri etc acted along with him.

'Do Waqt Ki Roti' was a successful film of 1988 directed by Satyapal in which Feroz Khan,Sanjeev kumar and Reena Roy acted in prime roles.

'Yalgaar' was produced and directed by him in 1992 in which Manish Koirala was his heroine and Nagma also acted in it along with Sanjay Dutt,Kabir Bedi,Mukesh Khanna,Deepti Naval etc.

In 2003 he produced and directed 'Janasheen' in which his son Fardeen Khan was the hero.Celina Jaitly,Pinky Harwani,Mangal Dhillon etc also acted.
He was recipient of Filmfare Best supporting actor Award in 1971 and he received Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001.
Feroz Khan passed away on 27 April 2009.
Selected Filmography
Char Dervesh
Teesra Kaun
Oonche Log
Mein Wohi Hoon
Raat Andheri Thi
Woh Koi Aur Hoga
Ek Sapera Ek Lutera
Nadir Shah
Raat Aur Din
Aadmi aur Insan
Ek Paheli
Kisan Aur Bhagwan
Geeta Mera Naam
International Crook
Kala Sona
Khoon Aur Pani
Prem Agan
Ek KhiladiEk Haseena
Om Shanti Om

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