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Even though acted only in a handful of films, yet Priya Rajvansh could make an impact in the hearts of the audience.She was pretty in her  youthful days and possessed good acting skill, but she appeared only in films directed by  Chetan Anand.
She was born as Vera Sunder Singh in 1937 in Simla, and her father Sunder Singh was a Forest Conservator.
During her studies at the College she used to participate in several English Plays at Simla's Gaiety Theatre.
Chetan Anand cast her in his film 'Haqeeqat' which was a war theme film in 1964.Thereafter she made a decision to act only in films of Chetan Anand.
Her next film was 'Heer Ranjha' in which she was female lead and the hero role was handled by Raj Kumar.Pran,Prithviraj Kapoor,Ulhas,Jayant,D.K.Sapru,Jeevan,Indrani Mukherjee etc acted in it and was  a hit film.
Her next film which was released in 1973 'Hindustan Ki Kasam' and it  was a well noted film in which Raj Kumar,Priya Rajvansh,Balraj Sahni,Amjad Khan,Amrish Puri etc were the main actors.
'Hanste Zakhm' released in 1973, a romantic-drama  was probably her nicest film  in her career.Navin Nischol,Priya Rajvansh,Balraj Sahni,Jeevan,Nadira,Murad,Kamal Kapoor etc acted in it.
In the film 'Sahib Bahadur' Dev Anand  acted as the male lead.Priya Rajvansh,Jalal Agha,Asrani,Anil Dhawan,Janki Das,Dhumal etc acted.
In the film 'Kudrat' which was released in 1981 Rajesh Khanna was the lead.Priya Rajvansh and Hema Malini had equally important roles as heroines.

In the film 'Haathon Ki Lakheeren'(1985 Sanjeev kumar,Zeenat Aman,Jackie Shroff,Shubha Khote,Kamal Kapoor etc acted.
She died on March 27, 2000 in Mumbai which was a brutal murder.
Selected Filmography


Heer Ranjha
Hindustan Ki Kasam
Hanste Zakhm
Sahib Bahadur
Haathon Ki Lakheeren

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