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Kamini Kadam was a beautiful actress acted in large number of Marathi films and a few well noted Hindi films during 1950's and 60's.
Kamini Kadam was born in Mumbai in the year 1933 as 'Manik Kadam' and she acted as heroine of several Marathi films under the screen name 'Smita'.
Her debut Marathi film was 'Yere Maazya Magalya'.

When she entered Hindi films she accepted screen name as 'Kamini Kadam' and her debut Hindi film was 'Talaq' in the year 1958 opposite Rajendra Kumar.Talaq was a well noted hit film and this success pair: Rajendra Kumar-Kamini Kadam, appeared in some other films also.
In the film 'Santan' which was released in 1959, Rajendra Kumar and Kamini Kadam were the lead pair and it was directed by Jyoti Swaroop.
'School Master' was a hit film of 1959 in which Karan Dewan,Kamini Kadam and South Indian film  star Gemini Ganesan along with B.Saroja Devi also acted.It was directed by B.R.Panthalu.
'Maa Baap' was a super hit film of 1960 in which Rajendra Kumar and Kamini Kadam were the lead pair. The hero 'Raju'(Rajendra Kumar) was loved by the audience for his love and care for his  blind father.Leela Chitnis,Peace Kanwal,Leela Misra,Pran,Sunder etc also acted.
In the film 'Miya Bibi Razi' which was a musical hit of 1960,Shreekant,David Abraham,Kamini Kadam,Mehmood,Seema,Sabita Chatterjee,Manorama etc acted.She portrayed the lead female role as 'Kamla' a social activist who works as a school teacher.The teacher Kamla falls in love with an Enfineer "kumar' who comes there for the renovation of the school building.

In the film 'Sapne  Suhane' which was released in 1961, Chandrasekhar,Kamini Kadam,Balraj Sahni,Geeta Bali,Bhagwan,Leela Misra etc acted.Kedar Kapoor was the director.
Kamini Kadam passed away in Pune on 29th June 2000 at the age of 66.
Selected Filmography
Yere Maazya Magalya

School Master
Maa Baap
Miya Bibi Razi
Sapne Suhane 

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