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Munawar Sultana was a highly talented and beautiful actress who was active mainly for ten years from 1945 to 54 and acted as heroine of many well noted films of those period with top heroes.She was born before partition in Lahore on 8th November 1924.
In 1945 she acted as the heroine opposite Motilal in the film 'Pehli Nazar' which was directed by Mazhar Khan.
'Dard' was a big musical hit of 1947 directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar which catapulted music composer Naushad to great heights.'Afsana Likh Rahi Hoon' is a  lovely song of this film.Munawar Sultana acted opposite Shyam Kumar in it and Husn Banu,Badri Prasad,Pratima Devi etc acted in it.
'Elan' was another super hit movie which was the 6th highest grossing film of 1947.She acted opposite Surendra in it.
In the film 'Majboor' which was released in 1948, directed by Nazir Ajmeri, she  acted along with Shyam Sohan,Shivraj,Amir Bano etc.She was the female lead of 'Meri Kahani' opposite Surendra in the same year.Director was Keki Mistry.
Murad,Leela Kumari,Ramesh Sinha,etc also acted in it.
In 1949 'Dada' was a hit film in which Sheikh Mukhtar,Murad,Mukri,Cuckoo,etc acted along with her and it was directed by Harish Shyam.
In 1949 she acted opposite Mazhar Khan in the film 'Dil Ki Duniya' which was directed by Mazhar Khan himself.P.Jairaj,Geeta Bali,Madanpuri,Agha,Jaswant etc were in the cast.
'Kaneez' was a hit film in which Munawar Sultana acted opposite Shyam.Urmila Devi,Shyama,Jillo Bai,Tiwari,Cuckoo, etc acted.
'Uddhar' was a super  hit film  in which Dev Anand acted as her hero which was directed by S.S.Kulkarni.Bharat Bhushan,Nirupa Roy,Ram Singh etc acted along with them.
'Babul' was a super hit film of 1950  which was the second highest grossing film of that year.Munawar Sultana and Nargis were the two heroines of this film and the hero was Dilip Kumar.Dilip Kumar acted as a Post Master 'Ashok',
Munawar Sultana as a wealthy girl 'Usha' and Nargis  as a poor and simple village girl 'Bela'.
In 1950 another hit film was 'Pyar Ki Manzil' in which Munawar Sultana acted opposite Rehman.Director was Keki Mistri.
In the year 1952 she acted opposite Motilal in the film 'Apni Izzat' which was directed by Nanabhai Bhatt.Yakub,Sulochana Chatterjee,Gope,Agha,Raj Mehra etc were the actors.
She acted opposite Shammi Kapoor in 'Ehsan',acted opposite Sajjan in 'Toofan' and acted opposite Trilok Kapoor in Waten' in 1954.She left film industry after her marriage in 1954.
Munawar Sultana passed away on 15th September 2007 in Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
Pehli Nazar

Meri Kahani
Paraai Aag
Dil Ki Duniya
Raat Ki Rani
Sawan Bhadon
Pyar Ki Manzil
Apni Izzat


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