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Ishwarlal was a popular actor and director of Bollywood films for four decades from 1930's.
He was born on October 9, 1911 at Waghania in Gujarat as Hariprasad Joshi.
He entered films as an actor from early 30's and acted in films like 'Premi Jogan,Char Chakram,Bhola Shikar,Veer Bahruwahan' etc.
In 1934 'Nadira' directed by Jayant Desai was a noted film and in 1935 'Keemti Aansoo' also got accolades In this film Gohar and Billimoria were the main pair and Ishwarlal acted in supporting role.
In 35 'College Kanya' was a hit film in which Raja Sandow and Madhuri acted as the lead pair and Ishwarlal acted in supporting role.It was also directed by Jayant Desai.
He was the hero of 1936 film Dil Ka Daku and 1937 film 'Dil Farosh' which were directed by D.N.Madhok.
Motilal,Ishwarlal and Khurshid were the main actors of 'Holi(40) for which Ishwarlal received critical acclaim.
He received accolades for the movie 'Umeed'(41) directed by Manibhai Vyas.
He was the male lead of 'Lalkar' directed by Jayant Desai in 44.
In the film 'Badi Maa'(45) Sitara Devi and Ishwarlal acted as the leading pair.
This film was directed by Master Vinayak.
In the Hindu Mythology film 'Subhadra(46) Ishwarlal acted in hero role as 'Arjun' who married Subhadra.Shanta Apte acted in the title role as Subhadra and Prem Adib acted as Krishna.
In 1963 he acted in the hit film 'Meri Surat Teri Ankhen' directed by R.K.Rakhan.Ashok Kumar,Pradeep Kumar,Tarun Bose,Asha Parekh,Achala Sacdev  etc acted in it.It was based on the Bengali novel 'Ulka'.Ishwarlal depicted a wealthy character 'Raj Kumar' who rejects his newly born baby since it was dark complexioned and the story progresses.
Ishwarlal directed more than twelve films and acted in many of them in protagonist roles.
'Mahasati Tulsi Vrinda,Sati Narmada,Jai Shankar,Matrubhumi, Heera,Gopi Chand' etc are some of the films he directed.The last film which he directed was 'Jawan Mard' in 1966.He died on January 22, 1969 in Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
Char Chakram
Bhola Shikar
Keemti Ansoo

College Kanya
Sipahi Ki Sajni
Dil Ka Daku
Barrister's wife
Dil Farosh
Badi Maa
Mahasati Tulsi Vrinda
Sati Narmada
Shuk Rambha
Khuda Ka Banda
Meri Surat Teri Ankhen

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