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Jayshree was an accomplished film actress and was wife of film maker V.Shantaram.
She acted mainly in Hindi and Marathi Films which were mostly directed by her husband.
She was born in 1921 in Chinatown in Calcutta.
She acted in a Marathi film 'Shejari' in 1941 which was directed by V.Shantaram.
Inthe film 'Dr.Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani'(1946) which was directed by

V.Shantaram, Shantaram also acted in main role  opposite Jayshree.
In the film 'Shakunthala'(43), which was directed by Shantaram, Chandramohan acted as King Dushyanta and Jayshree was 'Shakuntala'.
In the film 'Subah ka Tara' her daughter Rajshree also acted.
In the film 'Parchhaiyan'(52) V.Shantaram directed the film and also acted in it.
Jayshree was the heroine.
In the film 'Dahej' she acted as the character 'Chanda' and in the film 'Dahej' and in the film  'Sodari' she acted as the character 'Chanchala Devi'.
She has two children, one daughter and a son.Her daughter Rajshree is well known former  Bollywood  actress.Her son Kiran Shantaram served as the Sheriff of Bombay for a term.
Jayshree died on October 19, 2004 in Bombay.
Selected Filmography
Dr.Kotnis ki Amar Kahani
Choron Ka Chor
Subah Ka Tara

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