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Chandrakant Mandare was a well known Marathi film actor who also acted in Hindi films and was a master of paintings and powder shading.
He was born in the year 1913 at Kolhapur,Maharashtra.He joined in 'Maharashtra Company' of Baburao painter and worked there in  designing and painting posters of Marathi films produced and directed by Baburao painter.
Impressed by his personality, Baburao Painter gave   a chance to  Chandrakant Mandhare to act in a film 'Savkari Pash' in 1935.
Later Chandrakant Mandare got chances to act as hero in films and he could act in about 100 films in his career, 77 Marathi films, 14 Hindi films and 1 English.
Well known Marathi film actor 'Suryakant Mandhare' who received Padmashri Award from Government of India was his younger brother.


Chandrakant Mandare did large number of Landscapes,Naturescapes and portraits.
He had widely travelled and done landscapes of the places he visited from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, and foreign locations also.He had done about 350-400 paintings.He donated all his paintings and his Bungalow at Kolhapur to Government of Maharashtra where a museum is functioning at present.He died in 2001.
Selected Filmography
Chatrapathi Sivaji
Punvechi Raat
Sangte Aika
Swayamvar Zale Seeteche
Bai Mee Bholi
Ek Mati Anek Nati
Soon Mazi Laxmi
Satichi Punyai 

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