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The most famous Bengali Film actress ever was Suchitra Sen who passed away  last month on January 17, 2014.
In a career span which extended for 25 years she acted in more than 60 films out of which 30 were opposite Uttam Kumar and many of them were super hits.
Suchita Sen was born on 6 April 1931 at Siranjgonj District of present day Bangladesh and  her family moved to West Bengal at the time of Partition.
She got married to a wealthy Industrialist 'Dibaneth Sen' in 1947 and lived with him till his death in 1970.Their daughter Moon Moon Sen is also a well known film  actress.
Suchitra Sen started her film career in 1952 and her first film was not released.Her first released film 'Sharey Chuattor' opposite Uttam Kumar  became a box office hit and the producers and directors soon found out that this  pair was  favourites of the audience.They acted as main pair of more than 30 films.
Suchitra Sen acted occasionally in a few Hindi films also out of which 'Devdas' and 'Aandhi' became critically acclaimed  super hits.
In 1955 she received Best Actress Award for her  first Hindi movie 'Devdas' in which she played the character 'Parvati'.The film was directed by Bimal Roy in which Dilip Kumar and Vyjayanthimala were the other main actors.
Her Bengali Films ' Agnipareeksha,Indrani,Kamal Lata, Shaare Chuattor,Sadanander Mela, Ekti Raat, Shaapmochan' etc were all critically acclaimed super hit films.
She received Best Actress Award at the 1963 Moscow Int'l Film Festival and became the first Indian actress to receive an International award.
In 1957 she acted in the Hindi movie 'Musafir' opposite Dilip Kumar.The film was directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee.Dilip Kumar depicted the character 'Raja' and Suchitra Sen played the character 'Shakuntala Verma.
Bharat Bhushan and Suchitra Sen were the lead actors of 1957 Hindi film 'Champakali'.Pran,Shubha Kote,Mubarak,Mumtaz Begum etc were the other actors. and the film was directed by Nandlal Jawantlal.

In the 1960 released 'Sarhad' Dev Anand was her hero.
In another Hindi film released in 1960 ' Bombai Ka Babu' directed by Raj Khosla, Suchitra Sen and Dev Anand were the leading pair.
Ashok Kumar,Dharmendra and Suchitra Sen acted in pivot roles of 1966 released film 'Mamta' which was directed by Asit Sen.In this film Suchitra Sen acted as mother Devyani, daughter Suparna and a character Pannabai.
In 1975 she acted in the controversial yet memorable film 'Aandhi' opposite Sanjeev Kumar.The film was directed by Gulzar.
She retired from films in 1978 after an acting career of 25 years.
She received 'Padma Shri' award in 1972 for notable contribution in Arts.
She was given 'Bengali Bubhushan' Award for lifetime achievement in 2012.

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