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Shanta Apte was a superstar of yesteryear Bollywood arena who was also a good singer who sang the songs of her characters which she enacted in films.
She was appreciated for the boldness to portray some typical characters which helped to eradicate social injustice which prevailed in the society at that period.
We should admit that films have helped a lot to change the ignorance of a large mass of people  and the injustice prevailed  in several fields which were followed as a tradition for the benefits of certain sectors of the society or rich people.V.Shantaram was a film maker who spoke against such social malpractices through his films and in those times to portray such characters even the artists who had guts only accepted such offers.
Shanta Apte got accolades for the character 'Nirmala' which she played in the film 'Duniya Na Mane' which was directed by V.Shantaram.Her character Nirmala was an orphanage girl who was compelled to marry an old rich widower and her revolts and protests against this marriage  was the theme of the film.
Keshavrao Date acted as the hero of this film as the rich old widower.
She had already hits films like 'Amrit Manthan' and 'Amarjyothi' when Duniya Na Mane was released and she became a superstar.
In the film 'Amar Jyothi' which was also directed by V.Shantaram Durga Khote acted as Queen Soudamini and Shanta Apte acted as princess Nandini.
In the film 'Wahan' she was the heroine in which Leela Chitnis had an important role.

Keshavrao Date and Shanta Apte were the main pair of the film 'Kunku'.
Shanta Apte and Jeevan were the lead pair of 'Apna Ghar' which was released in 1942.Jeevan was her hero in the film 'Kadambari' directed by Nand Lal.
Prem Adib acted opposite her in the lead role of film 'Subhadra'(46) which was directed by Master Vinayak.
'Mohabbat' directed by Phani Majumdar was another film for which she received  appreciation.She got good opinion for 'Zamindar' and 'Duhai' also.
Shanta Apte appeared in several Marathi films also other than Hindi films.
She died on February 24, 1964 in Mumbai.
Selected Filmography
Shyam Sundar
Amrit Manthan
Rajput Ramani
Amar Jyothi
Duniya Na Mane
Gopal Krishna
Apna Ghar
Bhagya Laxmi
Shilanganecha Sona
Tai Teleen

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