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The playback singer/actor Talat Mahmood was unanimously hailed as 'The King of Ghazals'.The gifted singer who possessed a silky velvety voice had an extraordinary skill to  sing ghazals and classical songs.
Talat Nahnood was born on Feb 24, 1924 to Manzoor Mahmood in Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.He had a flair for music from childhood days itself.He  got his music lessons from Pandit S.C.R. Bhat  at  Marris College of Music,Lucknow.
He started to sing ghazals on All India Radio, Lucknow from 1939 at the age of 16 onwards.His golden voice was well noted that HMV  released his first music disc in 1941.
He became a playback singer very soon and as a classical singer and ghazal singer his popularity was wide spread throughout India.At that period he worked at Calcutta as a playback singer.Because of his personality and good looks he was offered roles in films.
 The handsome Talat Mahmood acted in three films 'Raj Lexmi,Tum Aur Mein, and Samapti' at Calcutta.In the film 'Raj Lexmi' Chhabi Biswas and Kanan Devi acted along with him and the film was released in 1945.
He acted opposite Kanan Devi in 'Tum Aur Mein' in 1946 which was directed by Apurba Kumar Mitra.
Talat Mahmood came to Mumbai in 1949 where he received a warm welcome.By that time he was popular in Mumbai also as an actor and singer.At Bollywood also he got offer to act in films and he acted in 10 films opposite top heroines of that period.
Talat Mahmood acted in 'Aaram' of 1951 and had an important  role along with Dev Anand and Madhubala in it.
He was the hero of 'Dil- E- Nadaan (53) and Shyama acted as the female lead of this film which was directed by Abdul Rashid Kardar.
He acted opposite Nadira in the film Bombai ki  Babu(54).

In the film 'Waris' he acted opposite Suraiya.Nadira,Jagdish Sethi,Achala Sachdev,Yakub,Roopmala etc were in the cast for this film.
Talat Mahmood and Nadira were the main pair of the 1955film 'Raftar'.
Mala Sinha acted opposite him in the 1957 film 'Ek Gaon Ki Kahani'.
It was directed by Dulal Guha.
Talat Mahmood,Balraj Sahni,and Nutan acted in pivot roles of 1958 film 'Sone ki Chidiya'.Director was Shaheed Latif.
Suraiya was his heroine in the 1958 film 'Malik' which was directed by S.M.Yusuf. Shyama acted opposite Talat Mahmood in the 1958 film 'Lala Rukh'.He acted in another film 'Diwali Ki Raat' also.
Talat Mahmood after acting 13 films decided to quit acting career and concentrate only on singing.He sang several hundreds of songs in films and many of them are hits.
He conducted musical programmes in several foreign countries and music lovers crowded in all those places to have a glance of him and  to hear his lovely songs.
He was given 'Padma Bhushan' by government of India in 1972.
Talat Mahmood died on May 9, 1998 in Mumbai.

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