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Naseem Banu was yesteryear gorgeous  Bollywood heroine actress who was born  on 4 July 1916 in a wealthy family.She later became  famous as the mother of Bollywood's beautiful actress 'Saira Banu' and mother-in-law of great actor 'Dilip Kumar'.
From a young stage itself she was interested in movies and wanted to become an actress but her parents opposed it.She had to implement a hunger strike in order to get consent from the family members for her  to accept acting as her career.
She acted in many films from late 30's to 50's and many of them were hits.
In the film 'Pukar' of 1939 she acted as 'Noor Jehan' and Chandramohan played Jahangir's role.She also sang songs in it.
In the film 'Anokhi Ada'(1948) Naseem Banu,Surendra,and Prem Adib were the main actors.
Shyam acted opposite her in the film 'Chandni Raat'(1949).
In the film 'Shabistan' she acted opposite Shyam.It was Shyam's last film.
Khoon ka Khoon,Pukar, Begum,Door Chalen,Sheesh Mahal.Ajeeb Ladki,Farz aur Mohabbat,etc are some of her memorable films.
In the mid 50's she retired from films not to compete with the up coming acting talent  'Saira Banu'- her own daughter.She turned to cloth designing,embroidery works etc as a pastime later.
Naseem Banu died on 18 June 2002.


Mumtaz Shanti was famous Bollywood actress  during 40's and up to mid 50's after which she migrated to Pakistan with her husband, film director Wali Sahib.
Mumtaz Shanti was famous as the heroine of the first ever Diamond Jubilee Super hit film 'Kismet'(1943) and the first ever Golden Jubilee Punjabi film.

In 'Kismet' she acted as a lame girl opposite Ashok Kumar and the film became a roaring sensation that it ran in a single theatre at Calcutta for more than three years, the record which was broken decades later by 'Sholay'.
'Ghar Ki Izzat'(48) was another hit film in which she acted opposite young Dilip Kumar.
She acted in films of her Producer/Director husband Wali Saheb Wali, such as 'Dekhojee,Sohni Kumaran,Heer Ranjha' etc.
In the film 'Bhartruhari, she acted opposite Surendra, in the film 'Lady Doctor Yousuf Nandi was the hero.In the film 'Chand Chakori' directed by Kidar Sharma Surendra acted opposite her.Trilok Kapoor was the hero in the film 'Dharti' and Haroon Anjum was the hero in the film 'Dekhojee'.
Her husband died in 1977 and Mumtaz Shanti died in around 1993/94.

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