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V.Shantaram, whose original name was 'Shantaram Rajaram Vankudre was born on 18 Nov. 1901, in Kolhapur of Maharashtra State.
He was one of the pioneers in shaping Indian Cinema as it is today and  who was famous as a Producer,Director and Actor.
He produced/directed many films from the silent era itself and continued producing and directing films in sound era also.He effectively used films as a media to deliver message of humanism to the public which helped a lot to minimise social injustice and evils prevailed in the society.
He entered in to film industry by directing his first film 'Netaji Palkar' in 1927.
He founded 'Prabhat Film Studio' with the help pf some of his friends and produced the firs Marathi talkie 'Ayodhyecha Raja' in 1932.
V.Shantaram acted along with his friend Baburao Painter in the film 'Surekha Haran' in 1921.
He acted in some other movies like 'Sinhagad(1923)
Savkari Pash (1925)

Stri (1961)  and Parchchai (1952).
Shantaram was very much fond of music and for his films he gave attention from the writing of lyrics,composing music etc.
He got accolades and appreciation for his films such as 'Dr.Kotnis ki Amar Kahani, (1946), Amar Bhoopathi(1951),Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje(55)
Do Aankhen Barah Haath(57),Navrang  (59),Duniya Na Mane(57)
Pinjra(72)' etc. which are all considered as classic films.
In 1955 he got All India Certificate of Merit  as Best feature film for 'Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje.
In 1955 Presidents silver medal for Best feature film in Hindi for 'Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje'.
In 1957 he received President's Gold medal for the All India Best feature film -Do Aankhen Barah Haath.
57-President's silver Medal for the Best feature film in Hindi-Do Ankhen Barah Haath
57-Filmfare Award for the Best Director-Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje
He was recipient of Awards from Cannes film festival and Berlin film festival.
He got Dada Saheb Phalke award in 1985 from Government of India.
He got Padma Vibhushan from Government of India in 1992.
He died on 30 Oct.  1990  in Mumbai.
Some of his Films As a Producer and Director
Netaji Palekar
Maya Mahindra
Jalti Nishani
Ayodhya Ka Raja
Duniya Na Mane
Dr.Kotnis KiAmar Kahani
Apna Desh
Teen Batti Char Raste
Subah ka Tara
Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje
Toofan Aur Diya
Do Ankhen Barah Haath
Geeth Gaya Pathron Ne
Ladki Sahyadri Ki
Jal Bin Machli Nritya Bin Bijli
Apna Desh 

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