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The legendary playback singer Mukesh was very active during 1940's to 70's and in the 40's he had acted in several films also.
Mukesh Chandra Mathur was born on 22 July 1923 in Delhi.His father Zorawar Chand Mathur was an Engineer.
As a child he was very much interested in music and listened keenly to the music lessons which was being taught to his sister by her Guru at home.
After his studies he went to Bombay and stayed with Motilal who was his

relative and popular film actor.
While staying with Motilal he learned music from Pandit Jagannath Prasad.
By the help of Motilal he got chance to act in a movie 'Nirdosh' in 1941 and sang songs in it.
His songs for the film 'Pehli Nazar'(1945) were well noted and he received wide acclaim as a playback singer.Meanwhile he was engaged as an actor also and acted in films like 'Aadeb Arz(1943), Aah(1953),Mashooka(53),Anurag(56) and many more opposite popular heroines like Suraiya  of that period.
As a  new singer initially he imitated K.L.Saigal, but later managed to sing in his own style.
His voice was much suited to Superstar Raj Kapoor and when Mukesh died unexpectedly the sad and shocked Raj Kapoor said "I have lost my Voice".
Mukesh sung numerous songs in his career out of which several are super hits and still appease music lovers.
Geeta Dutt and Mukesh 
With Geeta Dutt he created large number of duet  hit songs as well as with Lata Mangeshkar also.
He received Filmfare awards for his songs in films 'Anari,Pehchan,Be-Imaan and Kabhi Kabhie'.
He won National Film Award for Best Male Playback singer in the year 1973.
He died on a sudden heart attack on 27 Aug 1976 while he was on a music programme abroad.
The mellifluous voice of Mukesh will remain spellbound to the listener's hearts for ever.

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