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K.L.Saigal (Kundan Lal Saigal)  the actor- singer of yesteryears still lives in the hearts of music lovers.  Many of the film fans who considered him as the first superstar of Bollywood are still there in the society.It is a fact that rather than an actor he is adored as a singer and his enchanting voice refuses to lose its appeal.Even though the new generations are interested in fast numbers, K.L.Saigal is  an amazement for them also.What makes him impressive is his simple manner of rendition and the emotions of heart which comes out as words rhythmically.
Saigal's father was employed  at Jammu and Kasmir  as a 'Tehsildar' and Saigal was born there on 11 April 1904.
His mother was highly religious who took part in religious  functions where  bhajans,Kirtans  and  traditional classical songs were rendered.She was very fond of music also.She took Saigal along with her  for such programmes and little Saigal's love and  attachment to classical songs started in this manner.
He later became a railway time keeper,salesman for Remington type-writers etc before becoming an actor/singer.The tall and handsome K.L.Saigal became a superstar very soon.
As an actor his first film was an Urdu film 'Mohabbat ki Ansoo' and it was followed by films Subah ka Sitara and Sinda Laash in 1932.
In 1933 four bhajans songs for a movie became very popular throughout India.
Movies like 'Yahudi ki Ladki' 'Chandidas' and 'Roop Lekha' boosted his image as an actor and singer.
In 1935 the drunken character of 'Devdas' changed his fortunes for ever.The film based on a novel written by Sarat Chandra Chatopadhyay became a roaring success as well as the songs all over India.It was directed by P.C.Barua.
He sang only 185 songs(145 in Films and 43 Non Films) out of which Hindi songs are 147 only(110 Film songs and 37 Non Film songs).Later several singers sang thousands of Film songs and Non Film songs in Hindi but Saigal and his songs remains  eternal.
Saigal and Jamuna in 'Devdas'

That great actor and Singer passed away on Jan 18, 1947.

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