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Mary Evans Wadia (8Jan 1908-9Jan 1996) became popular as 'Nadia' which was the screen name   chosen  by her when she entered films as an actress.She may be the first action heroine and stunt woman of Bollywood in the 30's and she became known as 'Fearless Nadia' because of her exceptional as well as daring stunt scenes and other action scenes which were at those  days male actors could not even  do perfectly.
Mary Evan's father died when she was very young and she tried several jobs for a living and became a theatre artist and toured all over India with her troupe.Later she joined a circus troupe 'Zarko Circus' in 1930 and became a  star of the ring by mastering several circus items.When she became a film star she could shine in action roles and  got fame as a stunt woman because of her proficiency in circus.
Jayant Desai directed Nadira(1934) ,Noore Watan, Zamin ka Chand(37) with Nadia and Billimoria in the lead.
She became very familiar to the audience  as  the heroine of film Toofan Mail (1934).
Film  'Noore Watan'(35) in which she acted as pricess 'Paarijad' boosted her popularity..That film became a huge hit and her skilful fight scenes were very much liked by the audience.
In another adventurous film 'Hunterwali'(The Princess and the Hunter)(1935) which was also directed by Jayant Desai,  she was presented as 'Fearless Nadia' in advertisements and posters.
The role as Princess 'Madhuri' in that film was also a huge hit and her name was also being called as 'Madhuri' afterwards.
Jayant Desai's another film 'Banki Chudiya(38) which also contained superb stunt scenes influenced by Westerners was also  very much impressive to the movie lovers.
Some other films of her in the 40's  like 'Jhankar' ,Shahdadi, Bhikarin' and 'Our Daring Daughter'

 were also action packed presentations and box office hits.

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