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Baburao  Krishnarao Mestri was born in Kolhapur of Maharashtra in 1890.He  took up profession as painter of backdrop curtains for  Professional drama troupes and became famous as Baburao Painter.
He established a film studio Maharashtra Film Co. with the help of financiers and produced/Directed  many silent films and later talkies in Marathi and Hindi.
He was art director of drama troupes during 1910-16 period.He was a person who possessed several intrinsic abilities and the ability  of painting like a trained professional was a self acquired art.He was interested about films and thought seriously about film making when Phalke Saheb  produced 'Raja Harishchandra'.
Baburao and his cousin started business as film exhibitors and 
Baburao with the help of his cousin Anandrao tried to assemble a  movie camera.Sudden demise of his cousin Anandrao was a set back but he went ahead with the help of a friend VG Damle and ultimately made a  movie camera in working condition in the year 1918.
He set up Maharashtra Film Co in Kolhapur in 1919  with the aid of financiers and started film production.
H produced 'Sairandhri' in 1920 and received accolades from critics and audience.
Being a painting artist his frames had an artistic touch of visual beauty.Even though  his films of 20's were silent films and without colour they differed in quality.For the sets instead of curtains he introduced solid  multidimensional covered in- spaces, he utilized the effects of artificial lightings.
Baburao painter was keen in giving   proper publicity for his films effectively.He designed posters for his films,he was the  first to issue programme booklets complete  with details of film and photographs.
Some of his films like Sinhagad(1923) became very popular and huge success.
He made social issue theme films also like 'Savkari Pash' which dealt with problems of money lending.
Film maker V.Shantaram and actress Nanda were his relatives.V.Shantaram directed 'Netaji Palker' (1927) for him and his friends Damle  and Fatelal directed 'Karna' which were successful films.
After a few  silent films the shutters of Maharashtra film Co were pulled down.
At first instance Painter was not interested about sound films which he thought would destroy the enjoyment of visual beauty.
But he returned later and directed many films.He remade 'Savkari Pash' with sound in 1936 and  many more.Last film was 'Mahajan' in 1953.
He died on Jan 16 1954.
Selected Filmography
Surekha Haran(21)
Bhagavata Bhakta Damaji 22
Vatsala Harana 23
Sinhagad 23
Kalyan Khajiro 24
Srikrishna Avtar 24
Sati Padmini 24
Shahala Shah 25
Savkari Pash 25
Rana Hamir 25
Maya Bazar 25
Gaj Gauri 26
Bhakta Prahlad 26
Sati Savitri 27
Muraliwala 27
Keechaka Vadha 28
Baj Prabhu Desh Pande 28
Lanka 30
Prem Sangam 31 
Usha 35
Savkari Pash 36
Sadhvi Meerabai 37
Pratibha 37
Rukmini Swayamvaram 46
Lok Shahir Ram Joshi 47
Viswamitra 52
Mahajan 53
Kalyan Khajina
Art Director 

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