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Sulochana, born as Ruby Myers at  Pune in 1907  was a telephone operator who was not having any prior  acting experience when Mohan Bhavnani of Kohinoor Film Company approached her with an offer to give her roles in their  silent films.She immediately rejected the offer since in those days acting  was not a dignified profession for girls from respected families.He tried to persuade her by stressing about the fame and money she could achieve from film field   and finally she agreed to  to act in films.She became a superstar very soon  in the silent era, and  she was victorious in the talkies period also by overcoming her limitations of Hindi language.She was once the highest paid actress at Bollywood during her peak popularity period.
She  was much  active  during  20's and 30's when many of her films were hits.
Sulochana was the  screen name  which she accepted herself and  she became very popular with the films 
Typist Girl(26), Balidan aka Sacrifice (1927) and Wild cat of Bombay(27).In the film 'Wild cat of Bombay' she appeared in 8 different characters such as 'a gardener, a policeman,a Hyderabad gentleman, a banana seller, a European Blonde etc' which received much appreciation.She  was tremendously versatile in playing any kind of roles.
Some of her super hit films of the silent era were remade later as talkies.Romantic super hits of 1928-29 by director R.S.Choudhary, Madhuri(1928),Anarkali(28) and Indira BA(1929)  reappeared with sound. As sound films Madhuri was released  in 1932,Anarkali in 35, Indiara BA as Indira MA in 1936.
Wild Cat of Bombay reappeared in sound as Bambai Ki Billi in 1936.Because of her wide popularity one film was released in  her name as 'Sulochana'.
Sulochana launched Ruby pictures in the mid 30's.
Actor Bilimoria and Ruby Myers were a successful pair in several films mostly during the period 1933- 1939.
She was awarded 'Dada Saheb Phalke Award' by Government of India in 1973 
which is the highest cinema award for her lifetime achievement in films.
She died in the year 1983.
Selected Filmography
Typist Girl
Telephone Girl
Cinema Queen
Wildcat of Bombay
Heer Ranjah
Indira BA
Indira MA
Bambai ki Billi
Neel Kamal
Khatta Meetha
Magic of Baghdad

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