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Sohrab Modi was one of the pioneers of Indian Cinema who possessed diversified talents and worked as stage and Film Actor,Director and Producer.
He was born in the year  1897 in an Indian Parsi family of Bombay and after his studies joined as a travelling exhibitor with his brother Kaki Modi at Gwalior.
Modi later entered film field as a Director and Producer and  made  several excellent films.Some of his films which earned wide acclaim are 'Sikandar,Pukar,Sheesh Mahal,Farz,Raj Hath,Jhansi Ki Rani,Pritvi Vallabh,Mohabbat,Ek Nari Ek Brahmachari,Razia Sultan' etc.
His first two films 'Khoon Ka Khoon'(1935) and 'Saed-e-Havas'(1936) were filmed versions of  plays.
He launched Minerva Movietone in 1936 and started to make social issues films and historical films which received mass attention and admiration.
'Meetha Zaher' and 'Talaq'  were social issue films made in 1938 and in 1939 he made 'Pukar' which dealt with Mughal Emperor Jahangir's legendary justice theme film.It was produced and directed by Sohrab Modi and he acted in it.
'Pritvi Vallabh' was historical film based on K.M.Munshi's novel.
'Durga Khote' acted as the heroine of 'Queen Mrinalvati'.His films 'Jailor' and 'Bharosa' also received good opinion.
'Sikandar' which he produced and directed in 1941 was a big budget film and he took much pain for its perfection.The costumes and set requirements were of B.C. 300's and the efforts of large number of crew members were also  required.
He acted in that film  as Indian King 'Puru'(porus) who defended 'Alexander the Great'(Sikander).The role of Sikandar

 was played by Pritvi Raj Kapoor.
'Jhansi Ki Rani' was India's first techni colour film for which technicians arrived from abroad to help him.The film earned mass appeal.
'Mirza Ghalib' was also a superb film which won President's Gold Medal as 
Best feature film of 1954.
Sobrab Modi received 'Dada Saheb Phalke Award' from Government of India in 1980.
He died on 28 January 1984.


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