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Seetha Devi (1912-1983)was a beautiful actress of the silent era whose original name was Renee Smith.She belonged to the Anglo Indian Community.
She entered the film industry in 1925 by acting in the film 'Prem Sanyas' which was Himanshu Rai's film.It's English title 'The Light of Asia' was more popular.
Seetha Devi was liked by the audience by her debut film itself and she rose to stardom very soon.
She was offered roles in films of Madan pictures also and appeared in movies regularly.
In 1929 a film 'Prapancha Pash'  became a super hit  successful  film in which Charu Roy and Seetha Devi acted as the main pair.
This gigantic silent film was shot in locations of Rajastan utilizing more than 1000 cast members and 10000 extras as well as thousands of horses,camels,elephants, several trained tigers etc. Its English title 'A Throw of Dice' was more popular.It was a story taken from the epic 'Mahabharatha'.
Her historical film 'Shiraz' was also a huge hit.
Films 'Durgesh Nandini', 'Kapal Kundala' etc earned wide acclaim.
In 'Kapal Kundala' Patience Cooper also acted along with her and the hero was Prabhodh Bose.
In the film 'Krishna Sakha(1927) which was directed by Amrit Bose, Patience Cooper also acted with Seetha Devi.Patience Cooper and Sita Devi again acted together in 'Bhrantri(English title-Mistake)

Some critics believes that Renee

Smith and her sister Percy Smith alternatively appeared in films as 'Seetha Devi'.
Selected Filmography
Prem Sanyas
Krishna Sakha
Durgesh Nandini
Loves of Moghul Prince
Kapal Kundala
Prapancha Pash
Bharat Ramani
Kal Parinaya

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