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Rehman was a popular actor of Bollywood cinema during  the period 1940's to 1970's and  in the early stages of his career he acted as hero of several films but later changed to character roles.
Rehman was born in 1921 at Lahore.He graduated from Robertson College, Jabalpur and joined Royal Indian Air-Force as a trainee pilot.He left Air Force to join films which was his dream  career and got a position as 'Assistant director'  at Prabhat Studios,Poona.He worked as third assistant to Director Vishram Bedekar who was making 'Lakharani'.There he got a chance to act a small role as  a 'Pathan' for the film 'Chand'.At that time he was Assistant director to 'Chand's' director D.D.Kashyap.
He got roles in 'Hum Ek Hain'  and  in 'Nargis' afterwards.'Nargis' became  a silver jubilee hit in which actress  Nargis and Dev Anand were the main pair.
Then he did 'Intezar Ke Baad' as a romantic character and a noted role  in the film 'Tohfa' which was directed by Agha Jani Kashmiri.
He rose to stardom with  Kashyap's 'Pyar Ki Jeet' by playing the hero role  and the film  was directed by O.P.Dutta in which  Suraiya was his pair who was a top heroine at that period.The film became a great hit even though it was  a usual village boy-Village girl love story.Then came 'Bari Bahen' in which  again Rehman was the hero and    Suraiya was  the heroine  which also became a box office success film.After this film Rehman came to be known as a 'lucky star'.
Next was Filmstan's 'Sanwariya' in which he was a comedian-hero, as an illiterate village boy who loved a modern girl and makes comical efforts  to

educate himself.
In the film 'Maghroor' in which he played the main role, Nigar Sultana acted as the heroine.The subject of the film was 'collective farming' and it was also a nice movie.
He was integral part of Guru Dutt's films and  got accolades for his role as Zamidar in 'Chadhvin ka Chand' and for his role as Chhote Sarkar in 'Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam'.He was equally good in 'Pyasa' which was a classic film of Guru Dutt and in 'Waqt'.
Rehman did key roles in films like 'Bahron ki Manzil, Gomti ke Kinare, Dushman' Holi Ayi Re' etc.
'Yehudi'  'Dil Ne Phir yaad  Kiya', 'Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam' etc  are remarkable films in which he presented acting talent at its best.
In the 1975 film 'Aandhi' Rehman acted as the character 'K.Bose'.
In the film 'Intaquam' which was a super hit film directed by R.K.Nayyar Ashok Kumar was the hero and Rehman acted as the character 'Sohan Lal'.
Rehman left this world in the year 1984.
Selected Filmography
Bari Bahen
Phir Subah Hogi
Chaadhvin ka Chand
Sahib Bibi aur Ghulam
Mere Mehboob
Bharen phir Bhi Ayegi
Dil ne phir Yaad Kiya
Dil Diya Dard Liya
Dulhan ek Raat Ki
Mere Hamdan Mere Dost
Heera Panna
Aap Ki Kasam
Choti Bahen
Maa aur Mamta
Salaam Memsaab
Chacha Bhatija

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