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P.K.Raja Sandow whose original name was P.K.Nagalingam , an actor from Tamil Nadu became very popular during the silent era throughout India and he was successful in sound films as well.He is considered as one of the pioneers of Indian Cinema.
He was a brilliant Actor,Director,Script Writer and Producer.
He was born at Puthukottai,Tamil Nadu in the year 1894.He was called 'Sandow' because of his good physique and abilities to perform stunt scenes.
He started his acting career at  National Film Co. Bombay and rose to fame by acting in hit silent  films like 'Veer Bhimsen,Telephone Girl,Sneh Jyothi,Indra Sabha,Razia Begum' etc.
He paired with heroines Sulochana,Gohar etc at that period.

He returned to Madras,Tamil Nadu and acted in films like Payum  Penn,Nandhanar,Anadhai Penn,Pride of Hindustan,Sati Usha Sundari' etc.
He went back to Bombay when production of  sound films were started and acted in several films.Films like 'Shyam Sunder,Devaki,Indira M.A.' etc are some of the successful films of that period.
In 1935 he directed his first movie 'Menaka'.
He returned to Madras and directed films and acted in many of them too.
'Vasanthasena,Chalak Chor,Chandrakantha,Vishnuleela,Thiruneelakantar,Choodamani,' etc are some of the films which he directed and starred.
Raja Sandow died of a massive heart attack in 1943 while he was at Coimbatore.
At that period he was directing a film 'Sivakavi' 
Selected Filmography
Bhakta Bodhana 1922
Karna 22
Razia Begum 1924
The divine punishment  25
Devadasi 25
Indrasabha 25
Kalachor 1925
Rajayogi 25
Vr Kunal 25
Mumtaz Mahal 1926
Telephone Girl 26
Typist Girl 26
Sneha Jyothi 28
Young India 29
Payum Penn (Director/Actor)
Srivally Thirumanam 1930 Director
Anadhai Penn 30 Director
Pride of Hindustan (Actor/Director 31
Sati Usha Sundari 31 Director
Rajeswari 31 Director
Dhruvanin Garvabhangam 31 Director
Parijatha Pushpaharanam-Tamil -Director
Syam Sundar -Hindi -Actor 32
Kashmeera-Hindi-Actor 34
Devaki-Hindi-Director 34
Noor-e-Iman Hindi-33
Pardesi Preetam-Hindi
Toofani Taruni-Hindi 34
Indira MA-34
Raat Ki Rani-Actor/Director 35
Menaka -Tamil-Director
Vasant Sena-Tamil-Actor/Director 36
Chalak Chor -Hindi- Actor'Director 36
Chandrakantha-Tamil-Script writer/Director 36
Dil Ka Daku -Actor 1936
Toofani Tarzan-Actor 37
Minor Rajamani-Tamil-Director 37
Nandhanar -Tamil-Actor 38
Vishnu Leela-Tamil-Actor/Director 1938
Thiruneelakantar-Tamil-Actor 39
Choodamani-Telugu-Director 41

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