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She was one of the  earlier Indian film star, who was famous as Jahan Ara Kajjan, or Miss Kajjan.She was a regular dancer at Calcutta club and rose to fame as an actress/singer in films.
She became famous as the 'Lark of Indian Cinema' because of her sweet voice.She was trained in classical music and rendered songs in many films.
She was well versed in Urdu,Hindi, and English and used to publish her Urdu  poems in magazines.
Her debut film was 'Shirin Farhad' of Madan theatres in 1931.
She earned accolades,wide appreciation, name and fame for her performance and the songs she rendered for the film 'Indra Sabha' in 1932.
Film 'Indra Sabha' still holds the world record as 'Film with Most Number of Songs'.
The movie with a duration of three and a half hours(it was 211 minutes duration) which was made by Madan theatres had 71 songs.
Several of the songs were rendered by Jahan Ara Kajjan.
Jahan Ara Kajjan,Master Nissar,Mukhtar Begum etc rendered songs in it.
The cast included Abdul Rehman Kabuli,Mukhtar Begum,Master Nissar and Jahar Ara Kajjan.
The film was based on a play written by Sayed Aga Hasan Amanat.It is about the moral character of a King being  tested by celestial powers with the aid of a fairy(Apsara).
'Gujru Zarina' was a fantasy film directed by J.J.Madan in 1932.Kajjan,Nissar,A.R.Kabuli,S.Kerawala etc were the cast.
Her films 'Swami Bhakti,Shakuntala,Alibaba aur 40 Chor,Laila Majnu,Jahan Ara' etc were also box office hits before 1940.
During 40-44 her memorable films are 'Ghar Sansar,Abla ki Shakti,Pritvi Vallabh, and Bharthari'.
Bharthari(1944) included her most

 lovely classical songs which received much critical acclamation.The music of that film was handled by Khemchand Prakash.
Ghar Sansar was a hit film which dealt with a social theme and was directed by V.M.Vyas.
She passed away in 1945.

Mukhtar Begum who was born in Amritsar,Punjab  was one of the earlier stars  in Indian Cinema during 30's and  early 40's who was also an accomplished singer.She sang songs in the films which she acted  and in many more.
She was music composer for two films in which she acted and rendered songs.
They are 'Prem Ki Aag'(1936) and Bhesham(1937)
In the film 'Alibaba aur 40 chor(1932) directed by J.J.Madan, she acted with Jahan Ara Kajjan,Nawab,Patience Cooper etc
In the film 'Chatra Bekawali(1932) she acted with Jahan Ara Kajjan
In the film 'Krishna Kant Ki Wasiyat(32) she acted with Jahan Ara Kajjan,Nissar,Abdul Rehman Kabuli.
Her film 'Indra Sabha' became a super hit and earned her much fame as an actress and singer.
The film 'Nala Damayanti' which was directed by Agha Hashar Kashmiri was also a super hit.
In the film 'Ramayan' (1934) and also in  Seeta(34) she acted with Pritviraj Kapoor.
Some of her other memorable films were 'Shravan Kumar,Ankh ka Nasha,Aurat Ka Pyar,Muflis Ashiq' etc.  

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