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Himanshu Rai  Or ( Himanshu Roy) is remembered as a highly educated person who made impulses in the society by producing historical and social theme films in the early days of Indian Cinema in both silent era and in talkies.
He could establish a studio 'Bombay Talkies' in the year 1934 with the help of his friends.
His wife was actress Devika Rani Chaudhari.
Actor Ashok Kumar was his brother-in-law.
'Shiraz' was 1928 film with   the story of potter's son who designed Taj Mahal.

Prem Sanyas, (The Light of Asia) was directed by  Fosten and Himanshu Rai together   and most of the technicians involved in the production of this film  were Germans.It was based on the life of Gautama Buddha.Himanshu Rai and Seetha Devi acted in main roles.It received a cold response in India but was a big success abroad.

Devika Rani
In the film 'Prapancha Pash'(A Throw of Dice) which was produced in 1926, Himanshu Rai and Seetha Devi acted  as the main pair.It was a big budget venture which was made with the effort of  several thousand extras and used  wild animals like elephants and tigers  etc  and the film   was  a success.
In the 1933 film 'Karma' the kissing scene of Himanshu Rai and Devika Rani in those days was a  controversial subject of debate.
He wrote script for 'Achhut Kanya'(Un touchable Girl)  which was released  in 1936 which produced much repulses in the society.The film was a big hit.
'Jeevan Naiya' was Ashok Kumar's debut film
'Jawani ki Hawa' was a successful film in which Devika Rani was the heroine.
In 1939 'film 'Kangan' was made in which he introduced 'Leela Chitnis'.
As a producer his films are
Shiraz 1928
Ashok Kumar and Devika Rani
Prapancha Pash 29
Karma 33
Jawani ki Hawa 35
Jeevan Neiya  36
Achhut Kanya 36
Janma Bhoomi  36
Savitri 37
Jeevan Prabhat 37
Izzat 37
Kangan 39

As an Actor his films are 
Prem Sanyas
Prapancha Pash

He was writer of 'Achhut Kanya'  and Director of Prem Sanyas with  Fosten.

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