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Gohar Kayoum Mamajiwala  was famous as Miss.Gohar and was born in 1910.
She rose to the heights of a heroine very soon and ultimately became a film producer and studio owner also.She was also capable of singing songs for her films.
She joined films at the age of 16  to assist her family financially and her debut film was 'Fortune and the Fools' in the year 1925. 
She was successful as an actress in films like 'Mumtaz Mahal,Typist Girl,Thief of Delhi,Grihalakshmi,Beggar Girl,Chandramukhi,Gun Sundari,Rajputani,Raj Ramani,Prabhu ka pyara,Usha Haran, which were all memorable films.
She started Shree Sound Studios with the participation of Jagdish Pasha,Raja Sandow and some others.
In 1929 with Chandulal Shah she found Ranjit Studios which later became 'Ranjit Movietone'.
She lastly acted in the year 1940 for the film 'Usha Haran.
Gohar Mamajiwala died on 28 Sept.1985.


As an actor Firoz Bezanji Dastur was popular as Firoz Dastur and music lovers called him Pandit Firoz Dastur.

He was the doyen of the 'Kirana Gharana' style of classical  music and had the singing career for more than six decades.
He was born on Sept.30, 1919 in a Parsi family.He was the disciple of the famous musician 'Sawai Gandharva' whose other famous disciples include 
Bhimsen Joshi.
He was trained in  Hindustani classical music by  some other great teachers
At  the age of 15 he acted  as a child actor and sang four songs for the film 
'Lal-e-Yemen' which became a super hit film that ran in packed houses for many weeks all over India.Later he sang songs and acted in several films.His films 'Bag-e-Misar(34),Vaman Avtar(1934),Kala Gulab(33),Khun-e-Nahaq(35),Sunhera Bal(38),Gul-e-Bakawali' etc earned much appreciation as a performer and singer.
In 1969 he joined the University of Bombay's music department as a professor of Hindustani Music and served in that capacity for several years.
He died on May 9, 2008.

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