Sunday, November 17, 2013


Fatima Begum was born in an Urdu Muslim Family in 1892. She  started her career as
a stage artiste.Later she accepted film acting and  debuted in Ardershir Irani's silent film 'Veer Abhimanyu' in 1922.
She established Fatima Films which later changed as Victoria Fatima Films in 1928.
She directed a film 'Bulbul-e-Paristan' in the year 1926  and entered in history as the First Female Film Director of India.
While working  at her own studios she used to act in films produced at Kohinoor Studios and Imperial Studios also.
She was a writer,Producer,Director and actor and that too at a time when associating with films and taking acting profession for women   was considered inappropriate.She was a great art lover that she allowed three of her daughters to become film stars.Her attitude in this regard definitely helped and encouraged other girls to join films.
Her daughters Sultana and Zubeida became superstars of silent era and later acted in talkie movies also.Another daughter 'Shehzadi' was also a popular actress.
When India was partitioned in 1947 Sultana migrated to Pakistan with her husband.
Fatima Begum continued acting till  1938 and her last film was 'Duniya Kya Hai'.
Fatima Begum died in the year 1983 at the age of Ninety One.

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